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The stock of Nam Tai Property (NYSE:NTP, 30-year Financials) shows every sign of being possible value trap, according to GuruFocus Value calculation. GuruFocus Value is GuruFocus' estimate of the fair value at which the stock should be traded. It is calculated based on the historical multiples that the stock has traded at, the past business growth and analyst estimates of future business performance. If the price of a stock is significantly above the GF Value Line, it is overvalued and its future return is likely to be poor. On the other hand, if it is significantly below the

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Firm's largest buys of 3rd quarter

Investment firm Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio) Group, which serves institutional and high-net-worth clients, bought shares of the following stocks during the third quarter.

The firm increased its stake in New York Community Bancorp Inc. (NYCB) by 29.29%, impacting the portfolio by 16.7%.


The bank has a market cap of $4.81 billion and an enterprise value of $16.47 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 1 out of 10. While the return on equity of 6.21% is underperforming the sector, the return on assets of 0.92% is outperforming

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Largest sales of the 4th quarter

Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio) Group is an investment firm that sold shares in the following stocks during the fourth quarter.

The Straight Path Communications Inc. (STRP) holding was cut by 68.04%, impacting the portfolio by -1.05%.


The communication asset company has a market cap of $2.33 billion and an enterprise value of $2.33 billion.

GuruFocus gives the company a profitability and growth rating of 5 out of 10. The return on assets (ROA) of -432.75% is underperforming 100% of the companies in the Global Telecom Services industry. Its financial strength is

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The firm's largest trades in 2nd quarter

Irving Kahn, along with brothers Alan and Thomas, founded Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio) & Company in 1978. The company has more than $800 million in assets under management. During the second quarter the firm’s largest trades were:

The guru raised its shares in GlaxoSmithKline PLC ADRÂ (GSK) by 188.24% with an impact of 2.08% on the portfolio.

The company creates, discovers, develops, manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products including vaccines, over-the-counter (OTC) medicines and health-related consumer products. The company delivered a strong second quarter with Group sales up 4% (CER) to 6.5 billion pounds ($8.599 billion).


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Guru sells nearly 10% of stake in New York Community Bancorp

Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio) & Company Inc. was founded in 1978, and its bottom-up investing approach has led the company to more than $800 million in assets under management.

Most of Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio)’ third-quarter activity involved selling all or part of existing stakes, but the company’s most noteworthy third-quarter transaction was the addition of 1,024,600 shares to its stake in MBIA Inc. (MBI), an Armonk, N.Y.-based financial services company. Kahn Brothers (Trades, Portfolio) paid an average price of $6.43 per share in a deal that had a 1.15% impact

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Geeknet tops the list with a 141.30% return year to date

Prem Watsa (Trades, Portfolio), through his hedge fund Fairfax Financial Holdings, manages a portfolio composed of 49 stocks with a value of $1,364 million.

With help from the All-In-One Screener, the following are the stocks in his portfolio with the highest return since the beginning of the year.

He holds 22,100 shares of Geeknet Inc. (GKNT) that has returned 141.30% year-to-date. The stake represents 0.33% of outstanding shares of the company and 0.03% of his total assets.

Geeknet is the parent company of ThinkGeek Inc. an online premier retailer for

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Kahn Brothers, which Irving Kahn (Trades, Portfolio) and his brothers founded in 1978, follows Benjamin Graham’s investing philosophies and generally likes to invest in undervalued equity securities. Kahn takes a similar approach to his personal investments.

In the last quarter of 2014, Kahn added to his stakes in three companies – Patterson-UTI Energy Inc (PTEN), BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) and BP PLC (BP).

Kahn added 264,355 shares of Patterson-UTI Energy, a Houston-based oil and gas drilling and exploration company, at an average price of $21.1 per share, ending a streak of four consecutive quarters in

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Nam Tai Property Inc. (NTP) is a company based in China and is engaged in the business of real estate development and management. I stumbled upon this company using Guru Focus' All-in-One Sceener. I set the screener with these parameters: dividend yield of at least 1.1%, paying dividends for at least a year, price-to-free cash flow ratio under 10 and a price-to-book ratio under 1, with a current ratio of at least one, excluding over-the-counter stocks. Only 12 stocks met this criteria, which is good news considering how overvalued the market is. I wasn't expecting to find more

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Often referred to as "Canada’s Warren Buffett," Prem Watsa is the founder, chairman and chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings.  His portfolio currently lists 42 stocks, six of them new, and a total value of $1.59 billion with a quarter-over-quarter turnover of 0%.

Watsa’s partner in starting the investment firm, Tony Hamblin, once commented, “It doesn't take a lot of money to start up an investment counseling company. The cost of entry is qualitative. You need to have a track record, contacts and credibility, and fortunately Prem and I had all three.”

After buying Markel Financial in

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Canada’s “[url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Warren+Buffett]Warren Buffett[/url]” is [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Prem+Watsa]Prem Watsa[/url], founder of Fairfax Financial Holdings. His portfolio currently lists 41 stocks, three of them new, and a total value of $2.48 million with a quarter-over-quarter turnover of 2%. While Watsa typical buys massive holdings, some of his smaller stakes show top yields. Here are company updates on three stocks with the highest dividend yields held by Guru [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Prem+Watsa]Prem Watsa[/url]. [b] [/b] [b]Nam Tai Electronics Inc. (NTE) – Yield: 7.50%[/b] [b]Business Predictability: 1 out of 5 Stars[/b] Down 26% over 12 months, Nam Tai Electronics Inc., an electronic components company in China, has a market
1181 Views    Sally Jones    2013-10-15 22:16
Not many investors can claim 84 years of experience on their vitae. Born in 1905, America’s oldest value investor [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Irving+Kahn]Irving Kahn[/url], age 107, grew up in an era when 'news boys' delivered the newspaper and long before anyone could envision that news would someday be delivered digitally. With so many newspapers still suffering the internet impact, New York Times Company (NYT) saw its circulation revenues rise 5% percent in the second quarter of 2013, led by digital subscription initiatives. NYT’s paid digital subscriptions have increased nearly 40% year-over-year from the end of the second quarter of 2012. NYT is Kahn’s
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The case for Nam Tai is simple. The company trades at a meaningful discount to book. This is remarkable in light of the fact that the book value of the assets understates fair value whereas the book value of the liabilities overstates the future cost to the owner. The company is run by people with a decades-long track record of enriching fellow shareholders.

Business & History

Nam Tai Electronics Inc. is a contract manufacturer of electronic devices and their key components. The company manufactures LCD panels, and modules, RF modules, digital audio broadcasting (DAB) modules and CMOS sensor modules. These

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[i] [/i][i]“All the kids that believe in equations and rules will learn more as they get older.” [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Irving+Kahn]Irving Kahn[/url][/i] [i] [/i]It's almost unbelievable that America’s oldest value investor [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Irving+Kahn]Irving Kahn[/url] is 107. He’ll be 108-years-old on December 19, 2013. Kahn, in his early days, was a teaching assistant to Benjamin Graham at Columbia Business School. Chairman of Kahn Brothers Group, [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Irving+Kahn]Irving Kahn[/url] has been following the market highs and lows starting before the Great Depression. With these remarkable 84 years of investing comes wisdom. Here’s a look at what the truly wise elder Guru Irving Kahn is trading as of
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[url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Irving+Kahn]Irving Kahn[/url] was born in 1905. He was one of the earliest analyst on Wall Street. He served as teaching assist to Ben Graham at Columbia and learned value investing directly from Ben Graham. He is certainly old fashioned. He buys New York Times Co., Citigroup Inc., Nam Tai Electronics Inc, Audiovox Corp., Medquist Holdings Inc., sells Dime Community Bancshares Inc., Novartis Ag, Chevron Corp., Motorola Inc. during the 3-months ended 03/31/2011, according to the most recent filings of his investment company, Kahn Brothers & Company Inc.. As of 03/31/2011, Kahn Brothers & Company Inc. owns 49 stocks with a
3478 Views    gurufocus    2011-05-10 22:02
High Growth Prem Watsa Stocks: BRK-A, BRO, NTE ,NYB, BWINB
[url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Prem+Watsa]Prem Watsa[/url] is the chairman, and chief executive of Fairfax Financial Holdings, based in Toronto, Ontario. He has been called the "Canadian [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Warren+Buffett]Warren Buffett[/url]" by some during successful periods of investing in the past. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology with a degree in Chemical Engineering and a holder of an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business of the University of Western Ontario. In a recent [url=http://network.nationalpost.com/np/blogs/francis/archive/2009/10/30/smartest-guy-in-the-room-on-markets.aspx]interview[/url] with Diane Francis from National Post, [url=http://www.gurufocus.com/StockBuy.php?GuruName=Prem+Watsa]Prem Watsa[/url] spoke about his track record with Fairfax: “We are long-term investors and our company is
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[b]1. Business description [/b] Nam Tai is manufactures electronic devices for large customers who then do the branding of these products. It runs operations exclusively in China. These Operations are split into three lines of business:
  • Consumer electronics and communications devices
  • Telecommunication solutions
  • LCD panels
  • Nam Tai is able to assemble the whole product, meaning the value chain is rather long. However it clearly depends on orders from its largest customers Sharp, Epson and GN Netcom which make up almost 50% of total sales. [b]2. Management [/b] Management and Directors own around one quarter of the company but
    2266 Views    guruek    2009-03-10 17:58

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