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Also traded in: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Germany, Mexico, Switzerland, UK

GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength

GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth

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Revenue & Net Income
Cash & Debt
Operating Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow
Operating Cash Flow & Net Income

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Guru Trades

Q4 2015

EMC Guru Trades in Q4 2015

George Soros 299,118 sh (New)
Seth Klarman 29,248,619 sh (New)
David Einhorn 1,975,000 sh (New)
Eric Mindich 13,810,765 sh (New)
Paul Tudor Jones 737,000 sh (+2599.24%)
Ken Fisher 39,473 sh (+81.31%)
Mario Gabelli 134,800 sh (+79.49%)
Jeremy Grantham 14,839,537 sh (+62.54%)
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 6,670,000 sh (+39.54%)
Paul Singer 42,231,000 sh (+24.21%)
Dodge & Cox 95,808,352 sh (+12.09%)
Michael Price 640,000 sh (+5.79%)
John Rogers 213,564 sh (unchged)
RS Investment Management 1,285,630 sh (unchged)
David Dreman Sold Out
Joel Greenblatt Sold Out
Steven Cohen Sold Out
Zeke Ashton Sold Out
Ray Dalio Sold Out
Sarah Ketterer 6,461,447 sh (-0.19%)
PRIMECAP Management 33,497,333 sh (-1.20%)
Charles Brandes 461,994 sh (-18.77%)
David Rolfe 128,440 sh (-42.52%)
Pioneer Investments 6,456,993 sh (-50.17%)
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc 454,600 sh (-92.15%)
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Q1 2016

EMC Guru Trades in Q1 2016

David Dreman 31,939 sh (New)
Joel Greenblatt 630,240 sh (New)
Daniel Loeb 7,000,000 sh (New)
Jim Simons 7,000,400 sh (New)
George Soros 766,761 sh (+156.34%)
Seth Klarman 51,851,500 sh (+77.28%)
Mario Gabelli 197,500 sh (+46.51%)
Paul Tudor Jones 977,000 sh (+32.56%)
David Einhorn 2,475,000 sh (+25.32%)
Eric Mindich 15,697,765 sh (+13.66%)
Pioneer Investments 6,845,055 sh (+6.01%)
John Rogers 220,089 sh (+3.06%)
PRIMECAP Management 33,547,625 sh (+0.15%)
Michael Price 640,000 sh (unchged)
Paul Tudor Jones 550,000 sh (unchged)
RS Investment Management Sold Out
Paul Singer 42,000,000 sh (-0.55%)
Charles Brandes 446,204 sh (-3.42%)
Dodge & Cox 92,291,552 sh (-3.67%)
Sarah Ketterer 6,219,409 sh (-3.75%)
Ken Fisher 37,792 sh (-4.26%)
Jeremy Grantham 14,169,244 sh (-4.52%)
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 2,065,300 sh (-69.04%)
David Rolfe 31,200 sh (-75.71%)
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc 90,096 sh (-80.18%)
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Q2 2016

EMC Guru Trades in Q2 2016

Leucadia National 754,469 sh (New)
John Paulson 10,045,606 sh (New)
Louis Moore Bacon 15,470 sh (New)
Paul Tudor Jones 1,605,806 sh (+64.36%)
Mario Gabelli 238,950 sh (+20.99%)
Jim Simons 8,380,900 sh (+19.72%)
Seth Klarman 56,961,725 sh (+9.86%)
David Dreman 33,452 sh (+4.74%)
Pioneer Investments 7,084,589 sh (+3.50%)
Michael Price 645,026 sh (+0.79%)
Paul Singer 2,813,200 sh (unchged)
Paul Singer 42,000,000 sh (unchged)
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund Sold Out
David Einhorn Sold Out
David Rolfe Sold Out
George Soros 763,569 sh (-0.42%)
PRIMECAP Management 32,945,305 sh (-1.80%)
Sarah Ketterer 6,097,958 sh (-1.95%)
Jeremy Grantham 12,794,029 sh (-9.71%)
Eric Mindich 14,016,196 sh (-10.71%)
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc 78,459 sh (-12.92%)
Daniel Loeb 6,000,000 sh (-14.29%)
Ken Fisher 32,145 sh (-14.94%)
Dodge & Cox 76,298,392 sh (-17.33%)
Joel Greenblatt 453,772 sh (-28.00%)
Charles Brandes 244,973 sh (-45.10%)
John Rogers 80,919 sh (-63.23%)
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Q3 2016

EMC Guru Trades in Q3 2016

Mario Gabelli Sold Out
Ken Fisher Sold Out
David Dreman Sold Out
George Soros Sold Out
Leucadia National Sold Out
Seth Klarman Sold Out
Dodge & Cox Sold Out
Joel Greenblatt Sold Out
Michael Price Sold Out
Charles Brandes Sold Out
John Rogers Sold Out
John Paulson Sold Out
Daniel Loeb Sold Out
Sarah Ketterer Sold Out
PRIMECAP Management Sold Out
Jeremy Grantham Sold Out
Paul Tudor Jones Sold Out
Jim Simons Sold Out
Manning & Napier Advisors, Inc Sold Out
Louis Moore Bacon Sold Out
Eric Mindich Sold Out
Pioneer Investments Sold Out
Paul Singer Sold Out
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Business Description

Industry: Computer Hardware » Data Storage  
Compare:NAS:WDC, NAS:NTAP, NAS:STX, NAS:BRCD, NYSE:TDC, NYSE:PSTG, ROCO:8299, NAS:GDS, TPE:2451, ASX:NXT, SZSE:300042, ROCO:6188, TPE:2349, OSL:THIN, TPE:2323, TPE:8215, TPE:4977, NYSE:QTM, XKRX:005070, TSE:6834 » details
Traded in other countries:EMC.Argentina, EMCC34.Brazil, EMC.Chile, EMP.Germany, EMC.Mexico, EMC.Switzerland, 0QYV.UK,
Headquarter Location:USA
EMC Corp supports the businesses and service providers to transform information technology (IT) operations to an as a service model (ITaaS). It operates in three segments: EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware Virtual Infrastructure.

EMC Corp is a Massachusetts corporation, incorporated in 1979. The Company together with its subsidiaries supports the businesses and service providers to transform information technology (IT) operations to an as a service model (ITaaS). The Company operates in three segments: EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware Virtual Infrastructure. The Company's information infrastructure provides a foundation for organizations to store, manage, protect, analyze and secure ever-increasing quantities of information, while at the same time improving business agility, lowering cost and increasing competitive advantage. VMware Virtual Infrastructure provides virtualization infrastructure solutions. Pivotal provides application and data infrastructure software, agile development services and data science consulting. The Company offers a comprehensive portfolio of enterprise storage systems and software - including high-end EMC VMAX and mid-tier EMC VNX unified storage and a portfolio of backup products that support enterprise application workloads. The Company's two additional storage families, EMC Isilon and EMC Atmos, are specifically designed to handle vast quantities of unstructured data. EMC supports a broad range of customers, including service providers, around the world - in every industry, in both public and private sectors, and of sizes ranging from the Fortune 500 to small business and individual consumers. The Company markets its products through direct sales and through multiple distribution channels. It has a direct sales presence throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, South Africa and the Asia Pacific region. The Company also has agreements in place with many partners, including value-added resellers and distributors, cloud service providers, systems integrators, outsourcers, Independent Software Vendors ("ISVs"), and Original Equipment Manufacturers ("OEMs"). The Company competes with many companies in the markets it serve, including companies that offer IT products and services and others that offer specific information storage, protection, security, management and intelligence, data analytics or virtualization products or services.

Guru Investment Theses on EMC Corp

Daniel Loeb Comments on EMC Corp - Nov 02, 2016

During the Second Quarter, Dell announced a large bond issuance to finance the acquisition of EMC Corp. While the Dell issuance is not a situation that would traditionally be popular with event-driven or distressed credit mandates, we believed market dynamics led the deal to price ~200bps wider than where we valued the bonds. Following its own LBO in 2013, Dell significantly improved its business through a variety of operational improvements and cost cutting initiatives. We believed the company would follow a similar playbook with the EMC (NYSE:EMC) acquisition and that the pro forma company would be a market leader in several areas including external storage, integrated infrastructure, and server virtualization software. Dell has stated a goal of achieving investment grade ratings within 18 – 24 months of the acquisition, setting a path to tightening in long duration bonds and to attractive returns for our portfolio.

From Third Point's third-quarter 2016 commentary.

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Dividend & Buy Back

Dividend Yield % 1.58
EMC's Dividend Yield % is ranked lower than
59% of the 1899 Companies
in the Global Data Storage industry.

( Industry Median: 2.01 vs. EMC: 1.58 )
Ranked among companies with meaningful Dividend Yield % only.
EMC' s Dividend Yield % Range Over the Past 10 Years
Min: 0  Med: 0 Max: 1.58
Current: 1.58
Dividend Payout Ratio 0.43
EMC's Dividend Payout Ratio is ranked higher than
55% of the 1276 Companies
in the Global Data Storage industry.

( Industry Median: 0.36 vs. EMC: 0.43 )
Ranked among companies with meaningful Dividend Payout Ratio only.
EMC' s Dividend Payout Ratio Range Over the Past 10 Years
Min: 0  Med: 0 Max: 0.43
Current: 0.43
Forward Dividend Yield % 1.58
EMC's Forward Dividend Yield % is ranked lower than
62% of the 1793 Companies
in the Global Data Storage industry.

( Industry Median: 2.11 vs. EMC: 1.58 )
Ranked among companies with meaningful Forward Dividend Yield % only.
5-Year Yield-on-Cost % 1.58
EMC's 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % is ranked lower than
64% of the 2356 Companies
in the Global Data Storage industry.

( Industry Median: 2.47 vs. EMC: 1.58 )
Ranked among companies with meaningful 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % only.
EMC' s 5-Year Yield-on-Cost % Range Over the Past 10 Years
Min: 0  Med: 0 Max: 1.58
Current: 1.58

Valuation & Return


More Statistics

Revenue (TTM) (Mil) $24,586.00
EPS (TTM) $ 1.07
Short Percentage of Float0.70%
52-Week Range $22.99 - 29.13
Shares Outstanding (Mil)1,956.84

Analyst Estimate

Dec16 Dec17 Dec18 Dec19
Revenue (Mil $) 24,755 25,022 25,451 25,441
EPS ($) 1.74 1.81 1.95 1.95
EPS without NRI ($) 1.74 1.81 1.95 1.95
EPS Growth Rate
(Future 3Y To 5Y Estimate)
Dividends per Share ($) 0.48 0.50 0.48

Piotroski F-Score Details

Piotroski F-Score: ----
Positive ROAN
Positive CFROAN
Higher ROA yoyN
Lower Leverage yoyN
Higher Current Ratio yoyN
Less Shares Outstanding yoyN
Higher Gross Margin yoyN
Higher Asset Turnover yoyN

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