Stocks That Are at 52-Week lows, Owned by Gurus, Bought by Insiders

Guru Robert Rodriguez has averaged more than 15% per year during the past 20 years. One of his winning strategies is to buy stocks "on or close to being on the new low list." This page helps you to find the stocks that are hitting new lows but are still loved by Gurus and Insiders.

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These the international stocks that are at 52-week lows.

Stocks within of lows.

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SymbolCountryCompany Current Price52-Week HighPercent Off High (%)P/EYield (%)Market Cap ($Mil)
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$2.96$285000.00100.0 0.00 22.200
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$2.50$11.1277.5 2.39 23.400
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$3.45$10.7167.8 0.00 174.750
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.58$4.7066.42.280.00 13.150
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$3.75$10.4864.2 0.00 93.770
Premium Member OnlyAUSPremium Member Only$1.54$4.2763.9 0.00 17.600
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$2.51$6.5661.72.010.00 275.600
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$5.15$12.0057.142.920.00 245.590
Premium Member OnlyMCOPremium Member Only$4.30$9.7655.95.2511.61 741.220
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$3.64$8.1755.4 0.00 1707.130
Premium Member OnlySWEPremium Member Only$5.10$10.5651.711.138.95 16753.490
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.05$2.1751.64.200.00 22.440
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$24.58$50.3651.29.8411.76 9340.640
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$3.66$7.3250.022.880.00 83.910
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.21$2.4049.660.500.00 72.820
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.85$3.5547.9 0.00 36.160
Premium Member OnlySPOPremium Member Only$8.27$15.5046.6 0.00 2846.598
Premium Member OnlyGRCPremium Member Only$4.92$9.1646.33.204.47 429.720
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$2.73$4.8543.727.504.81 48767.800
Premium Member OnlyAUSPremium Member Only$1.77$3.0942.7 0.00 30.370
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$2.05$3.5442.13.030.00 13.520
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$27.34$46.3941.1 1.01 2820.320
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$9.33$15.6040.26.427.79 7597.990
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$23.34$37.6938.114.514.11 46498.890
Premium Member OnlyHKGPremium Member Only$12.74$20.0036.314.6411.77 1342.180
Premium Member OnlyFINPremium Member Only$4.97$7.6334.916.225.84 29002.780
Premium Member OnlyPHLPremium Member Only$33.45$51.2734.822.426.81 7225.200
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$43.50$66.5534.629.003.14 39759.000
Premium Member OnlyMEXPremium Member Only$11.96$17.9333.361.187.44 39207.260
Premium Member OnlyITAPremium Member Only$48.70$72.5532.922.372.05 23400.740
Premium Member OnlyMEXPremium Member Only$12.12$17.9532.561.232.53 39731.780
Premium Member OnlyDNKPremium Member Only$40.81$59.0030.819.733.47 106106.000
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$35.80$50.8029.516.811.87 2241.330
Premium Member OnlyHKGPremium Member Only$4.65$6.5328.823.250.00 339.470
Premium Member OnlyCHLPremium Member Only$21.39$29.7628.17.182.93 5847.830
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$23.16$31.8627.316.6615.80 692.320
Premium Member OnlyFRAPremium Member Only$37.76$51.8827.221.514.41 97202.240
Premium Member OnlyDEUPremium Member Only$99.03$135.7127.016.682.91 81892.650
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$6.75$9.1926.675.0119.63 59.590
Premium Member OnlyCYMPremium Member Only$10.90$14.6925.820.942.74 161.490
Premium Member OnlyTURPremium Member Only$8.08$10.8725.710.500.00 7110.400
Premium Member OnlyINDPremium Member Only$9.73$13.0825.613.970.91 23650.850
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$41.55$55.8025.533.230.00 1998.710
Premium Member OnlySWEPremium Member Only$100.90$129.3722.016.742.25 8901.220
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$27.52$34.9521.3 1.30 2755.489
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$27.67$34.7020.3 5.58 73487.560
Premium Member OnlyCHEPremium Member Only$75.45$93.5819.427.203.61 179661.540
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$46.88$58.0819.315.912.77 35350.300
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$30.13$36.1116.644.882.08 13791.200
Premium Member OnlyMEXPremium Member Only$25.65$30.3615.532.580.36 128.240
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$64.44$74.9714.0 4.91 50573.000
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$42.43$48.9713.426.553.28 128345.860
Premium Member OnlyDEUPremium Member Only$41.33$47.5213.023.301.09 25273.260
Premium Member OnlyISRPremium Member Only$78.38$89.9812.920.120.00 13708.810
Premium Member OnlyFRAPremium Member Only$21.62$24.7012.539.053.88 11878.530
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$42.56$48.0011.322.573.27 128739.070
Premium Member OnlyNLDPremium Member Only$16.59$18.349.522.542.78 34099.050
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$17.95$19.849.527.792.56 36894.430
Premium Member OnlyGBRPremium Member Only$108.21$117.958.324.482.89 74512.890
Premium Member OnlyJPNPremium Member Only$29.48$31.967.816.774.79 32194.240
Premium Member OnlyMUPremium Member Only$55.15$57.984.99.862.54 5000.670
Premium Member OnlyCHNPremium Member Only$1.74$1.740.0 0.00 67.498

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