Stocks That Are at 52-Week lows, Owned by Gurus, Bought by Insiders

Guru Robert Rodriguez has averaged more than 15% per year during the past 20 years. One of his winning strategies is to buy stocks "on or close to being on the new low list." This page helps you to find the stocks that are hitting new lows but still loved by Gurus and Insiders.

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These the international stocks that are at 52-week lows.

Display stocks that are within of lows.

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SymbolCountryCompany Current Price52-Week HighPercent Off High (%)P/EYield (%)Market Cap ($Mil)
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$2.56$28.6091.0 0.00 70.801
Premium Member OnlyHKGPremium Member Only$3.27$13.4975.8 0.00 81.459
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.33$5.3875.38.200.00 43.317
Premium Member OnlyFRAPremium Member Only$5.86$23.1774.7 0.00 1031.742
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$2.76$9.4770.9 0.00 10.804
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$1.26$3.8467.2 0.00 66.096
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$22.04$61.4164.121.800.00 460.305
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$2.81$7.7063.55.204.98 187.723
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$9.30$25.3763.32.700.00 165.839
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.22$3.0159.5 0.00 64.579
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$2.85$6.9659.12.906.84 226.301
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$2.20$5.3058.5 0.00 206.063
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$5.85$14.0358.321.400.00 155.933
Premium Member OnlyZAFPremium Member Only$8.27$19.5357.7 0.04 3341.537
Premium Member OnlyZAFPremium Member Only$1.62$3.8057.4 1.00 706.037
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.33$3.0856.8 0.00 45.797
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$1.78$4.1056.6 0.00 47.122
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$2.03$4.5255.1 17.36 74.106
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$5.34$11.4853.58.104.49 445.602
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$2.01$4.2252.4 0.00 57.856
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$5.88$12.2051.811.500.00 269.728
Premium Member OnlyCYMPremium Member Only$1.97$4.0050.8 0.00 53.222
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.05$2.1250.510.000.00 58.241
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$7.14$14.3250.1 0.00 346.064
Premium Member OnlyHKGPremium Member Only$3.42$6.7549.3 0.00 7.075
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.79$3.4948.7 16.76 176.673
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$5.54$10.7548.511.300.90 59.452
Premium Member OnlyMEXPremium Member Only$1.23$2.3848.3 0.00 551.043
Premium Member OnlyBRAPremium Member Only$3.28$6.2947.9181.407.37 4782.142
Premium Member OnlyIRLPremium Member Only$1.26$2.3746.8 0.00 65953.244
Premium Member OnlyCHLPremium Member Only$18.61$34.9946.819.101.28 2935.946
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$29.83$55.7446.56.008.78 10804.102
Premium Member OnlyBRAPremium Member Only$4.53$8.3245.68.401.15 7721.178
Premium Member OnlyCOLPremium Member Only$26.80$48.8045.19.008.62 55096.376
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$2.67$4.7443.7 0.00 176.098
Premium Member OnlyJPNPremium Member Only$8.75$15.3342.920.800.49 803.990
Premium Member OnlyBRAPremium Member Only$10.09$17.1441.1 1.86 71851.867
Premium Member OnlyCHLPremium Member Only$15.57$26.4141.019.104.26 2456.351
Premium Member OnlyAUSPremium Member Only$3.21$5.3640.1 3.23 797.731
Premium Member OnlyDEUPremium Member Only$31.32$51.8439.6 2.29 43184.016
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$8.45$13.9339.3 0.00 700.010
Premium Member OnlyPERPremium Member Only$9.20$14.9938.642.200.22 2334.180
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.56$2.5338.322.800.00 42.921
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$4.00$6.4137.625.709.75 92.183
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.72$2.7437.2 0.00 67.498
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$5.52$8.6936.5276.001.45 249.905
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$1.05$1.6436.0 1.00 59.733
Premium Member OnlyHKGPremium Member Only$5.64$8.8035.9 0.00 17.169
Premium Member OnlyBRAPremium Member Only$5.78$9.0235.97.306.62 7273.003
Premium Member OnlyZAFPremium Member Only$3.19$4.9435.4 0.91 2449.414
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$7.10$10.9335.0 0.60 230.711
Premium Member OnlyCHLPremium Member Only$23.73$36.2534.519.603.33 6245.654
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$6.51$9.7833.420.600.00 1013.673
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$6.72$10.0032.857.905.28 5930.647
Premium Member OnlyDEUPremium Member Only$12.13$17.8432.0 0.90 1353.006
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$29.14$42.1130.817.401.72 3448.091
Premium Member OnlySAPremium Member Only$15.70$22.4029.9 5.61 29.203
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$30.70$43.0028.625.700.00 1826.556
Premium Member OnlyFINPremium Member Only$8.16$11.4028.460.403.27 6435.139
Premium Member OnlyNORPremium Member Only$22.95$31.9528.210.806.38 73179.451
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$10.12$14.0728.111.402.37 1007.260
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$27.94$38.4027.229.503.34 25704.046
Premium Member OnlySGPPremium Member Only$18.19$24.9927.25.906.60 677.899
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$52.04$71.4427.26.604.65 138524.311
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$21.23$29.1227.124.700.00 612.878
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$6.50$8.9127.011.400.00 84.333
Premium Member OnlyLUXPremium Member Only$13.16$17.9226.6 1.29 21916.562
Premium Member OnlyIRLPremium Member Only$53.34$72.2626.2 3.71 4745.842
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$32.73$44.2526.0 1.78 2083.297
Premium Member OnlyJPNPremium Member Only$32.12$42.9625.210.101.09 57889.529
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$62.00$82.7525.118.303.67 28869.106
Premium Member OnlyHKGPremium Member Only$156.37$206.9924.57.504.23 69815.227
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$16.83$22.2524.420.401.79 57447.645
Premium Member OnlyITAPremium Member Only$42.50$55.7023.711.805.60 77226.438
Premium Member OnlyJPNPremium Member Only$20.13$26.3423.671.601.65 2790.262
Premium Member OnlyCHLPremium Member Only$21.19$27.3622.610.003.62 9982.934
Premium Member OnlyDEUPremium Member Only$68.13$87.4222.119.101.46 81381.573
Premium Member OnlyESPPremium Member Only$22.41$28.5921.634.704.62 28739.669
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$47.97$60.6120.924.804.28 88730.906
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$26.64$33.2519.996.002.95 42645.312
Premium Member OnlyFRAPremium Member Only$16.27$20.3119.9 5.96 9148.650
Premium Member OnlyAUSPremium Member Only$59.44$73.9119.612.304.07 158222.233
Premium Member OnlyFRAPremium Member Only$46.24$57.4219.523.104.13 122148.472
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$21.94$27.2519.521.303.50 49926.951
Premium Member OnlyDEUPremium Member Only$112.74$139.2819.115.202.67 98825.077
Premium Member OnlyCHLPremium Member Only$74.00$91.3919.010.603.91 11674.162
Premium Member OnlyGEOPremium Member Only$4.09$5.0519.022.200.00 11.984
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$7.24$8.8918.671.703.18 63.750
Premium Member OnlyESPPremium Member Only$8.77$10.7518.416.207.17 105135.559
Premium Member OnlyLUXPremium Member Only$39.64$48.4518.216.202.17 23398.240
Premium Member OnlyESPPremium Member Only$11.16$13.6017.951.104.75 65698.920
Premium Member OnlyZAFPremium Member Only$50.19$60.8017.511.203.31 32793.580
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$59.00$69.9215.615.003.00 48053.341
Premium Member OnlySAPremium Member Only$29.46$34.8215.432.804.58 1580.933
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$74.67$88.1315.314.604.93 237655.259
Premium Member OnlySWEPremium Member Only$91.74$108.1515.221.802.27 8305.422
Premium Member OnlyESPPremium Member Only$14.98$17.6315.012.106.82 68174.348
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$4.92$5.7614.6256.700.00 87790.020
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$42.49$49.6114.444.302.12 16191.834
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$8.17$9.5014.015.803.64 20332.348
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$71.79$83.4213.914.605.13 228488.966
Premium Member OnlySWEPremium Member Only$11.84$13.6113.019.603.88 38349.760
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$38.73$44.4112.818.203.76 117153.760
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$40.23$45.9912.518.303.73 121691.086
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$40.53$46.0412.022.102.91 7229.946
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$40.68$46.0711.753.401.32 2444.728
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$117.97$133.0011.320.602.93 74114.709
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$51.02$56.7910.213.304.80 195786.681
Premium Member OnlyJPNPremium Member Only$31.02$33.968.715.103.82 34305.664
Premium Member OnlyCYMPremium Member Only$32.45$ 1210.492
Premium Member OnlyTWNPremium Member Only$30.34$32.436.417.002.03 23536.094
Premium Member OnlyJPNPremium Member Only$52.75$55.775.424.702.70 1512.639
Premium Member OnlyANPremium Member Only$44.47$46.704.818.804.98 34602.107

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User Comments

ReplyLukekelly79@facebook - 2 months ago
Thank you, that was fast. I'll be sure to recommend your site to my friends.
ReplyLukekelly79@facebook - 2 months ago
For me, 52 week highs are displaying the wrong figure.
Example LPL low-$17.40 high-$35450.00

$35450.00..... WHAT?

I have the same issue in both firefox and chrome. Been going on for around 2 weeks now.
ReplyJacobsh0 - 3 months ago
The 52 week lows for Oceania are not displaying. I have de-selected America and only ticked the display box for Oceania but nothing is displaying. Can you please assist?
ReplyXtddd - 7 months ago
hello , i find that there are nothing in customized view! please check it
ReplyXtddd - 7 months ago
hello, can you add the ratio of price to tangible book value besides p/e.
ReplyBrucechin - 8 months ago
Hello!! Can you fix the 52 week GURU low stocks. I want to sort by percent down! It used to work but now only sorts but most held my guru. I want to see which GURU stocks held are most down.
ReplyGtr1344 - 10 months ago
What time frame does this list use? Many of these stocks are a bit up from their 52-week lows.
ReplyBrucechin - 10 months ago
to add, my comments are for the 52 week low Guru section. That is the section that won't sort by percent down anymore
ReplyBrucechin - 10 months ago
hmm still doesn't sort on my web browser which is safari. it worked for years before though
ReplyGurufocus - 10 months ago
"We used to be able to sort by hitting the top." It should work. Can you try again?
ReplyBrucechin - 10 months ago
We used to be able to sort by hitting the top. i like to sort by percentage down.. doesn't work now
ReplyDannylau328 - 10 months ago
The missing stocks are listed again. Thank you for fixing it!
ReplyDannylau328 - 10 months ago
The list is not complete! EXC, VIV are both stocks near 52 weeks low. They were listed before, and they are gone now! There are a lot fewer stocks than I checked last time. Many stocks are missing!
ReplyWindisch - 11 months ago
Why are there only a tenth of what there was last week?
ReplyJohm.rhodes2002@yahoo - 11 months ago

ReplyTnguye48 - 11 months ago
ReplyKazumaQB - 1 year ago
Thanks GF.
ReplyGurufocus - 1 year ago
KazumaQB, It is fixed now.
ReplyKazumaQB - 1 year ago
Is this list comprehensive? For instance, Uranium Participation Corp (on the TSX) is within 10% of the 5-year low and it is not on this list.
ReplyGhodadra1 - 1 year ago
why are there no companies in this list?
ReplyGurufocus - 1 year ago
hi Stocksnewbie,

it does for me. Can you open a ticket here: and post your screenshot so that we understand your problem.
ReplyStocksnewbie - 1 year ago
When I click on the industry to see the stocks at their 5 year lows, it does not show the stocks...Please fix this screen!
ReplySquasher - 1 year ago
The option to display stocks within a given percentage of their 52 week low doesn't seem to be functioning. Any reason for this?
ReplyWindisch - 1 year ago
Can you make an option to see all symbols on a single page? Or just bring back export to Excel. It would be greatly appreciated!
ReplyTerryVK - 1 year ago
Is there any way to avoid the column titles from disappearing when you scroll down the page?
ReplyDoctorGreenberg - 1 year ago
anyone?? can you return the feature that enables to copy all the symbols of the "52 high/low" to the clipboard??
ReplyDoctorGreenberg - 1 year ago
There used to be an option to copy all symbols to the clipboard - why is it gone?
i need it !! :)

ReplyRajesh_198911 - 1 year ago
Where is the Pharma/Boitech industry under the 'Overview by Industry'? It was there last year and I don't see it now.

ReplyGurufocus - 1 year ago
Should be working fine now
ReplyBerryaf25 - 1 year ago
This screen is incorrect. For example, it shows WFC 52 week high of $52, and Delta Airlines with a 52 week high of $410.

ReplyAspenhawk - 2 years ago
Good Question !
ReplyKANGJIN - 3 years ago



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