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H&R GmbH KGaA (XTER:2HRA) Valuation Rank

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The Valuation Rank measures the current valuation of a business relative to other companies in the same industry and its own historical valuation. The companies are split in equal numbers and then ranked from 1 to 10, with 10 as the most undervalued and 1 as the most overvalued.

  1. Three factors:
    • Absolute valuation (medpsvalue) relative to current stock price, rank among all companies
    • Historical valuation over the past 10 years. Rank pe, ps, pocf, ev2ebit over their own historical values
    • Industry relative valuation
  2. Companies without enough data is not ranked
  3. Companies with negative earnings are ranked lower

These three factors are used to calculate the value score for every eligible company, with values from 1 to 10. The final ranked companies are split in equal numbers and ranked from 1 to 10, with 10 as the most undervalued, and 1 as the most overvalued. The numbers of companies in each rank are the same.

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H&R GmbH KGaA (XTER:2HRA) Business Description

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Neuenkirchener Strasse 8, Salzbergen, DEU, 48499
H&R GmbH & Co KGaA is a manufacturer of chemical-pharmaceutical specialty products. The company organizes its operating activities in two business divisions: Chemical-Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Plastics. It also has three business segments: ChemPharm Refining, ChemPharm Sales, and Plastics. The ChemPharm Refining segment produces specialty products from crude oil in the two domestic refineries (Hamburg-Neuhof and Salzbergen). Its ChemPharm Sales segment encompasses the production sites abroad as well as international sales activities. The company's Plastics segment manufactures high-precision plastic parts along with the associated tools and molds. The company derives the majority of its revenue from the ChemPharm Refining segment within Germany.