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Eaton Vance on the list

Companies that have positive and steady net margin and operating margin are often good investments because they can return a solid profit to investors.

According to the GuruFocus discounted cash flow calculator as of April 8, the following undervalued companies have a high margin of safety and have grown their margins over a ten-year period.

Eaton Vance

Eaton Vance Corp.'s (EV) net and operating margin have grown 17.59% and 32.01% per annum, respectively, over the past 10 years.


According to the DCF calculator, the stock is undervalued with a 37.8% margin of safety

349 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2020-04-08 17:18
Royal Bank of Canada makes the list

According to the GuruFocus All-In-One Screener, a Premium feature, the following stocks were trading near their 52-week highs while also having low price-earnings ratios as of March 2. These companies also have a good dividend yield.


Ennis Inc. (EBF) was trading with a price-earnings ratio of 13.9, which is higher than 60% of companies in the industrial products industry. The stock has declined 5% over the past 12 months and is now trading 8% below its 52-week high.


The manufacturer of print products has a market cap of $533 million.

88 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2020-03-02 21:19
Aircastle makes the list

According to the GuruFocus All-In-One Screener, the following companies have grown their book value per share (BV/S) over the past decade.

BV/S is calculated as total equity minus preferred stock, divided by shares outstanding. Theoretically, it is what shareholders will receive if a company is liquidated. Total equity is a balance sheet item and equal to total assets minus total liabilities. Since the BV/S may not reflect the company’s true value, some investors check the tangible book value to confirm their investment ideas.

The BV/S of Aircastle Ltd. (AYR) has grown 5.6% over the last 10 years. The

92 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-06-24 16:37
Aircastle, Big Lots make the list

Companies growing their earnings per share are often good investments because they can return a solid profit to investors. According to the discounted cash flow calculator, the following undervalued companies have grown their earnings over a five-year period.

The earnings per share of Group 1 Automotive Inc. (GPI) have grown 18% annually over the last five years.


According to the DCF calculator, the stock is undervalued and is trading with a 38% margin of safety at $73 per share. The price-earnings ratio is 6.59. The stock price has been as high as

176 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-09-20 21:25
Ever-Glory International tops the list

According to the GuruFocus All-In-One Screener, the following companies have grown their book value per share (BV/S) over the past decade.

BV/S is calculated as total equity minus preferred stock, divided by shares outstanding. Theoretically, it is what shareholders will receive if a company is liquidated. Total equity is a balance sheet item and equal to total assets minus total liabilities. Since the BV/S may not reflect the company’s true value, some investors check the tangible book value to confirm their investment ideas.

The BV/S of Ever-Glory International Group Inc. (EVK) has grown 14% over the last 10 years.

193 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2018-08-10 18:58
Aggressive aircraft acquisition to drive growth

I have been writing on the aircraft leasing sector for the last few years, and the sector has not disappointed in terms of growth and returns. Among a few players in the industry, my favorite stock pick has been Air Lease (AL), but I have also covered stocks like Aircastle (AYR) and AerCap Holdings (AER) whenever I have seen good buying opportunities in these stocks.

This article will revisit Aircastle, and as the discussion proceeds, it will be clear that it’s an interesting time to consider exposure to the stock.

Aircastle has trended higher by just 10% for this year

106 Views    Faisal Humayun    2017-11-10 16:52
Strong growth pipeline with new aircraft deliveries; robust leasing activity globally

I wrote an article on Air Lease (AL) on July 5 with the opinion that the stock was set to move higher after consolidation. In three months, the stock has trended higher by 14%, and the positive momentum is likely to sustain for the medium to long term.

With inputs from the company’s second-quarter results, I will discuss the fundamental factors that will continue to support upside for Air Lease. Since the company’s growth is largely backed by leverage, I will discuss credit factors supporting growth along with other company specific factors that ensure smooth cash flow profile for

127 Views    Faisal Humayun    2017-10-03 14:39
Clear revenue visibility from lease rentals and strong fundamentals for growth

As broad markets remain stretched in terms of valuations, investors should look for opportunities in stocks that have clear revenue visibility that can ensure steady cash flows and dividends.

I recently discussed Air Lease (AL), which is an aircraft leasing company that has been delivering steady growth. Today I will discuss another aircraft leasing stock that is attractive from a dividend perspective.

Aircastle Ltd. (AYR) is in the business of acquiring, leasing and selling commercial jet aircraft to airlines globally. As of March the company had 213 aircraft leased to 72 lessees located in 37 countries.

The company’s stock

51 Views    Faisal Humayun    2017-07-26 16:20
Strong backlog and aggressive fleet modernization will ensure stock upside

Aircastle Ltd. (AYR), which is involved in the leasing of aircraft, has been largely sideways in the last year with stock returns of 10%. The company holds immense potential in the next few years, and the stock can trend meaningfully higher from current levels.

Robust order backlog

One of the key reasons to be bullish on Aircastle is the fact that the company has a robust order backlog for the coming years. As of third-quarter 2016, Aircastle had a total order backlog of $6.3 billion with a weighted average lease term of 5.3 years.

The backlog will ensure that there

56 Views    Faisal Humayun    2017-01-06 16:22
Strong credit metrics and fleet transformation make the stock interesting for the long term

Aircastle (AYR), which is in the business of buying, selling and leasing aircraft, has been largely sideways year-to-date with the stock having moved marginally lower by 6%. I see this near-term sideways movement in the stock as a good opportunity to accumulate for the long term.

The stocks in the aircraft leasing industry have one common factor – leverage, which is used extensively for purchase of new aircraft.Â

From a leverage and credit metrics perspective, the following points underscore my view that Aircastle is worthy of long-term investment.

First, for the first quarter, Aircastle had total debt of $4.2

535 Views    Faisal Humayun    2016-07-05 06:59
Aircraft lessors didn't plan for cheap oil and faltering emerging markets; now their stock prices will suffer

Over the last few years the aircraft leasing industry has taken off. The business is centered around leasing aircrafts to airlines. Airlines often don’t want the financial burden of buying a brand new airplane, so they lease one instead. The aircraft lessor supplies the plane and the financing to cut the deal.

High oil prices and growth in emerging markets over the last decade have been a boon for the industry. The lessors sold to airlines seeking newer fuel efficient planes and also to expanding markets such as China and Brazil.

The leasing industry, riding high on

1079 Views    Alex Barrow    2016-03-14 15:09
Guru purchases stakes in Aircastle, Aflac, Bloomin Brands

David Dreman (Trades, Portfolio), founder, CIO and chairman of Dreman Value Management LLC, made two dozen new buys in the fourth quarter, but most were comparatively small. Only three exceeded 13,000 shares or had an impact greater than 0.07% on his portfolio.

That isn’t unusual for Dreman. He made three significant acquisitions (by volume) out of more than 80 new buys in the third quarter as well. The smaller purchases were larger than the smaller ones in the fourth quarter, but they were still comparatively small.

Dreman’s most noteworthy new fourth-quarter buy was a 561,770-share stake in

1161 Views    David Goodloe    2016-02-14 00:42
10% owner Bruce Berkowitz purchases shares of Sears Holdings

The All-In-One Screener can be used to find insider buys and sales over the last week by clicking on the Insiders tab and changing the settings for All Insider Buying to “$1,000,000+” and duration to "January 2016."

According to the above filters, the following are the recent buys from company insiders in the past week.

On Jan. 21, Robert B. Rowling, a 10% owner of Northern Oil & Gas Inc. (NOG), bought 700,000 shares in the company at the price of $2.50 per share and a total cost of $1,750,000. Since then, the price of

1378 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2016-01-22 22:38
Guru reduces stake in rent-to-own company during third quarter

David Dreman’s investment philosophy is to take a low P/E approach to choosing stocks. He could write a book about contrarian investing. In fact, he has – four of them – as well as several scholarly articles. He also writes a column for Forbes magazine.

His most attention-grabbing transactions in the third quarter involved sales, though, not buys.

Dreman’s most significant transaction in the third quarter was the sale of his 797,921-share stake in First Horizon National Corp. (FHN), a Memphis, Tenn.-based financial services company, for an average price of $15.12 per share. The deal had a -1.04% impact

1130 Views    David Goodloe    2015-11-13 21:43

In the aircraft leasing industry, Aircastle (AYR) is among the attractive stocks that have the potential to deliver strong shareholder returns over the long-term. This article discusses the outlook for the stock and the key investment positives with a medium to long-term investment horizon.

The first reason to be bullish on Aircastle is the company’s lease term of 5.6 years as of 1Q15. The lease term will ensure that there is steady revenue and cash inflow in the coming years. In turn this will ensure that the company’s dividend payout of $0.88 per share sustains in the foreseeable future. Further,

525 Views    Faisal Humayun    2015-05-11 19:56

Aircraft rental and leasing company Aircastle Ltd. (AYR) rose after reporting strong third quarter earnings, as core leasing revenue increased and cash interest margins improved due to lower financing costs. The company also increased its quarterly dividend and announced a share repurchase authorization.

From [url=]Diamond Hill Capital[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])’s Small Cap Fund Q4 2014 Commentary.

467 Views    Vera Yuan    2015-03-17 16:34

The Fund increased 2.84% (Class I) during the quarter, compared to a 9.73% increase in the Russell 2000 Index.

The Fund’s holdings in the financials and consumer discretionary sectors provided the largest contributions to absolute return, while holdings in the energy sector detracted from return.

The Fund’s underperformance relative to the Russell 2000 Index was primarily the result of an overweight position in the energy sector, higher levels of cash, and security selection in the health care and industrials sectors. No exposure to the materials sector modestly contributed to relative return.

Best Performers

•Shares of car rental company Avis Budget

770 Views    Vera Yuan    2015-03-17 16:24

Aircastle Limited (AYR) acquires, leases, and sells commercial jet aircraft to airlines worldwide. As of March 31, 2014, the company’s portfolio consisted of 164 aircraft leased to 65 lessees located in 37 countries. This article discusses the reasons for believing that the company’s growth will remain stable along with a healthy dividend payout.

Strong Revenue Visibility

Aircastle has increased the number of aircraft on lease from 136 in 2010 to 164 by the first quarter of 2014. Further, on global demand and long-term lease, the weighted average utilization for the company’s fleet over the last few years has been 99%.

415 Views    Faisal Humayun    2014-06-30 13:40

AerCap Holdings N.V. (AER) is a Netherlands-based global lessor of aircraft and aircraft engines. The firm engages in leasing, financing, selling and managing commercial aircraft and engines in the United States, Russia and Germany.

Aircraft Leasing Subsidiary

This Dutch company agreed to pay $5.4 billion for 100% of American International Group Inc. (AIG) aircraft leasing subsidiary in a transaction that will be closed during the second quarter of 2014. To AerCap, whose main shareholder is Waha Capital, the purchase of AIG´s business segment is an opportunity to grow and position the firm as a leader in the rental business aircraft

750 Views    Vanina Egea    2013-12-18 21:53
I’ve written recently about insider buying. As I wrote before, company insiders can sell their company’s stock for any number of reasons. Perhaps they are diversifying or reallocating their portfolios, or perhaps they decided to pony up for a beach house. But there is only one reason why company insiders would[i] buy[/i] their company’s stock, and that is because they consider it underpriced and due for a bounce. With that in mind, I ran a [url=]stock screen for insider “cluster buys,”[/url] or large purchases by multiple insiders. In order to make the cut, a stock had to have multiple, unique
1422 Views    Charles Sizemore    2013-10-07 02:38

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