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Knowles Corp

$ 17.37 -0.15 (-0.86%)
Volume: 487,633 Avg Vol (1m): 726,929
Market Cap $: 1.58 Bil Enterprise Value $: 1.71 Bil
P/E (TTM): 25.15 P/B: 1.31
Earnings Power Value 37.25
Net Current Asset Value -0.15
Tangible Book 2.95
Projected FCF 14.29
Median P/S Value 17.31
Graham Number 6.77
Peter Lynch Value 0
DCF (FCF Based) 0
DCF (Earnings Based) 0
1Y (-%)

KN Stock Institutional Ownership and Insider Ownership - Knowlesrp

Shares Outstanding
9.82 (Mil)
Short Percentage of Float
129.63 (Mil)
Institutional Ownership
1.46 (Mil)
Insider Ownership
64.83 (Mil)
Float Percentage of TSO

Short Interest History (%)

This is the historical short interest of Knowles Corp, as measured by the Short Percentage of Float.
Date Short Interest (%) Short Interest (Shares in Mil)

Institutional Ownership History (%)

This the Institutional Ownership History of Knowles Corp. Peter Lynch prefers to buy companies with low institutional ownership.

Insider ownership (%)

This is the historical insider ownership of Knowles Corp. It is usually better to buy companies with large insider ownership. The company insiders' interest are more aligned with external shareholders in this case.

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