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National Western Life Group Inc $ 187.04 -2.86 (-1.51%)

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Market Cap $:
680.08 Mil
Enterprise Value $:
229.38 Mil
P/E (TTM):
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How to double the number of low book value opportunities available

If you are a value investor, here's another metric to add to your toolbox: Net worth. It's the subject with which Christopher Browne opened chapter five of “The Little Book of Value Investing”, published in 2006.

Net worth is a straightforward idea; add up everything a company owns and subtract what it owes. What's left is net worth and if you divide that by the number of shares outstanding you arrive a company's book value (net worth per share).

Browne said that when he searched for bargain stocks, he began with stocks selling for less than their book value. It

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Goldman Sachs makes the list

The following stocks have low price-earnings ratios and have been bought by gurus. While some of them are great investments, others need to be checked again, according to the discounted cash flow calculator.

With a market cap of $1.02 billion, class-A shares of National Western Life Group Inc. (NWLI) are trading with a price-earnings ratio of 8.44 and a price-book ratio of 0.54. According to the DCF calculator, the stock has a fair value of $540.56 while trading at $279.23. The share price has fallen 12% the last 12 months and is trading 16.65% below its 52-week high

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The firm added to these positions in the past 2 quarters

Hotchkis & Wiley was founded in 1980 by John Hotchkis and George Wiley. The firm invested in the following stocks in both the third and fourth quarters.

Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC (OZM)

In the third quarter, the firm increased its position by 91.92% and boosted it by 616.44% in the fourth quarter.


With a market cap of $1.24 billion, the alternative asset manager's revenue has declined 16.50% over the past five years.

David Abrams (Trades, Portfolio) is the company's largest shareholder among the gurus with 4.24% of outstanding shares, followed by

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Are these insurers undervalued?

There is a reason why Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) decided to build his business empire on insurance businesses. Insurance is a highly inefficient industry where excess profits can be made by those firms willing to take on extra risk, albeit for a higher price. Even though some of the industry is now seeing profits come under pressure thanks to the use of data, sectors such as motor insurance, where Telematics are giving an accurate driver profile, allowing the insurer to more correctly price the risk, other sectors still rely on human input to judge the risk-reward of

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Stocks he bought during the last 2 quarters

Charles Brandes (Trades, Portfolio) is the chairman of Brandes Investment Partners, the firm he started in 1974. In both the second and third quarters the guru bought shares in the following stocks:

VOXX International Corp. Class A (VOXX)

During the second quarter, the guru increased his position by 61.38% and again by 5.20% in the third quarter.

The guru holds 0.09% of outstanding shares in the company, which is a manufacturer and distributor in the Automotive, Premium Audio and Consumer Accessories industries. It manufactures, distributes and markets rear-seat entertainment devices, home theater

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Tweedy Browne is an investment partnership owned by its four Managing Directors, William H. Browne, John D. Spears, Thomas H. Shrager, and Robert Q. Wyckoff, Jr. The operations of Tweedy Browne are managed by its Management Committee consisting of Christopher H. Browne, William H. Browne and John D. Spears. This investment partnership has been recognized by Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio) as Graham-Doddsville Superinvestors. The Firm has been in the investment business for close to 90 years. Benjamin Graham, through his investment in Graham-Newman Corp., was one of Tweedy's brokerage clients in the 1930s and

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[url=]Charles Brandes[/url] learned investing from Ben Graham. Probably that is why he is old fashioned with investing. He stays where low valuation is. To understand more about how he and his firm invests, please read the [url=]notes we took[/url] at the latest Value Investors’ Conference. This is the second quarter portfolio of Brandes Investment. As of 06/30/2011, Brandes Investment owns 185 stocks with a total value of $14.1 billion. These are the details of the buys and sells. This is the portfolio chart of [url=]Charles Brandes[/url]. You can click on the legend of the chart to show/hide buys, sells, or
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Managing mutual funds, separate accounts, and hedge funds, [url=]Third Avenue Management[/url] was founded by the legendary value investor [url=]Martin Whitman[/url]. As such, it employs a similar investing philosophy as its chairman, using the current balance sheet to determine a company's value rather than future projections of revenue and earnings. The fund targets underpriced companies that have capable management and strong finances. Despite recent struggles that attribute to its underperformance in five-year cumulative return compared to the S&P 500, it has a ten-year cumulative return of 91.5% that outperformed the S&P 500's 16.4% return. According to the latest 13G filings, Third
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