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$ 506.60M
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$ 3.41B
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Current and historical daily PE Ratio for NGL Energy Partners LP ( ) from 2011 to Oct 04 2023. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the current stock price and dividing it by the most recent trailing twelve-month earnings per share (EPS) number. The data is updated every 20 minutes during market hours. The PE ratio can be viewed as the number of years it takes for the company to earn back the price you pay for the stock. Therefore, lower-P/E stocks are more attractive than higher P/E stocks so long as the PE ratio is positive. Also for stocks with the same PE ratio, the one with faster growth business is more attractive. NGL Energy Partners LP stock (NGL) PE ratio as of Oct 04 2023 is 0. More Details

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NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL) PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data

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NGL Energy Partners LP PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data
Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data
2023-10-04 At Loss 2023-08-01 At Loss
2023-10-03 At Loss 2023-07-31 At Loss
2023-10-02 At Loss 2023-07-28 At Loss
2023-09-29 At Loss 2023-07-27 At Loss
2023-09-28 At Loss 2023-07-26 At Loss
2023-09-27 At Loss 2023-07-25 At Loss
2023-09-26 At Loss 2023-07-24 At Loss
2023-09-25 At Loss 2023-07-21 At Loss
2023-09-22 At Loss 2023-07-20 At Loss
2023-09-21 At Loss 2023-07-19 At Loss
2023-09-20 At Loss 2023-07-18 At Loss
2023-09-19 At Loss 2023-07-17 At Loss
2023-09-18 At Loss 2023-07-14 At Loss
2023-09-15 At Loss 2023-07-13 At Loss
2023-09-14 At Loss 2023-07-12 At Loss
2023-09-13 At Loss 2023-07-11 At Loss
2023-09-12 At Loss 2023-07-10 At Loss
2023-09-11 At Loss 2023-07-07 At Loss
2023-09-08 At Loss 2023-07-06 At Loss
2023-09-07 At Loss 2023-07-05 At Loss
2023-09-06 At Loss 2023-07-03 At Loss
2023-09-05 At Loss 2023-06-30 At Loss
2023-09-01 At Loss 2023-06-29 At Loss
2023-08-31 At Loss 2023-06-28 At Loss
2023-08-30 At Loss 2023-06-27 At Loss
2023-08-29 At Loss 2023-06-26 At Loss
2023-08-28 At Loss 2023-06-23 At Loss
2023-08-25 At Loss 2023-06-22 At Loss
2023-08-24 At Loss 2023-06-21 At Loss
2023-08-23 At Loss 2023-06-20 At Loss
2023-08-22 At Loss 2023-06-16 At Loss
2023-08-21 At Loss 2023-06-15 At Loss
2023-08-18 At Loss 2023-06-14 At Loss
2023-08-17 At Loss 2023-06-13 At Loss
2023-08-16 At Loss 2023-06-12 At Loss
2023-08-15 At Loss 2023-06-09 At Loss
2023-08-14 At Loss 2023-06-08 At Loss
2023-08-11 At Loss 2023-06-07 At Loss
2023-08-10 At Loss 2023-06-06 At Loss
2023-08-09 At Loss 2023-06-05 At Loss
2023-08-08 At Loss 2023-06-02 At Loss
2023-08-07 At Loss 2023-06-01 At Loss
2023-08-04 At Loss 2023-05-31 At Loss
2023-08-03 At Loss 2023-05-30 At Loss
2023-08-02 At Loss 2023-05-26 At Loss

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Business Description

Business Description

NGL Energy Partners LP logo
NGL Energy Partners LP
NAICS : 486110 SIC : 4612
ISIN : US62913M1071
NGL Energy Partners LP is a us-based firm that owns and operates a vertically integrated energy business. The company's operating segments include Crude Oil Logistics, Water Solutions, and Liquids Logistics. It operates crude oil storage terminals, and owns pipeline injection stations and offers services for the treatment and disposal of wastewater generated from crude oil and natural gas production, and for the disposal of solids, such as tank bottoms and drilling fluids. The firm also supplies natural gas liquids to retailers, wholesalers, refiners and petrochemical plants and sells propane and distillates.