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The stock of Vedanta (NYSE:VEDL, 30-year Financials) is believed to be significantly overvalued, according to GuruFocus Value calculation. GuruFocus Value is GuruFocus' estimate of the fair value at which the stock should be traded. It is calculated based on the historical multiples that the stock has traded at, the past business growth and analyst estimates of future business performance. If the price of a stock is significantly above the GF Value Line, it is overvalued and its future return is likely to be poor. On the other hand, if it is significantly below the GF Value Line, its

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Vedanta Ltd tops the list

In terms of a higher dividend yield, the following stocks are thrashing the S&P 500 index, which granted 1.88% at market close on July 19.

Sell-side analysts on Wall Street also bestowed an overweight recommendation rating on the securities, indicating they may outperform either their industries or the entire market within 12 months.

The first company is Vedanta Ltd. (VEDL), whose shares closed at $9.47 on Friday with a market capitalization of $8.69 billion. The stock’s forward dividend yield of 10.92% was 904 basis points higher than the S&P 500 index’s dividend yield. The industry median for the forward

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EBITDA expansion from zinc and oil and gas segments to deliver stock upside

Investment overview

I have covered Vedanta Ltd. (VEDL), a diversified natural resources major, in the past and the stock has not disappointed in terms of upside momentum. Over the past year, the stock has moved 49% higher and this upside has been backed by positive fundamental changes in the company and industry. This article will discuss why stock upside is likely to sustain for Vedanta in 2018 and the key factors that will drive it higher.

At the onset, it is important to note Vedanta generates its earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) from zinc, oil and gas,

80 Views    Faisal Humayun    2018-01-17 19:45
Zinc prices are at a 10-year high, and company stands to benefit

Vedanta (VEDL), a diversified natural resources major, was trading at $14.6 per share on June 21. In the next two months, the stock surged by 28% and trades at $18.8. Even after the big rally, I expect more upside for the stock.

While I have discussed Vedanta earlier as well, as a brief overview, I would like to talk about the company’s major EBITDA segments. This will help take the discussion forward as key EBITDA upside triggers.

For the first quarter of fiscal 2018 (year ending March 2018), Vedanta reported 54% of EBITDA from the zinc segment, 28% from the

79 Views    Faisal Humayun    2017-08-21 16:59
Zinc, oil prices will drive stock higher

Vedanta Ltd. (VEDL) is a diversified natural resources major with an operational focus in India. In the last year, the stock has surged from oversold levels and has seen a rally of 183%. Even after the strong upside, I am bullish on Vedanta with a time horizon of three to five years.

The per capita consumption of industrial commodities in India is significantly below the global average, which is one key industry factor that can support upside for Vedanta.

While China is likely to see gradual economic recovery and is the biggest natural resources price driver, from a location perspective,

69 Views    Faisal Humayun    2017-04-11 22:13
Strong financials and attractive valuation make this diversified natural resources company a good value pick

Vedanta Ltd. (VEDL) is a diversified natural resources company involved in exploring, extracting and processing minerals, oil and gas. The various natural resources of the company include oil and gas, zinc, lead, silver, copper, iron ore and aluminium. Vedanta also operates various power plants in the Indian states of Odisha, Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu. Vedanta has already produced 128% returns in the past year and I believe the stock will continue to reward investors in the coming years.

One of the foremost reasons to like Vedanta is the fact the company was able to deliver an EBITDA margin of more

182 Views    Subia Khan    2017-01-04 17:41
India-focused operations, strong financial flexibility and merger of Cairn India are key positives

After bottoming out at $3.66 on Feb. 11, Vedanta (VEDL) stock has been surging and is currently higher by 177% at $10.14. Even after the big upside, Vedanta still has upside in the medium to long term, and its stock is still appealing from a three- to five-year investment horizon.

It is important to understand the reasons for the stock trading at $3.66 in February and the reason for its subsequent upside. The first factor to note is that Vedanta has a long impending merger with Cairn India (in the oil and gas exploration business). With the merger being delayed,

477 Views    Faisal Humayun    2016-08-17 16:32
Strong fundamentals with upside expected after merger completed

Vedanta Ltd. (VEDL) has been in bear grip for multiple reasons. The resource major from India has slumped by 70% in the last year and by 24.5% for year to date 2016. Several factors have contributed to the decline in the stock and several make Vedanta attractive from a long-term investment perspective.

Vedanta declined in the last year primarily and most obviously because of a slide in commodity prices coupled with the oil price crash. Vedanta is a diversified natural resources company with interest in industrial commodities and energy. It was therefore expected that the stock would decline in line

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HSBC Holdings and Microsoft are on the list

Sarah Ketterer has been the chief executive officer of Causeway Capital Management since June 2001. She focuses on global equities: International, global, and emerging market. Ketterer and her team begin with a screen of both large and mid-sized companies in the developed international markets.

Mobile TeleSystems PJSC (MBT)

She holds 940,522 shares of Mobile TeleSystems – 0.14% of her total assets. It was a new stock in her portfolio in Q4 2014. In the last two quarters she increased her stake by 7.26% and 3.50%.

The company has a market cap of $6.33 billion and provides telecommunications services

1022 Views    Samira Meskini    2015-12-15 18:07
Vedanta Limited has slumped on lower energy and commodity prices, but there are several stock upside triggers on the horizon

The industrial commodity sector as well as the energy sector has been depressed due to the China slowdown factor coupled with the fact that oil supply growth has been robust as compared to demand growth. The steep decline in stock price in these two sectors gives investors some good long-term investment opportunity. Any investment in the energy or commodity sector has to be with an investment horizon of three to five years. Stocks that are trading at attractive valuations and have a quality asset base can provide stellar returns in this time horizon. This article discusses a stock that has

926 Views    Faisal Humayun    2015-11-16 17:19

Sesa Sterlite (SSLT), a diversified natural resources company, which is currently trading at $12.33 per share, is a value buy. This article discusses the reasons to be bullish on the stock and expecting minimal downside and significant upside from current levels.

If a one year chart for Sesa Sterlite is considered, the stock was trading at $21.19 on June 5, 2014. The single factor that triggered a 42% correction in the stock is the company’s exposure to oil and gas assets through its 59.9% stake in Cairn India. With oil prices falling steeply during the period under discussion, Sesa Sterlite

603 Views    Faisal Humayun    2015-03-19 20:23

Sesa Sterlite (SSLT) is an India based company, which is involved in the exploration, extraction and mining of a diversified natural resources. The company focuses on zinc lead silver, iron-ore, oil and gas and commercial power with operations which spans India, South Africa, Namibia, the Republic of Ireland, Australia, Liberia and Sri Lanka.

The decline in stock prices from $19.78 to $13.31 in a span of six months makes me bullish on the stock as it now provides an excellent long term buy opportunity. I will discuss what the prime reasons are for the fall in the company’s prices and

738 Views    Subia Khan    2015-01-29 20:03

I have been bullish in the past on Sesa Sterlite (SSLT) and I maintain my view on the stock for the long term. This article discusses the reasons for the recent decline in the company’s stock prices and the reasons to be bullish on the stock for the long-term.

Sesa Sterlite has declined from $21.19 on June 5, 2014 to current levels of $13.28. The sole reason for the decline in the stock has been lower oil prices. Sesa Sterlite has 59.9% stake in Cairn India providing the company exposure to the oil and gas industry.

For the second quarter

482 Views    Faisal Humayun    2015-01-08 16:26

I have been bullish on Sesa Sterlite (SSLT) in the past and I am more bullish on the stock as a correction provides an excellent long-term buying opportunity. From peak levels of $21.16 in 2014, Sesa Sterlite has corrected by 26% to current levels of $15.77. This article discusses the reason for the correction and the reasons to remain bullish on the long-term prospects for the company.

To understand the reason for the decline in the stock in the last few months, it is important to look at the company’s key EBITDA contributing segments. For the second quarter of 2015,

358 Views    Faisal Humayun    2014-11-14 15:30

Sesa Sterlite (SSLT) a diversified natural resources company is primarily engaged in exploring, extracting, and processing minerals, and oil and gas. The company has several positives in the immediate future and this will help the stock momentum bullish. This article discusses the key positives, which make Sesa Sterlite a good investment at this point of time.

The biggest positive for India current is the government change and renewed focus on growth and development. Sesa Sterlite, which generates a bulk of its sales in India, is set to benefit from the government change.

The new government recently announced the FY14 budget

1061 Views    Faisal Humayun    2014-07-19 13:11

The best time for value investing is when the sentiments are down for a stock or industry and the company has strong fundamentals. From this perspective, Freeport-McMoRan Copper & Gold (FCX) is an excellent value investing stock. This article looks at the reasons for depressed valuations and the reasons to be bullish on Freeport-McMoRan for the long-term.

Depressed Stock And Valuations

Over the last two years, Freeport-McMoRan stock has trended higher by just 7.9%. The upside is minimal considering the fact that the broader markets are in a multi-year rally. With no significant stock movement over the last two years,

1381 Views    Faisal Humayun    2014-06-21 18:12

Sesa Sterlite (SSLT) is one of the world’s largest diversified natural resources companies with operations in base metals, iron ore, silver, oil & gas and commercial power. This article looks into the reasons to be bullish on the natural resources giant for the long-term.

Strong Fundamentals

For the nine months ended December 2013, Sesa Sterlite had a strong set of fundamentals. The company has a huge cash and liquid asset balance of $8 billion along with $1.2 billion in unused credit facility. This takes the total liquidity to $9.2 billion and this provides Sesa Sterlite with excellent financial flexibility.


839 Views    Faisal Humayun    2014-05-17 15:18

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