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Current and historical daily P/E ratio for CYNO (Cynosure Inc) from 2005 to Mar 07 2021. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the current stock price and dividing it by the most recent trailing twelve-month earnings per share (EPS) number. The data is updated every 20 minutes during market hours. The P/E ratio can be viewed as the number of years it takes for the company to earn back the price you pay for the stock. Therefore, lower-P/E stocks are more attractive than higher P/E stocks so long as the P/E ratio is positive. Also for stocks with the same P/E ratio, the one with faster growth business is more attractive. Cynosure stock (CYNO) PE ratio as of Mar 07 2021 is 0. More Details

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Cynosure PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data

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Cynosure PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data
Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data
2021-03-07111.9 2017-01-1774.5
2017-03-21111.9 2017-01-1374.8
2017-03-20111.9 2017-01-1274.7
2017-03-17111.9 2017-01-1175.0
2017-03-16111.9 2017-01-1075.7
2017-03-15111.8 2017-01-0978.2
2017-03-14111.8 2017-01-0676.5
2017-03-13111.8 2017-01-0582.1
2017-03-10112.0 2017-01-0482.0
2017-03-09112.0 2017-01-0381.8
2017-03-08111.9 2016-12-3077.3
2017-03-07112.0 2016-12-2977.7
2017-03-06111.8 2016-12-2877.0
2017-03-03112.0 2016-12-2750.7
2017-03-02111.8 2016-12-2349.6
2017-03-01112.0 2016-12-2248.0
2017-02-28111.9 2016-12-2147.8
2017-02-27112.4 2016-12-2047.8
2017-02-24112.4 2016-12-1948.5
2017-02-23112.3 2016-12-1652.0
2017-02-22112.4 2016-12-1554.5
2017-02-21112.0 2016-12-1454.2
2017-02-17112.3 2016-12-1354.4
2017-02-16111.8 2016-12-1254.4
2017-02-15111.9 2016-12-0954.1
2017-02-14111.8 2016-12-0851.0
2017-02-1387.3 2016-12-0750.6
2017-02-1093.3 2016-12-0650.4
2017-02-0992.2 2016-12-0550.7
2017-02-0888.5 2016-12-0250.4
2017-02-0785.7 2016-12-0151.2
2017-02-0685.0 2016-11-3051.5
2017-02-0383.9 2016-11-2952.2
2017-02-0288.3 2016-11-2851.3
2017-02-0190.7 2016-11-2551.5
2017-01-3190.5 2016-11-2351.3
2017-01-3080.5 2016-11-2251.4
2017-01-2778.4 2016-11-2151.1
2017-01-2680.5 2016-11-1849.7
2017-01-2580.6 2016-11-1749.6
2017-01-2480.2 2016-11-1647.3
2017-01-2379.2 2016-11-1547.0
2017-01-2074.3 2016-11-1445.5
2017-01-1974.6 2016-11-1147.5
2017-01-1874.2 2016-11-1047.2

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Business Description

Business Description

Industry Healthcare » Medical Devices & Instruments » NAICS : 334510 NAICS : 3845
Traded in other countries C9S.Germany CYNO.USA
Cynosure Inc was incorporated in July 1991. The Company develops and markets aesthetic treatment systems that enable plastic surgeons, dermatologists and other medical practitioners to perform non-invasive and minimally invasive procedures to remove hair, treat vascular and benign pigmented lesions, remove multi-colored tattoos, revitalize the skin, liquefy and remove unwanted fat through laser lipolysis, reduce cellulite, clear nails infected by toe fungus and ablate sweat glands. It has also developed an aesthetic treatment product for the home use market. The Company sells its products through a direct sales force in North America, France, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Korea, China, Japan and Mexico and through international distributors in approximately 120 other countries. Its product portfolio is composed of various energy sources including Alexandrite, diode, Nd:YAG, picosecond, pulse dye, and Q-switched lasers and intense pulsed light. It offers single energy source systems as well as workstations that incorporate two or more different types of lasers or pulsed light technologies. It offers multiple technologies and system alternatives at various price points depending mainly on the number and type of energy sources included in the system. Its products are designed to be easily upgradeable to add additional energy sources and handpieces, which provide its customers with technological flexibility as it expand their practices. The Company's latest innovations are SmartLipo system and PicoSure system. The Company's flagship products include Elite, Affirm/SmartSkin, Cynergy, Accolade. The Company sells its aesthetic treatment systems to the traditional physician customer base of dermatologists and plastic surgeons as well as to non-traditional physician customers who are providing aesthetic services using laser and light-based technology. Non-traditional physician customers can include primary care physicians, obstetricians and gynecologists. As of December 31, 2013, the Company owns over 60 United States patents, as well as many United States pending applications and foreign patents and pending applications. It is also joint owners with El.En. of certain patents and pending applications. The Company competes with Cutera, Solta Medical, Syneron Medical, ZELTIQ Aesthetics, Alma Lasers among others. Its products are medical devices subject to extensive and rigorous regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, as well as other regulatory bodies.