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Avg Vol (1m):
Market Cap $:
739.13 Mil
Enterprise Value $:
739.13 Mil
P/E (TTM):
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Apple Inc Stock Warning Signs -

1 Severe Warning Sign

Apple Inc operating margin has been in 5-year decline. The average rate of decline per year is -3.4%.

3 Good Signs

Piotroski F-Score is 7, indicating very healthy situation.
Apple Inc has shown predictable revenue and earnings growth.
Altman Z-score of 6.47 is strong.

7 Medium Warning Signs

Apple Inc has been issuing new debt. Over the past 3 years, it issued USD 2.7 billion of debt. But overall, its debt level is acceptable.
There were 1 insider selling transactions and no insider buying over the past 3 months. 4,491 shares were sold.
Apple Inc stock PB Ratio (=26.43) is close to 10-year high of 26.43
Apple Inc stock PE Ratio (=33.35) is close to 10-year high of 33.36
Apple Inc stock Price is close to 10-year high
Apple Inc stock PS Ratio (=7.11) is close to 10-year high of 7.11
Apple Inc stock dividend yield is close to 5-year low.