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Investment company HC Advisors, LLC (Current Portfolio) buys Bank of America Corp, JPMorgan Chase, Schwab US Dividend Equity ETF, Altria Group Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, sells Reata Pharmaceuticals Inc, Sarepta Therapeutics Inc, TG Therapeutics Inc, Cytokinetics Inc, Cogent Biosciences Inc during the 3-months ended 2021Q1, according to the most recent filings of the investment company, HC Advisors, LLC. As of 2021Q1, HC Advisors, LLC owns 81 stocks with a total value of $151 million. These are the details of the buys and sells.
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Investment company DORCHESTER WEALTH MANAGEMENT Co (Current Portfolio) buys Telefonica Brasil SA, Brookfield Business Partners LP, Viatris Inc, General Motors Co, Intuitive Surgical Inc, sells Campbell Soup Co, ViacomCBS Inc, Telefonica Brasil SA, Viatris Inc, Goldman Sachs Group Inc during the 3-months ended 2021Q1, according to the most recent filings of the investment company, DORCHESTER WEALTH MANAGEMENT Co. As of 2021Q1, DORCHESTER WEALTH MANAGEMENT Co owns 139 stocks with a total value of $400 million. These are the details of the buys and sells.
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Regarding our increases in existing positions, we would like to highlight our substantial increase in New Gold's (TSX:NGD) stock. It is interesting to analyze this case: we bought it almost 4 years ago at a price of about USD 4 per share. Due to problems in one of its gold mines, its stock plunged by 90% to USD 0.46/share. On numerous occasions we have referred to New Gold as one of our investment errors due to such sharp drop. However, we did not sell it at the time because we felt that the drop in the price was much

18 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-11-02 20:48
Discussion of markets and holdings

Dear investor,

The tables below show our funds’ performance in the first quarter of 2020.The individual return of each investor depends on the net asset value at which the subscription was made:

From a longer-term perspective, the tables below show the total returns obtained by our funds since their launch at the end of 2015, compared with their benchmarks:

During this first quarter of 2020 we have seen stock markets crash. From February 19 to March 23, the S&P 500 index plunged 34%, closing at 2.191 points, its worst level since November

71 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2020-06-01 19:36
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Canada-based New Gold (TSX:NGD) addressed concerns that it might be overleveraged by announcing a new equity offering. The company’s bonds also benefited from the rise in the price of gold during the quarter. Over time, New Gold’s bonds have been affected by investor disappointment with the performance of the company’s Rainy River project. Believing that further volatility is likely, we took the opportunity to sell our New Gold bonds as their price approached par.

From [url=]First Eagle Investment[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])'s High Yield Fund third-quarter 2019 shareholder letter.

22 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2019-10-24 15:55
Discussion of markets and holdings

Market Overview

Credit—especially higher-quality credit—continued to perform well in the third quarter of 2019, but the rally was driven by the ongoing decline of long-term Treasury rates in the face of renewed Federal Reserve accommodation rather than by strengthening credit or macroeconomic fundamentals. As has been the case through much of the post-crisis period, investors in the third quarter generally saw bad news as good news: Signs of a slowing economy were deemed benign because they were likely to provoke greater accommodation from the Fed.

Issuance in the primary high yield market remained healthy, with nearly two-thirds of new issues

56 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2019-10-24 15:54
Miner trades higher on both American and Canadian exchanges

New Gold Inc. (NGD) (TSX:NGD) reported strong production results for the fourth quarter and full-year 2018 before Tuesday's opening bell.

Following the announcement, the stock soared 12.5% to $1.98 per share on the American Stock Exchange and 11.72% to 1.43 Canadian dollars ($1.08) per share on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

As a result of improved operations at the Rainy River mine in Ontario and solid performance of the New Afton mine in British Columbia, total gold production from ongoing operations increased 25.7% from the prior-year quarter to 97,428 ounces. As a result, the Canadian miner surpassed the midpoint of its

111 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2019-01-09 19:27
The miner has some potential short-term catalysts

The stock of Canadian gold producer Yamana Gold Inc. (AUY) is trading below the 200-, 100- and 50-day simple moving average lines after a 12% decline for the 52 weeks through Oct. 26. The share price of $2.33 as of Oct. 26 is just 3 cents over the 52-week low of $2.30 and more than 60% below the 52-week high of $3.80. The company's market capitalization on the New York Stock Exchange is approximately $2.21 billion.

Two other indicators suggest the stock is cheap, which are the price-book ratio of 0.53 versus an industry median of

77 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2018-10-29 15:12
The Californian gold deposit was acquired by Equinox Gold Corp for $158 million

Canadian miner New Gold Inc. (NGD) announced on Sept. 19 it is selling its Mesquite Mine to Equinox Gold Corp. (TSXV:EQX).

The deal, which has been valued at $158 million, is expected to close in the fourth quarter.Â

New Gold said the proceeds of the sale will be used to bolster the balance sheet in order to tackle unexpected financial needs and seize investment opportunities.

The market reacted negatively to the news, sending shares lower in after-hours trading on Wednesday.

The California-based asset has been a significant contributor to the company's production. The mine accounted for 30% to 40%

54 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2018-09-20 19:13
New Gold missed consensus on first-quarter sales but the miner is going to post a robust production growth

New Gold Inc. (NGD) jumped 2.14% to $2.39 on Friday after the release of financial results for the first quarter.

Investors may want to consider this stock to gain exposure to the metal since the mining company is going to benefit from a 30% growth in gold production. The Rainy River mine in Ontario is ramping up in its first year of full production.

CEO Hannes Portmann said operational and financial results in the remaining three quarters of 2018 will be strongly impacted by increases in production volume, ore grade and recovery rates expected at Rainy River.

With its

24 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2018-04-30 14:06
The market is cold on New Gold's 2017 gold production and outlook for 2018

New Gold Inc. (NGD) is falling on the American Stock Exchange.

The gold stock is 8.6% down over the last three days of trading to a share price of $3.43 on Thursday. New Gold has underperformed the VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF (GDX) by 6.4% over the same span of time.

The market is cold on New Gold’s improved figures based on 2017 gold production and outlook for 2018.

The Toronto-based intermediate gold mining company with operations in North America and Mexico, produced 430,864 ounces of gold in 2017 versus an output of 381,663 ounces in 2016. The

124 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2018-01-19 16:12
The fund's largest 3rd-quarter sales

As an investment management firm, Donald Smith (Trades, Portfolio) & Co. Inc. manages a portfolio composed of 70 stocks with a total value of $4.155 billion. During the third quarter the guru sold shares in the following stocks:

The guru’s holding of Toll Brothers Inc. (TOL) was reduced by 51.05% with an impact of -1.13% on the portfolio.


The luxury homebuilder has a market cap of $7.29 billion and an enterprise value of $10.18 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 7 out of 10. The return

215 Views    Tiziano Frateschi    2017-11-13 20:12
The 4% gold stream equals 357,000 ounces of gold in proven and probable reserves

Goldcorp Inc. (GG) announced through its website that it has agreed to buy New Gold’s (NGD) 4% gold stream in its Chilean mine, El Morro, for $65 million in cash.

The El Morro deposit is part of NuevaUnión, the ownership of which is shared by Goldcorp through a 50-50 joint venture with Teck Resources Ltd. (TECK).

The project combines Goldcorp’s El Morro deposit and Teck Resources’ Relincho deposit.

During the fourth quarter of 2015, New Gold sold its 30% interest stake in the El Morro to Goldcorp for net cash proceeds of $62 million, the extinguishment of a loan

118 Views    Alberto Abaterusso    2017-02-10 16:14

Fishing for opportunities in battered sectors can be a frustrating experience.

Just because a particular sector or industry has seen difficult times and prices have declined to bargain levels does not necessarily mean a turnaround is imminent. Quite often, things continue to worsen for a period of time and the bargains become even cheaper before things begin to improve. This is particularly true in commodity related industries like gold mining where no level of corporate efficiency can offset declining prices of a product. A company can cut costs and even improve production levels, but if the commodity itself is falling,

1242 Views    Tim Melvin    2014-06-17 15:38

Donald G. Smith is the CIO of Donald Smith (Trades, Portfolio) & Co. In the last quarter he bought three new stocks, and holds 80 in total, in a portfolio valued at $5.017 million.

New Gold Inc. (NGD)

Smith revealed owning a stake of 5,038,877 New Gold Inc. shares, worth 0.53% of his portfolio. New Gold Inc. has a market cap of $3.21 billion; its shares are trading currently at around $6.41 with a P/E ratio of 16.1 and a P/B ratio of 1.08.

New Gold is a gold producer engaged in gold mining and related activities

702 Views    Victor Selva    2014-02-25 23:02
Gold investments remain the best long-term hedge against the volatility now wracking world markets. The case for gold is strong: The euro zone crisis continues to unfold, while U.S. and European economies struggle. Gold stock prices now offer good entry points; my favorite remains Canada-based miner [b]New Gold[/b] (NGD). The company announced that it produced 99,274 ounces of gold in the first quarter of 2012, roughly equal to production in fourth-quarter 2011. Net cash costs averaged USD543/oz, a marginal improvement from USD553/oz in fourth-quarter 2011. The company forecasts between 405,000 and 445,000 ounces of gold production this year, with net
627 Views    Yiannis Mostrous    2012-06-08 15:20
The market outlook for gold mining corporations look very attractive for 2012. However, it is pertinent that one selects the right company having fairly descent valuations as well as strong future prospects of growth. The following are the companies within the gold mining industry which can be purchased at their current market price with a medium to long-term perspective. [b]New Gold (NGD)[/b] is one of the prominent global gold producer having its assets situated in the regions of Canada, Brazil, Australia, Chile, Alaska, and Mexico. The current market price of the company is around $12, within its 52-week trading range
458 Views    2012-03-23 15:23
We are in the midst of a secular bull market in gold that started around 2001. Considering how poorly the general stock market performed over the last 10 years, gold was certainly the trade of the decade. Despite its recent run up in price many still see great opportunities in gold and gold mining shares. Gold mining stocks offer leverage to gold as their profits go up more than gold bullion itself. Because of its leverage mining companies offer more upside potential than physical gold. However, picking the right stocks makes all the difference since mining shares are inherently more
4610 Views    Robert Hallberg    2011-04-13 14:42

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2020-06-05 $ 1.19 (-2.46%)
2020-04-30 $ 0.8081 (-5.13%)
2020-04-29 $ 0.8518 (-1.35%)
2020-04-23 $ 0.8502 (6.02%)
2020-04-20 $ 0.7471 (8.37%)
2020-04-14 $ 0.7493 (4.24%)
2020-04-13 $ 0.7188 (23.51%)
2020-04-02 $ 0.55 (2.08%)
2020-03-27 $ 0.5519 (-6.62%)
2019-11-08 $ 0.86 (1.18%)
2019-01-09 $ 1.22 (12.96%)
2018-09-20 $ 1 (-9.09%)
2018-04-30 $ 2.34 (-2.09%)
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2018-01-19 $ 3.11 (%)
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2014-02-25 $ 6.25 (-1.88%)
2012-06-08 $ 10.06 (2.86%)
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