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Ticker Company Current Price Insider Name Insider Position Date Buy/Sell Insider Trading Shares Shares Change Price Cost Final Share Price Change Since Insider Trade (%) Dividend Yield % PE Ratio Market Cap ($M)
HEB Hemispherx Biopharma Inc$3.98 EQUELS THOMAS K. Exec. Vice Chairman/CEO/Pres. 2019-06-21 Buy29,4042.16%$4.03118,4981,393,611-1.24%008.76
SMMF Summit Financial Group Inc$25.93 Kitzmiller Jason A Director 2019-06-21 Buy4,088195.79%$25102,2006,1763.72%2.1711.67328.58
PESI Perma-Fix Environmental Services Inc$3.95 CENTOFANTI LOUIS F EVP of Strategic Initiatives 2019-06-21 Buy1,0000.45%$3.973,970225,525-0.50%0047.61
STOK Stoke Therapeutics Inc$25.53 Apple Tree Partners IV, L.P. 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy1,388,8899.02%$1825,000,00016,786,71341.83%00803.20
TAPM Tapinator Inc$0.05 Farman-Farmaian Teymour M Director 2019-06-21 Buy500,000250%$0.0525,000700,0000%004.74
HIL Hill International Inc$2.77 CHADWICK JAMES M Director 2019-06-21 Buy15,8700.87%$2.8044,4361,830,022-1.07%00154.17
NGM NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc$13.85 Svennilson Peter Director, 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy34,3770.22%$13.90477,84015,701,851-0.36%00914.40
CHAP Chaparral Energy Inc$3.78 Strategic Value Partners, LLC 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy169,7381.48%$3.62614,45211,668,9264.42%00175.16
NGM NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc$13.85 COLUMN GROUP L P 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy34,3770.22%$13.90477,84015,696,851-0.36%00914.40
SAFE Safehold Inc$28.75 ISTAR INC. 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy14,8260.07%$28.70425,50620,555,8680.17%2.1036.41886.13
STOK Stoke Therapeutics Inc$25.53 Harrison Seth Loring Director, 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy1,388,8899.02%$1825,000,00016,786,71341.83%00803.20
NGM NGM Biopharmaceuticals Inc$13.85 GOEDDEL DAVID V Director, 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy34,3770.22%$13.90477,84015,871,851-0.36%00914.40
CNBKA Century Bancorp Inc$85.45 Filler James J 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy2,2130.32%$85.70189,654698,780-0.29%0.5612.54475.76
GIGM GigaMedia Ltd$2.46 Huang Cheng-Ming CEO 2019-06-21 Buy67,8299.22%$2.50169,572803,327-1.60%0027.18
RRTS Roadrunner Transportation Systems Inc$8.95 ELLIOTT INTERNATIONAL, L.P. 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy5,8180.03%$9.1052,943.8023,109,323-1.65%00336.24
DNP DNP Select Income Fund Inc$11.84 Luecke Connie M VP & Chief Investment Officer 2019-06-21 Buy1,14021.11%$11.8213,474.806,540.610.17%6.049.783,487.10
HEB Hemispherx Biopharma Inc$3.98 SPRINGATE WAYNE S Sr. VP of Operations 2019-06-21 Buy5,211150.56%$4.0321,000.308,672-1.24%008.76
JILL J.Jill Inc$1.68 TowerBrook Investors, Ltd. 10% Owner 2019-06-21 Buy114,4510.44%$1.65188,84426,239,0711.82%03.1674.08
HEB Hemispherx Biopharma Inc$3.98 MITCHELL WILLIAM M Director 2019-06-21 Buy9,67786.70%$4.0338,998.3020,838-1.24%008.76
KXIN Kaixin Auto Holdings$2.23 Wang Sing Director 2019-06-21 Buy6,8825.37%$2.2015,140.40135,0241.36%022.30136.82
MNR Monmouth Real Estate Investment Corp$13.65 LANDY MICHAEL P President and CEO 2019-06-20 Buy1,5000.22%$14.2421,360689,204.75-4.14%4.981051,285.68
VBIV VBI Vaccines Inc$1.29 Diaz-Mitoma Francisco Chief Medical Officer 2019-06-20 Buy52,00017.01%$0.8745,240357,74348.28%00125.98
RGSE Real Goods Solar Inc$0.26 Bowles Ian A Director 2019-06-20 Buy50,00033.33%$0.2613,000200,0050%0029.01
RGSE Real Goods Solar Inc$0.26 LACEY DENNIS J CEO 2019-06-20 Buy50,00023.26%$0.2613,000265,0000%0029.01
AC Associated Capital Group Inc$35.18 GABELLI MARIO J Executive Chairman, 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy3,544129.34%$35.60126,1666,284-1.18%0.600793.45
CBFV CB Financial Services Inc$23.80 PETROPLUS WILLIAM G Director 2019-06-20 Buy1,0008.74%$23.6023,60012,4400.85%3.9114.88129.32
NICK Nicholas Financial Inc$8.92 MAGNOLIA CAPITAL FUND, LP 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy87,2315.47%$9.01785,9511,680,836-1%0070.56
PRVB Provention Bio Inc$12.54 DIGIANDOMENICO ANTHONY Director 2019-06-20 Buy10,0008.42%$10.96109,600128,71214.42%00468.51
IVFH Innovative Food Holdings Inc$0.58 JCP Investment Management, LLC 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy10,9500.32%$0.535,803.503,468,9909.43%014.5019.46
MGM MGM Resorts International$27.92 Meister Keith A. Director 2019-06-20 Buy338,3741.72%$27.849,420,33019,973,9090.29%1.7960.6914,998.67
SLGG Super League Gaming Inc$8.36 JUNG MARK Director 2019-06-20 Buy6,04443.31%$8.1949,500.4020,0002.08%0069.97
OPK OPKO Health Inc$2.03 FROST PHILLIP MD ET AL CEO & Chairman, 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy50,0000.02%$2.04102,000217,171,633-0.49%001,249.66
IMMU Immunomedics Inc$12.80 BALL BRYAN Chief Quality Officer 2019-06-20 Buy5,000-$13.3566,7505,000-4.12%002,451.69
RVP Retractable Technologies Inc$0.75 SHAW THOMAS J President and CEO, 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy1,5900.01%$0.661,049.4018,484,88513.64%0024.60
NYMX Nymox Pharmaceutical Corp$1.73 Robinson James George Director 2019-06-20 Buy9,0000.26%$1.7715,9303,434,550-2.26%00117.51
GORO Gold Resource Corp$3.48 Perry Kimberly C Director 2019-06-20 Buy20,000-$3.2464,80020,0007.41%0.5749.71217.19
SGMS Scientific Games Corp$18.08 PERELMAN RONALD O Director, 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy75,0000.21%$20.211,515,75036,452,842-10.54%001,680.05
CPHC Canterbury Park Holding Corp$12.46 SCHENIAN DALE H Director, 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy3,4000.66%$12.9644,064518,464-3.86%2.2311.8757.14
NHTC Natural Health Trends Corp$7.87 BROADY GEORGE K Director 2019-06-20 Buy2,0000.29%$8.1216,240690,099-3.08%7.754.3988.36
DRRX Durect Corp$0.63 21 APRIL FUND, L.P. 10% Owner 2019-06-20 Buy4,000,00017.80%$0.522,080,00026,476,54621.15%00102.30
Total 5260
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