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Current and historical daily P/E ratio for TAL Education Group () from 2010 to Sep 22 2020. The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the current stock price and dividing it by the most recent trailing twelve-month earnings per share (EPS) number. The data is updated every 20 minutes during market hours. The P/E ratio can be viewed as the number of years it takes for the company to earn back the price you pay for the stock. Therefore, lower-P/E stocks are more attractive than higher P/E stocks so long as the P/E ratio is positive. Also for stocks with the same P/E ratio, the one with faster growth business is more attractive. TAL Education Group stock (TAL) PE ratio as of Sep 22 2020 is 24080. More Details

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TAL Education Group PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data

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TAL Education Group PE Ratio (TTM) Historical Data
Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data Date PE Ratio (TTM) Data
2020-09-22NaN 2020-07-21NaN
2020-09-21NaN 2020-07-20NaN
2020-09-18NaN 2020-07-17NaN
2020-09-17NaN 2020-07-16NaN
2020-09-16NaN 2020-07-15NaN
2020-09-15NaN 2020-07-14NaN
2020-09-14NaN 2020-07-13NaN
2020-09-11NaN 2020-07-10NaN
2020-09-10NaN 2020-07-09NaN
2020-09-09NaN 2020-07-08NaN
2020-09-08NaN 2020-07-07NaN
2020-09-07NaN 2020-07-06NaN
2020-09-04NaN 2020-07-03NaN
2020-09-03NaN 2020-07-02NaN
2020-09-02NaN 2020-07-01NaN
2020-09-01NaN 2020-06-30NaN
2020-08-31NaN 2020-06-29NaN
2020-08-28NaN 2020-06-26NaN
2020-08-27NaN 2020-06-25NaN
2020-08-26NaN 2020-06-24NaN
2020-08-25NaN 2020-06-23NaN
2020-08-24NaN 2020-06-22NaN
2020-08-21NaN 2020-06-19NaN
2020-08-20NaN 2020-06-18NaN
2020-08-19NaN 2020-06-17NaN
2020-08-18NaN 2020-06-16NaN
2020-08-17NaN 2020-06-15NaN
2020-08-14NaN 2020-06-12NaN
2020-08-13NaN 2020-06-11NaN
2020-08-12NaN 2020-06-10NaN
2020-08-11NaN 2020-06-09NaN
2020-08-10NaN 2020-06-08NaN
2020-08-07NaN 2020-06-05NaN
2020-08-06NaN 2020-06-04NaN
2020-08-05NaN 2020-06-03NaN
2020-08-04NaN 2020-06-02NaN
2020-08-03NaN 2020-06-01NaN
2020-07-31NaN 2020-05-29NaN
2020-07-30NaN 2020-05-28NaN
2020-07-29NaN 2020-05-270.0
2020-07-28NaN 2020-05-260.0
2020-07-27NaN 2020-05-250.0
2020-07-24NaN 2020-05-220.0
2020-07-23NaN 2020-05-210.0
2020-07-22NaN 2020-05-200.0

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Business Description

Business Description

Industry Consumer Defensive » Education » NAICS : 611110 NAICS : 8211
Address 6 Danling Street, 15th Floor, Danling SOHO, Haidian District, Beijing, CHN, 100080
Founded in 2003, TAL Education is one of the leading K-12 after-school tutoring providers in China. The firm offers tutoring services to students from pre-school to the twelfth grade via small classes, one-on-one personalized premium services, and online courses. In fourth-quarter fiscal 2020, TAL's small classes account for 68% of its revenue, one-on-one 8%, and Xueersi.com 24%. Its tutoring services cover the core academic subjects in China's school curriculum, such as Math (K-12), English (K-12), Chinese (K-12), Physics (Grade 8-12), Chemistry (Grade 9-12), and Biology (Grade 10-12). TAL's learning centers currently cover 70-plus cities in China and a total of 871 learning centers. In fourth-quarter fiscal 2020, current normal priced long-term course student enrolment was 4.65 million.