Financial Glossary

Balance Sheet
Accounts Payable Accounts Payable & Accrued Expense Accounts Payable & Accrued Expense for Financial Companies Accounts Receivable Accumulated Depreciation Accumulated other comprehensive income (loss) Additional Paid-In Capital Allowance For Loans And Lease Losses Balance Sheet Cash And Cash Equivalents Buildings And Improvements Cash And Cash Equivalents Cash, Cash Equivalents, Marketable Securities Common Stock Construction In Progress Current Accrued Expense Current Deferred Revenue Current Deferred Taxes Liabilities Deferred Policy Acquisition Costs DeferredTaxAndRevenue Equity Investments Fixed Maturity Investment Future Policy Benefits Goodwill Gross Loan Gross Property, Plant and Equipment Intangible Assets Inventories, Finished Goods Inventories, Inventories Adjustments Inventories, Other Inventories, Raw Materials & Components Inventories, Work In Process Investments And Advances Land And Improvements Loans Receivable Long-Term Capital Lease Obligation Long-Term Debt Long-Term Debt & Capital Lease Obligation Machinery, Furniture, Equipment Marketable Securities Minority Interest Money Market Investments Net Loan NonCurrent Deferred Liabilities Notes Receivable Other Assets for Banks Other Assets for Insurance Companies Other Current Assets Other Current Liabilities Other Current Payables Other Current Receivables Other Gross PPE Other Liabilities for Banks Other Liabilities for Insurance Companies Other Long Term Assets Other Long-Term Liabilities Other Stockholders Equity PensionAndRetirementBenefit Policyholder Funds Preferred Stock Property, Plant and Equipment Retained Earnings Securities & Investments Shares Outstanding (EOP) Short-Term Capital Lease Obligation Short-Term Debt Short-Term Debt & Capital Lease Obligation Short-term investments Total Assets Total Current Assets Total Current Liabilities Total Deposits Total Equity Total Inventories Total Liabilities Total Long-Term Assets Total Long-Term Liabilities Total Receivables Total Stockholders Equity Total Tax Payable Treasury Stock Unearned Income Unearned Premiums Unpaid Loss & Loss Reserve
Cashflow statement
All Taxes Paid Asset Impairment Charge Beginning Cash Position Capital Expenditure Cash Flow for Dividends Cash Flow for Lease Financing Cash Flow from Discontinued Operations Cash Flow from Financing Cash Flow from Investing Cash Flow from Operations Cash Flow from Others Cash From Discontinued Investing Activities Cash from Discontinued Operating Activities Cash From Other Investing Activities Cash Paid for Insurance Activities Cash Payments Cash Payments for Deposits by Banks and Customers Cash Payments for Loans Cash Receipts from Deposits by Banks and Customers Cash Receipts from Fees and Commissions Cash Receipts from Loans Cash Receipts from Operating Activities Cash Receipts from Securities Related Activities Cash Receipts from Tax Refunds Cash Received from Insurance Activities Change In Inventory Change In Other Working Capital Change In Payables And Accrued Expense Change In Prepaid Assets Change In Receivables Change In Working Capital Deferred Tax Depreciation, Depletion and Amortization Dividends Paid Dividends Received Effect of Exchange Rate Changes Ending Cash Position FFO Free Cash Flow Interest and Commission Paid Interest Paid Interest Received Issuance of Debt Issuance of Stock Net Change in Cash Net Income From Continuing Operations Net Intangibles Purchase And Sale Net Issuance of Debt Net Issuance of Preferred Stock Other Cash Payments from Operating Activities Other Cash Receipts from Operating Activities Other Financing Payments of Debt Payments on Behalf of Employees Payments to Suppliers for Goods and Services Purchase Of Business Purchase Of Investment Purchase Of Property, Plant, Equipment Receipts from Customers Receipts from Government Grants Repurchase of Stock Sale Of Business Sale Of Investment Sale Of Property, Plant, Equipment Stock Based Compensation Taxes Refund Paid