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Valhalla Metals (TSXV:VMXX) Tax Expense

: C$ Mil (TTM As of Sep. 2022)
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Valhalla Metals's tax expense for the months ended in Sep. 2022 was C$0.00 Mil.

Valhalla Metals Tax Expense Historical Data

The historical data trend for Valhalla Metals's Tax Expense can be seen below:

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Valhalla Metals Annual Data
Tax Expense

Valhalla Metals Quarterly Data
Sep21 Sep22
Tax Expense - -

Valhalla Metals Tax Expense Calculation

Tax paid by the company. It is computed in by multiplying the income before tax number, as reported to shareholders, by the appropriate tax rate. In reality, the computation is typically considerably more complex due to things such as expenses considered not deductible by taxing authorities ("add backs"), the range of tax rates applicable to various levels of income, different tax rates in different jurisdictions, multiple layers of tax on income, and other issues.

Valhalla Metals  (TSXV:VMXX) Tax Expense Explanation

In the long run, income before tax and taxable income will likely be more similar than they are in any given period. If the one is less in earlier years, then it will be greater in later years. Deferred taxes will reverse themselves in the long run and in total will zero out, unless there is something like a change in tax rates in the intervening period. A deferred tax payable results from a tax break in the early years and will reverse itself in later years; a deferred tax receivable results from more taxes being paid in early years than the tax expense reported to shareholders and will again reverse itself in later years. The deferred tax amount is computed by estimating the amount and the timing of the reversal and multiplying that by the appropriate tax rates.

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Valhalla Metals (TSXV:VMXX) Business Description

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595 Howe Street, 10th Floor, Vancouver, BC, CAN, V6C 2T5
Valhalla Metals Inc is a private exploration company based in Fairbanks, Alaska. It currently holds exploration projects concentrated in the Ambler Mining District of Alaska in the Brooks Range of NW Alaska, including the Sun and Smucker VMS Projects.

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