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Current and historical daily P/E ratio for ICPC (Inter-con/pc Inc) from 1990 to Jan 22 2021. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the current stock price and dividing it by the most recent trailing twelve-month earnings per share (EPS) number. The data is updated every 20 minutes during market hours. The P/E ratio can be viewed as the number of years it takes for the company to earn back the price you pay for the stock. Therefore, lower-P/E stocks are more attractive than higher P/E stocks so long as the P/E ratio is positive. Also for stocks with the same P/E ratio, the one with faster growth business is more attractive. Inter-con/pc stock (ICPC) PE ratio as of Jan 22 2021 is 0. More Details

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Inter-con/pc PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data
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Business Description

Traded in other countries ICPC.USA
Inter-con/pc Inc, formerly Hyperview Ltd., was incorporated under the laws of the State of Nevada on January 29, 2010 for the sole purpose of redomiciling Inter-Con/PC, Inc., a Minnesota corporation into the State of Nevada. Infopac Systems, Inc. was incorporated in the State of Minnesota in 1983. On June 8, 1999, Infopac Systems, Inc. acquired all of the issued and outstanding shares of the common stock of Inter-Con/PC, Inc. through a statutory merger of Inter-Con/PC, Inc. into Infopac Systems, Inc. Immediately after the merger, Infopac Systems, Inc., changed its name to Inter-Con/PC, Inc. For financial statement reporting purposes, the acquisition has been treated as a reverse acquisition of Infopac Systems, Inc. by Inter-Con/PC, Inc. and as a recapitalization of Inter-Con/PC, Inc. The Company was formed as a technology-development corporation to develop, manufacture, and market a set-top-box computer that would facilitate the convergence of voice, video, data and other technologies all through the TV screen. The Company is currently inactive seeking merger and business opportunities.