Biogen Inc

$ 229.28 -1.59 (-0.69%)
Volume: 1,893,237 Avg Vol (1m): 3,105,990
Market Cap $: 44.46 Bil Enterprise Value $: 46.48 Bil
P/E (TTM): 9.88 P/B: 3.27
Earnings Power Value 187.22
Net Current Asset Value -18.64
Tangible Book 23.79
Projected FCF 278.21
Median P/S Value 352.37
Graham Number 111.46
Peter Lynch Value 398.05
DCF (FCF Based) 286.6
DCF (Earnings Based) 660.75
YTD (-%)

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  • SPINRAZA becomes the first therapy recommended in the United Kingdom for 5q spinal muscular atrophy to treat all age groups, including patients who are pre-symptomatic
  • More than 7,500 individuals have been treated with SPINRAZA worldwide in over 40 countries across the Expanded Access Program, clinical trials and post-marketing setting*
  • Therapy is supported by a comprehensive clinical data set including new data on the longer-term durability and safety profile presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual meeting

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) --

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Fund's largest buys of the 1st quarter

The Parnassus Endeavor Fund (Trades, Portfolio) bought shares of the following stocks during the first quarter.

The fund established a stake in AbbVie Inc. (ABBV), buying 1.7 million shares. The trade had an impact of 3.64% on the portfolio.


The biopharmaceutical company has a market cap of $114.25 billion and an enterprise value of $112.09 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 8 out of 10. The return on assets of 8.55% is outperforming 78% of companies in the Drug Manufacturers - Major industry.

43 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2019-05-08 19:49
Guru stock highlight

Biogen (BIIB) dropped sharply on news it was canceling its once-promising Alzheimer’s drug, Aducanumab. One of the first Alzheimer’s drugs to make it to phase three trials, Aducanumab, had extraordinary potential but was canceled after disappointing trial results led Biogen to determine it was no longer a cost-effective investment. Still, they are the most focused company we can find in researching diseases of the brain like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's, and ALS. Biogen is now trading at under 11x earnings and has remained flexible with nearly $5 billion in cash and equivalents.

From [url=]Jeff Auxier[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url],

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Discussion of markets and holdings

Spring 2019 Market Commentary

Favorable economic trends in the US continued in the first quarter. Consumer spending comprises over two thirds of the US economy. Services are also big, contributing over 68% of US GDP and over 83% of private employment (Moody’s). Lower oil prices, declining borrowing costs, regulatory relief and increasing wages have provided a positive backdrop. Credit spreads are still very tight despite the accelerating growth in covenant-lite corporate debt and leveraged loans. The Fed made a material reversal at year-end and lower interest rates have fueled gains for both stocks and bonds. Unprecedented technological innovation is driving

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  • Updated results support lower risk of PML with extended interval dosing (EID; approximately every six weeks) for TYSABRI® (natalizumab) in patients in a real-world setting
  • New interim data further support safety and efficacy of Biogen and Alkermes’ investigational treatment, diroximel fumarate, to be marketed as VUMERITY™ if approved by the FDA
  • Pooled Phase 3 data reinforce efficacy profile of TECFIDERA® (dimethyl fumarate)

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 07, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biogen Inc. ( BIIB) presented new data illustrating its ongoing commitment to

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Guru stock highlight

That stock was Biogen (NASDAQ:BIIB), a biopharmaceutical company. It sliced 69 basis points from the Fund’s return, as the stock plunged 21.5% from $300.92 to $236.38. (For this report, we quote total return to the portfolio, which includes price change and dividends.) Advanced clinical trials for Biogen’s new Alzheimer’s drug failed, prompting the drug’s withdrawal. The failure dashed the hopes of Biogen’s shareholders, scientists and society, which still grapples with this devastating and incurable disease. Despite the setback, we believe Biogen can recover based on the company’s leadership positions in the treatment of multiple sclerosis and spinal muscular atrophy.

71 Views    Holly LaFon    2019-05-06 19:53
Details the CEO buys this past week for the following companies: Biogen, Archer-Daniels Midland, GrubHub, Sealed Air, and Sally Beauty Holdings.

According to GuruFocus Insider Data, these are the largest CEO buys during the past week.

Biogen CEO bought 4,351 shares

Biogen Inc. (BIIB) CEO Michel Vounatsos bought 4,351 shares on May 1 at a price of $231.48. The price of the stock has decreased by 0.13% since.

Biogen and Idec merged in 2003, combining forces to market Biogen's multiple sclerosis drug Avonex and Idec's cancer drug Rituxan. Today, Rituxan and next-generation antibody Gazyva are marketed via a collaboration with Roche. Biogen markets novel MS drugs Tysabri and Tecfidera independently. Hemophilia therapies Eloctate and Alprolix (partnered with SOBI) were spun off

150 Views    Joy Hu    2019-05-06 14:20

  • Treatment with SPINRAZA resulted in clinically meaningful improvements in motor-function and survival in individuals with spinal muscular atrophy
  • Treating pre-symptomatic infants with SPINRAZA helped patients in the NURTURE study achieve motor milestones more consistent with normal development
  • More than 7,500 individuals have been treated with SPINRAZA worldwide in over 40 countries across the expanded access program, clinical trials and post-marketing setting

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., May 06, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biogen Inc. ( BIIB) today announced new data affirming the safety and durability of SPINRAZA® (nusinersen) and

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Philip Morris, Biogen, Cerner and Archer Daniels Midland were bought by insiders

The largest insider buys this week were Philip Morris International Inc. (PM), Biogen Inc. (BIIB), Cerner Corp. (CERN) and Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM).

Philip Morris vice president bought 2,500 shares

Senior Vice President of Commercial Transformation Michael R. Kunst bought 2,500 shares on April 29 for an average price of $84.67. The share price has increased by 1.22% since then.

The American international cigarette and tobacco manufacturing company is best known for its Marlboro brand. The company has sold products in over 180 countries and is a component of the S&P 100. The company has a market capitalization of

83 Views    Shuda Xia    2019-05-05 18:27

  • Tofersen, an antisense oligonucleotide (ASO) that selectively targets the genetic driver of disease, is being studied for the potential treatment of ALS in adults with a confirmed superoxide dismutase 1 (SOD1) mutation
  • Late breaking interim data to be presented at the American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting (AAN) show a statistically significant reduction in SOD1 protein levels and a numerical trend towards slowing of clinical decline in SOD1-ALS patients treated with tofersen
  • Biogen recently initiated VALOR, a phase 3 clinical trial to confirm the efficacy and safety of
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Guru invests in Elanco Animal Health and newly public Lyft

David Carlson (Trades, Portfolio), manager of the Elfun Trusts, disclosed in his first-quarter portfolio earlier this week that he entered two new positions and exited another.

With the goal of generating long-term capital growth and future income, the guru’s fund, which is part of Boston-based State Street Global Advisors, picks stocks based on the company’s potential to increase net income and dividends over time.

Based on these criteria, Carlson established holdings in Elanco Animal Health Inc. (ELAN) and Lyft Inc. (LYFT) during the quarter. He sold out of Biogen Inc. (BIIB).

Elanco Animal Health

The guru invested

206 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2019-05-01 16:36

  • Data demonstrate that pre-symptomatic infants with SMA treated with SPINRAZA® (nusinersen) over three years achieved motor milestones that are more consistent with normal childhood development
  • Late-breaking data expand on safety and exploratory efficacy results of a study investigating tofersen (BIIB067) for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis with a confirmed superdioxide dismutate 1 (SOD1) mutation
  • Data from industry-leading multiple sclerosis (MS) portfolio and pipeline highlight ongoing innovations to meet the diverse needs of people living with MS, including additional pivotal data for diroximel fumarate


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  • Patients, aged five up to 19, treated with SPINRAZA over three years demonstrated clinically significant improvements in motor function and stabilization of disease activity
  • One individual gained the ability to walk independently – an achievement that has not been previously observed in untreated individuals with SMA Type 2
  • Data also demonstrated long-term durability and safety of treatment in individuals with later-onset SMA, including SMA Type 3
  • As of March 31, 2019, over 7,500 patients have been treated with SPINRAZA in more than 40 countries

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 30, 2019 (GLOBE

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Nominees Bring Decades of Management and Global Operating Experience, Including at Leading Healthcare Companies

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., April 29, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Biogen ( BIIB) today announced the nomination of John R. Chiminski, William A. Hawkins and Jesus B. Mantas to stand for election to the company’s board of directors at its 2019 annual meeting of stockholders, scheduled for June 19, 2019.

Mr. Chiminski is Chair of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Catalent, Inc., a global provider of advanced delivery

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Discussion of markets and holdings

As of March 31, 2019, the (“NAV”) of the Parnassus Endeavor Fund — Investor Shares was $34.19, so the total return for the quarter was 18.43%. This compares to 13.65% for the S&P 500 Index (“S&P 500”) and 13.14% for the Lipper Multi-Cap Core Funds Average, which represents the average return of the multi-cap core funds followed by Lipper (“Lipper average”). For the quarter, the Fund earned more than five percentage points more than the Lipper average and almost five percentage points more than the S&P 500. Below you will find a table giving the total returns for the one-,

108 Views    Holly LaFon    2019-04-25 19:37
Small California-based company thinks it has novel approach to the disease

We all know the story of David vs. Goliath. So can the Davids of the pharmaceutical industry duplicate the young Israelite’s success and help take down a mammoth disease desperate for effective treatments?

Of course, it’s going take a lot more than a crude weapon to make inroads against the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s. The battlefield is littered with companies that have tried and failed. The need is critical: Alzheimer’s now affects more than 5 million Americans, according to the Alzheimer's Association. It’s projected that unless new ways are found to prevent or treat the disease, the total could climb

69 Views    Barry Cohen    2019-04-25 15:18

  • Adults with later-onset spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) who are not being treated show increased rates of hospital admissions, clinical interventions and mortality, indicating an unmet medical need

  • Infants with pre-symptomatic SMA treated with SPINRAZA® (nusinersen) achieve motor milestones that are more consistent with normal development, with 100 percent sitting independently as reported in the NURTURE study

  • Additional data show that neurofilament, a protein that helps brain neurons maintain their structure, could be a biomarker for SMA and may predict improvement in motor function and disease activity


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Biogen Inc. and Walgreen’s Boots Alliance head my Casualty List this quarter

Biogen Inc. and Walgreen’s Boots Alliance head my Casualty List this quarter.

The list is for stocks that have been slammed in the latest quarter, and that I think have potential to regain their losses and then some. Over the years, the Casualty List has averaged a 17.3% gain in the 12 months following publication.

That’s based on 60 columns written from 2000 through a year ago. Over the same 60 periods, the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index has averaged 10.0%.

Bear in mind that my column recommendations are theoretical and don’t reflect actual trades, trading costs or taxes. Their

892 Views    John Dorfman    2019-04-02 22:30
CNOOC Ltd. tops the list

Investors may want to screen for stocks that are doubling 20-year, high-quality market corporate bonds in terms of return because these stocks are likely to show impressive margins.

The bonds represent the corporate loan issued by companies that are triple-A, double-A and single-A rated. The most recent observation on the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis’ website indicates the monthly average spot rate of the 20-year bonds is returning 4.43%.

Therefore, the following stocks have price-earnings ratios (the inverse of the earnings return) of less than 11.3 as of March 29. Further, these stocks have an inexpensive valuation according

63 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2019-04-01 16:46
A Buffett stock leads the list

Though the market has had difficulty – between trade wars and worries about global economic growth – climbing back to its pre-fourth quarter levels, it has advanced 11.62% so far since the start of 2019. The rising tide is also lifting ships to a broad extent. According to GuruFocus data, only 52 issues on the S&P 500 have declined year to date. Further perplexing bargain hunters – only 12 of the stocks have tumbled by double digits.

The fortunes of stocks can change suddenly in market volatility like that seen in recent months and on changes in their businesses. In

1009 Views    Holly LaFon    2019-03-27 22:19

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