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An overlooked source, but one that must be approached carefully

In rounding out chapter seven of “Modern Value Investing: 25 Tools to Invest With a Margin of Safety in Today's Financial Environment,” Sven Carlin offered an important, but often overlooked, source for a margin of safety.

Tool 15: Potential activist involvement

Carlin observed that business troubles can depress share prices, reflecting lower revenues or earnings. That situation, combined with a lack of “shareholder coherence,” can make the company attractive to shareholder activists. These are deep-pocketed individuals or funds that see opportunities to make above-average gains by turning a company around—with or without buy-in from the board of directors. To turn

164 Views    Robert Abbott    2019-01-25 22:01
An exploration of intrinsic value and its relationship with book value

Privately owned businesses do not experience the volatility of public companies since they are not exposed to the psychology of investors, or what Benjamin Graham called Mr. Market. That is the focus of another pair of Sven Carlin’s points in “Modern Value Investing: 25 Tools to Invest With a Margin of Safety in Today's Financial Environment.”

Tool 5: What would the value be if this were a private company?

According to Carlin, private businesses generally trade at an average industry valuation in relation to their cost of capital and their return on capital. In addition, the price is further affected

559 Views    Robert Abbott    2019-01-16 21:49
September highlights from the Value Investing Forum

On Aug. 24, GuruFocus launched a forum where users can share value investing ideas through four channels: Warren Buffett (Trades, Portfolio), Investing Ideas, Books and General Discussion. We are pleased to announce the Forum celebrated its one-month anniversary this week.

Forum highlights

The top Forum posts from September highlighted several perspectives on investing, including the retail sector and intrinsic value of companies. For example, users discussed the volatile retail sector, especially Inc.’s (AMZN) merger with Whole Foods Market Inc. (WFM). We also had some posts about shorting Sears Holdings

633 Views    James Li    2017-09-29 20:39
Company has fully recovered from a selloff prompted by Target's aggressive pricing plans

Costco Wholesale Corp. (COST) stock rose 1.84% on Wednesday just days after investors initiated a selloff of the company's stock. The company's stock was under pressure following the announcement that Target Corp. (TGT) plans to compete against other retailers by slashing prices.

Tiffany & Co. (TIF) recently sued the company, alleging that Costco misled consumers when it marketed rings for sale as "Tiffany" rings. The company won a $19.4 million judgment against Costco.

Target published a press release on Friday announcing that the retailer would be cutting prices on thousands of its products to bring in new customers. Target's stock

296 Views    Jacob Maslow    2017-09-14 15:51
Numbers are fairly decent, but pressure to show consistent growth is increasing

Kroger (KR) matched Wall Street expectations on earnings while doing slightly better on revenue when it reported second-quarter earnings last week. But the market remained unimpressed with Kroger’s same-store sales (excluding fuel) of 0.7% as profits dropped by 8% during the period.

"Through innovation, Kroger is redefining the food and grocery customer experience based on our core strengths. Our second-quarter results demonstrate the progress we've made. We returned to positive identical supermarket sales growth in the second quarter.

"We had strong growth in both loyal and total households. Traffic is up, unit movement is up, market share is up,

146 Views    Sangara Narayanan    2017-09-14 14:20
Company has several advantages, and Amazon keeps making the deal sweeter

Costco’s (COST) stock price has declined by more than 15% since hitting its 52-week high in July this year. Every time Amazon (AMZN) announces a deal, retail stocks get hit, and Costco has been at the receiving end twice this year.

First, it was the Sears (SHLD) deal with Amazon in June, and now it's Amazon’s decision to cut prices at Whole Foods (WFM). Retail stocks remain under tremendous pressure due to competitive forces and the expectation that Amazon will eat up most of the retail market share, leaving big box retailers without any room to maneuver.

There are

94 Views    Sangara Narayanan    2017-08-29 16:59
Guru stock highlight

Whole Foods Market, Inc.(0.4%)(WFM–$42.11–NASDAQ)(NASDAQ:WFM) is an Austin, Texas based supermarket chain that offers organic food products. Whole Foods Market agreed on June 16, 2017, to be acquired by Amazon for $42 per share in cash which valued the company at $13.7 billion. The transaction requires shareholder and regulatory approvals and is expected to close in the second half of 2017.

From [url=]Mario Gabelli[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])'s second quarter 2017 Gabelli ABC Fund commentary.

123 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-08-15 20:11
Meal-kit delivery service reports its 1st quarter as public company

Reporting on its performance for its first quarter as a public company, Blue Apron Holdings Inc. (APRN) posted second-quarter results before the opening bell on Aug. 10.

The meal-kit delivery service posted a loss of 47 cents per share, wider than the expected loss of 30 cents per share. Revenue of $238.1 million beat expectations of $235.8 million and increased 18% year over year.

The stock was down 17% when the market opened Thursday.

Blue Apron attributed the loss to unexpected costs incurred from opening a new facility. As a result of these costs as well as cuts in

344 Views    Sydnee Gatewood    2017-08-10 20:00
Rising costs take a toll on the e-commerce giant's bottom line Inc. (AMZN) posted its second-quarter 2017 earnings on July 27, beating revenue estimates but missing on earnings. The company’s bottom line saw a steep decline for the quarter as compared with second-quarter 2016. Profits stood at $197 million versus $857 million reported in the year-ago quarter. Post the earnings miss, the company’s stocks plunged more than 3% in after-hours trading.

The raw numbers

Amazon’s quarterly revenue was nearly $38 billion, up from $24.8 billion reported in second-quarter 2016. The company’s EPS stood at 40 cents, which was far below analysts' estimates of $1.42 a share. The company’s total operating

167 Views    Mayank Marwah    2017-07-31 14:36
What should a sensible stock picker do with these super-exciting technology trends?

The stock market is discounting an accelerating rate of technological change in our society. A mad dash by investors is anticipating a world organized like “The Jetsons” cartoon from my childhood. We thought it would be useful to look back at other points in time when great technological change was anticipated and see how that worked out for Standard & Poor's 500 Index investors.

July 21, 1969

The U.S. put the first man on the moon. The speculation at that time was that there would be people living in space in the coming decades. Forty-eight years have passed and now

313 Views    Smead Capital Management    2017-07-26 19:06
Guru stock highlight

Our best performer was Whole Foods (NASDAQ:WFM), a leading retailer of organic and natural foods, whose stock soared 41.7% from $29.72 to $42.11, adding 51 basis points to the Fund’s return. The stock jumped in April after activist investor Jana Partners (Trades, Portfolio) took a nearly 9% stake in the company. Jana demanded management accelerate its turnaround or sell the company. The latter occurred in June, when Amazon announced it would acquire Whole Foods for $42 per share, or $13.7 billion.

From [url=]Jerome Dodson[/url] ([url=]Trades[/url], [url=]Portfolio[/url])'s second quarter

64 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-07-25 22:23
Overview of holdings and outlook

As of June 30, 2017, the net asset value (“NAV”) of the Parnassus Fund – Investor Shares was $49.23, resulting in a gain of 4.19% for the second quarter. This compares to a gain of 3.09% for the S&P 500 Index (“S&P 500”) and a gain of 2.76% for the Lipper Multi-Cap Core Average, which represents the average return of the multi-cap core funds followed by Lipper (“Lipper average”). For the year-to-date, the Parnassus Fund – Investor Shares is up 9.47%, compared to a gain of 9.33% for the S&P 500 and 8.31% for the Lipper average.

Below is a

242 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-07-25 22:11
The Amazon-Whole Foods deal is under attack by the FTC on the instigation of Consumer Watchdog

The Federal Trade Commission is now investigating the proposed Inc. (AMZN) takeover of Whole Foods Market Inc. (WFM). This is thanks to a complaint filed by Consumer Watchdog that Amazon supposedly lures consumers in with false reference prices when they are actually more expensive.

Before we get all “gotcha” to Amazon, we may ask a fairly basic question: What in the world do reference pricing practices have anything to do with an Amazon-Whole Foods merger?

But let’s assume pricing practices warrant a probe into a completely unrelated merger, for whatever reason. How many times a day do consumers all

108 Views    Matt Winkler    2017-07-25 20:21
These companies achieve milestones

According to GuruFocus' list, these stocks have reached their 52-week highs.

Western Digital reached the 52-week high of $94.93

Western Digital Corp. (WDC)Â is the global leader in the hard disk drive market. The company develops, manufactures and provides data storage solutions to consumers, businesses and governments. The company's product portfolio includes hard disk drives, solid-state drives and public and private cloud data center storage solutions. Western Digital's merger with SanDisk positions the company as a broad-based provider of media-agnostic storage solutions, including SSDs.

The price of Western Digital shares has reached $94.93, which

73 Views    yifan900    2017-07-25 17:06
The retailer's low price-earnings ratio suggests it is undervalued

The share price of Target Corp. (TGT) has remained almost flat over the past two years. The stock, however, is headed back in the upward direction though still down 24% year to date.

The retailer’s sales have fallen more than 5% in 2016 primarily due to fierce competition in both the retail and grocery market. The continuing rise in online sales has aggressively hurt brick-and-mortar sales. In 2015, Target’s chief rival, Wal-Mart (WMT), faced a similar situation and was severely hurt as its share price collapsed more than 30%.

Wal-Mart, however, has made a comeback and continues inching up at

312 Views    Harsh Jain    2017-07-23 16:00
Firm cashes out after sealing Amazon-Whole Foods deal

Jana Partners (Trades, Portfolio) reported on Feb. 17 selling its entire position in Whole Foods, according to a filing released Thursday.

Jana Partners (Trades, Portfolio) reported owning 26,074,830 shares of Whole Foods, representing an 8.3% stake, from February to April for a total purchase price of $794.5 million. It unwound the stake over the past month for an average aggregate price of $1.21 billion, granting Jana a roughly $326.5 million reported profit on its quick activist investment.

Jana made its final and biggest sale -- 16.15 million shares – at its lowest sell price

401 Views    Holly LaFon    2017-07-20 22:20
There's something uniquely American about the heat of summer; it's also a great time to pour some money into some US-based stocks

5 of the Best U.S. Stock Picks for a Patriotic (and Profitable) Summer

Summer is usually a time when patriotism peaks in the U.S.

Between Memorial Day, Independence Day, cookouts, baseball and weekends spent at the lake, there’s something uniquely American about the heat of the summer. It’s also a great time to pour some money into a handful of U.S.-based stocks.

Five American stocks to evaluate

“Small businesses fuel a strong economy and ensure a good standard of living. And more important than the proverbial bottom line, small business creates communities,” says Jenni Jermyn

244 Views    Larry Alton    2017-07-17 22:14
Strong growth but small margins may not appeal to some investors

Costco (COST), the $73.3 billion Washington-based retailer, delivered its third quarter fiscal 2017 results in May, reporting 5.6% revenue growth to $86.7 billion in the recent 36 weeks in operations compared to the same period last year while having a strong 12% profit growth to $1.76 billion a 2% margin vs. 1.9% in the last year.


Costco is overvalued compared to its peers. According to GuruFocus data, the retailer had a trailing price-earnings (P/E) multiple of 29 times vs. the industry median of 20.7 times, a price-book (P/B) ratio of 7.4 times vs. the industry’s

105 Views    Mark Yu    2017-07-11 14:55
The retailer currently trades at a healthy price-earnings ratio of 17

Despite the continuously growing competition, Walmart Stores Inc. (WMT) has been performing pretty well this year. The stock is up nearly 7% year to date. A few years ago, Walmart was an undisputed leader in the retail industry, but the rise of online sales changed all that.

Although Walmart still holds a leading position in the retail industry, its chief rival Amazon (AMZN) continues to gain ground rapidly. Amazon has turned itself into the world’s third-largest retailer, up from the eighth position a year ago.

The continuous rise of online sales dented the retail giant’s business, but Walmart has been

187 Views    Naman Shukla    2017-07-10 19:22
Kroger delivers revenue growth in 1st quarter

Post-earnings release in mid-June of its first quarter 2017, Kroger (KR) shares fell about 26%. In addition to investors not being contented with the lowered guidance set by the retailer, the initial share price decline was exacerbated when Amazon (AMZN) announced its intentions to purchase Whole Foods (WFM) the following day.

Nonetheless, the $20 billion Ohio-based retailer delivered 4.9% revenue growth to $36.3 billion and a disappointing 56.5% fall in profits to $303 million having represented 0.8% margin compared to 2% in the same period last year.

Kroger recorded a 6.8% increase in costs to $2.3 billion thus leading to

243 Views    Mark Yu    2017-06-28 15:27

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