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Intelsat (LTS:0DZ3) Shiller PE Ratio

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Shiller PE for Stocks: The True Measure of Stock Valuation

Intelsat Shiller PE Ratio Historical Data

The historical data trend for Intelsat's Shiller PE Ratio can be seen below:

* For Operating Data section: All numbers are indicated by the unit behind each term and all currency related amount are in USD.
* For other sections: All numbers are in millions except for per share data, ratio, and percentage. All currency related amount are indicated in the company's associated stock exchange currency.

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Intelsat Annual Data
Trend Dec11 Dec12 Dec13 Dec14 Dec15 Dec16 Dec17 Dec18 Dec19 Dec20
Shiller PE Ratio
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Intelsat Quarterly Data
Dec16 Mar17 Jun17 Sep17 Dec17 Mar18 Jun18 Sep18 Dec18 Mar19 Jun19 Sep19 Dec19 Mar20 Jun20 Sep20 Dec20 Mar21 Jun21 Sep21
Shiller PE Ratio Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only Premium Member Only - - - - -

Competitive Comparison

For the Telecom Services subindustry, Intelsat's Shiller PE Ratio, along with its competitors' market caps and Shiller PE Ratio data, can be viewed below:

* Competitive companies are chosen from companies within the same industry, with headquarter located in same country, with closest market capitalization; x-axis shows the market cap, and y-axis shows the term value; the bigger the dot, the larger the market cap. Note that "N/A" values will not show up in the chart.


Intelsat Shiller PE Ratio Distribution

For the Telecommunication Services industry and Communication Services sector, Intelsat's Shiller PE Ratio distribution charts can be found below:

* The bar in red indicates where Intelsat's Shiller PE Ratio falls in comparison to its industry or sector. The grey bar indicates the Shiller PE Ratio's extreme value range as defined by GuruFocus.

Intelsat Shiller PE Ratio Calculation

For Shiller PE Ratio, the earnings of the past 10 years are inflation-adjusted and averaged. The result is used for P/E calculation. Since it looks at the average over the last 10 years, the Shiller PE Ratio is also called PE10.

The Shiller PE Ratio was first used by professor Robert Shiller to measure the valuation of the overall market. The same calculation is applied here to individual companies.

Intelsat's E10 for the quarter that ended in Sep. 2021 is calculated as:

For example, Intelsat's adjusted earnings per share data for the three months ended in Sep. 2021 was:

Adj_EPS=Earnings per Share (Diluted)/CPI of Sep. 2021 (Change)*Current CPI (Sep. 2021)

Current CPI (Sep. 2021) = 109.4700.

Intelsat Quarterly Data

Earnings per Share (Diluted) CPI Adj_EPS
201112 -0.047 95.710 -0.054
201203 -0.304 97.000 -0.343
201206 -1.018 97.110 -1.148
201209 -0.426 98.100 -0.475
201212 -0.069 97.930 -0.077
201303 -0.076 98.910 -0.084
201306 -4.190 99.110 -4.628
201309 0.750 99.570 0.825
201312 0.820 99.440 0.903
201403 0.700 99.740 0.768
201406 0.530 99.960 0.580
201409 0.580 99.900 0.636
201412 0.130 98.830 0.144
201503 0.470 99.980 0.515
201506 0.470 100.640 0.511
201509 0.660 100.380 0.720
201512 0.420 99.910 0.460
201603 0.130 100.030 0.142
201606 0.980 100.660 1.066
201609 1.650 100.750 1.793
201612 5.590 101.040 6.056
201703 -0.290 101.780 -0.312
201706 -0.200 102.170 -0.214
201709 -0.260 102.520 -0.278
201712 -0.750 102.410 -0.802
201803 -0.560 102.900 -0.596
201806 -0.380 103.650 -0.401
201809 -2.740 104.580 -2.868
201812 -0.780 104.320 -0.819
201903 -0.870 105.140 -0.906
201906 -3.760 105.550 -3.900
201909 -1.050 105.900 -1.085
201912 -0.810 106.080 -0.836
202003 -1.550 106.040 -1.600
202006 -2.850 106.340 -2.934
202009 -0.110 106.620 -0.113
202012 -1.910 106.670 -1.960
202103 -1.230 108.140 -1.245
202106 -1.070 108.680 -1.078
202109 -1.020 109.470 -1.020

Add all the adjusted EPS together and divide 10 will get our E10.

Please note that we use the CPI data of the country/region where the company is headquartered. If the CPI data for that country/region is not available, then we will use the CPI data of the United States as default.

Intelsat  (LTS:0DZ3) Shiller PE Ratio Explanation

Compared with the regular PE Ratio, which works poorly for cyclical businesses, the Shiller PE Ratio smoothed out the fluctuations of profit margins during business cycles. Therefore it is more accurate in reflecting the valuation of the company.

If a company has consistent business performance, the Shiller PE Ratio should give similar results to regular PE Ratio.

Compared with the PS Ratio, the Shiller PE Ratio makes the comparison between different industries more meaningful.

Be Aware

Shiller PE Ratio assumes that over the long term, businesses and profitability revert to their means. If a company's business model does not work in the future compared with the past, Shiller PE Ratio and PS Ratio will give false valuations.

Intelsat Shiller PE Ratio Related Terms

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Intelsat (LTS:0DZ3) Business Description

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4 rue Albert Borschette, Luxembourg, LUX, L-1246
Intelsat SA is a Luxembourg-based company which operates satellite services business. It is engaged in providing diversified communications services to the media companies, fixed and wireless telecommunications operators, data networking service providers for enterprise and mobile applications in the air and on the seas, and a multinational corporation. In addition, it provides commercial satellite communication services to the United States government and other select military organizations and their contractors. Intelsat operates through a single segment being Providing satellite services. The company earns the majority of its revenue from North America.

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