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Janus (BOM:542924) Cash And Cash Equivalents

: ₹1.4 Mil (As of Sep. 2022)
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Janus's quarterly cash and cash equivalents increased from Sep. 2021 (₹4.61 Mil) to Mar. 2022 (₹11.46 Mil) but then stayed the same from Mar. 2022 (₹11.46 Mil) to Sep. 2022 (₹1.42 Mil).

Janus's annual cash and cash equivalents increased from Mar. 2020 (₹2.50 Mil) to Mar. 2021 (₹3.67 Mil) and increased from Mar. 2021 (₹3.67 Mil) to Mar. 2022 (₹11.46 Mil).

Janus Cash And Cash Equivalents Historical Data

The historical data trend for Janus's Cash And Cash Equivalents can be seen below:

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Janus Annual Data
Trend Mar17 Mar18 Mar19 Mar20 Mar21 Mar22
Cash And Cash Equivalents
Premium Member Only 1.00 1.00 2.50 3.67 11.46

Janus Semi-Annual Data
Mar17 Mar18 Mar19 Sep19 Mar20 Sep20 Mar21 Sep21 Mar22 Sep22
Cash And Cash Equivalents Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only 5.87 3.67 4.61 11.46 1.42

Janus Cash And Cash Equivalents Calculation

Cash and cash equivalents are the most liquid assets on the balance sheet. Cash equivalents are assets that are readily convertible into cash, such as money market holdings, short-term government bonds or Treasury bills, marketable securities and commercial paper.

Janus  (BOM:542924) Cash And Cash Equivalents Explanation

A high number means either:

1) The company has competitive advantage generating lots of cash

2) Just sold a business or bonds (not necessarily good)

A low stockpile of cash usually means poor to mediocre economics.

There are 3 ways to create large cash reserve.

1) Sell new bonds or equity to public

2) Sell business or asset

3) It has an ongoing business generating more cash than it burns (usually means durable competitive advantage)

When a company is suffering a short term problem, Buffett looks at cash or marketable securities to see whether it has the financial strength to ride it out.

Important: Lots of cash and marketable securities + little debt = good chance that the business will sail on through tough times.

Test to see what is creating cash by looking at past 7 yrs of balance sheets. This will reveal how the cash was created.

Be Aware

Depreciation estimates make the calculation of net income susceptible to management's accounting choices. These choices can be either overly aggressive or overly conservative.

Janus Cash And Cash Equivalents Related Terms

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Janus (BOM:542924) Business Description

Janus logo
Traded in Other Exchanges
M Sunderji Road, B-704, Prakriti Apartments, K K W Mill Compound, Thane (West), Thane, MH, IND, 400053
Janus Corp Ltd is engaged in the provision of civil construction, land and site development, landfilling, fencing walls, erection of hoardings, and in the trading of various construction related materials such as cement, iron & steel, sand, soil, aluminum. It is also engaged in Media and Consulting, hospitality support services, and trading of agro products.

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