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Anyone following Allison (ALSN)?

Investment Ideas ALSN
0 3 minutes ago

YSG? Yatsen

Investment Ideas BABA
2 2 hours ago

What do you guys think about MU valuation WS analysts are giving higher targets 100-110, but to me its already fully priced on some metrics and overpriced on others.

Investment Ideas MU
5 5 hours ago

Thought? Good entry point?

Investment Ideas CPNG
4 6 hours ago

Don't you think the weak spot of the company are very high management fees and high turnover in funds? This creates high costs for investors, underperformance, outflows...

General Discussions HNNA
0 11 hours ago

Any idea why prices are still so low? I heard there was too much supply in China, but I would think with such a good margin they should be doing okay.

Investment Ideas HKSE:00688
2 13 hours ago

Curious how others are viewing BABA, hard to watch the stock price continue to decline. Are you staying in?

General Discussions BABA
14 13 hours ago

Anyone interested?

Investment Ideas DLTR
2 1 day ago

what is future of S

General Discussions S
0 1 day ago

What is the general opinion on investing in OB @ current levels of $15-16 price range?

General Discussions OB
0 1 day ago

Tencent, Alibaba, TAL, EDU and others are undervalued due to government clampdown. When do you think will their stock regain higher valuations ?

Investment Ideas TCEHY
15 1 day ago

Lockheed Martin Increases Quarterly Dividend And Share Repurchase Authority

Investment Ideas LMT
0 1 day ago

Insider Buying @ Canadian National Railway

Investment Ideas CNI
0 1 day ago

Chinese A-shares

General Discussions
7 2 days ago

New and trying to wrap my head around a long term position in TSM

Investment Ideas TSM
4 Sep 22, 2021

Any one have thought's on a dividend cut coming soon

Investment Ideas T
6 Sep 22, 2021


General Discussions
0 Sep 22, 2021

The PEG looks great on FB, very wide moat due to network effect, hard to believe this is undervalued due to the gigantic market cap it already has. Anybody else looking at it?

Investment Ideas FB
7 Sep 21, 2021

what is your price target by january 2022?

Investment Ideas INTC
15 Sep 21, 2021

Is $CHPT is good to buy at $20 ?

Investment Ideas CHPT
5 Sep 21, 2021
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