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Honestly, I don't think markets are going to hold support and this volatility is a precursor to the inevitable crash. Im pulling out and holding precious metals and crypto till time has run its course of course.

Investment Ideas OMF
0 3 hours ago

Corporate raider imo, it sounds like a net-net position where he will gut the companies assets to make a quick profit then bail.

Article Comments Prem Watsa's Firm Bolsters Stake in BlackBerry Ltd
1 7 hours ago

According to Gurufocus data Watsa has lost 80% of his investment in BB. Why does he continue to invest in BB? Unfortunately, the article avoids the qu

Article Comments Prem Watsa's Firm Bolsters Stake in BlackBerry Ltd
0 7 hours ago

What are computation elements in enterprise value per share, anyone?

Investment Ideas BRK.B
3 7 hours ago

Berkshire 2023 Shareholder letter is out

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0 8 hours ago

"This is the fourthpresidential year under the current administration. Historically, afourth presidential year has seen an average annual gain of 13.9

General Discussions Presidential Cycle, Political Parties and the Stock Market
1 9 hours ago

Zen is an appropriate description of the process (LOL). This was helpful as it gives me another quick screen to work with and is, as you stated, very intuitive.

Article Comments The Zen of Price
0 13 hours ago

this stock has a very good chance to be eaten up buy a company who would gain by a merger

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0 1 day ago

This is a very interesting and informative article. Thanks, Praveen. I can tell you put a lot of work into this, and it certainly paid off.

Article Comments The Zen of Price
1 1 day ago

Nvidia still undervalued

General Discussions NVDA
0 1 day ago

Agree, Very undervalued. Also growth appears to be coming back. EBITDA was up sharply last fiscal year.

Article Comments Navigating PayPal's Decline
0 1 day ago

A very interesting company.The product she is developing is a life saver and nothing like it exists today.The ART-100 product is already in advanced s

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2 1 day ago

$LMND Call Volume is up going into results 2/27 Imagine $LMND GF Value at 61 and no one is talking. Softbank, General Catayst are two of the biggest i

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0 2 days ago

vsázím na autolus.

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0 2 days ago

Sold all my AAPL, and bought NVDA after-hours, after QTR results were known.

Article Comments NVIDIA Corp (NVDA) Shatters Records with Q4 and Fiscal 2024 Earnings
0 2 days ago

When I click the link does it create a new tab with the Beta version while leaving my old version still open on the original tab? If I make a change i

Article Comments Beta Launch of New GuruFocus Portfolio Feature
0 2 days ago

Greetings. Thank you for reading and liking this post. I will be glad for each of your subscriptions, which gives me more motivation to post high-qua

Article Comments Argenx Is Tracking Well Above the Industry
0 2 days ago

Sales are imploding. Down 43.4% in the last quarter.

Investment Ideas MED
3 2 days ago

Thank you for the excellent article FUN!

Article Comments Exxon Mobil: A Great Energy Pick
2 3 days ago

Thabks! Could you elaborate what exactly is BABAs cost disadvantage and centralized merchants system compared to PDD? I am having trouble understanding what that means exactly. In my mind while PDD does have a somewhat lower user acquisition cost due to their tieup with Tencent, the rest is simply lower prices to merchants (take rates)

Article Comments No Clear Sign of a Turnaround for Alibaba
13 Feb 21, 2024