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Most Weighted Portfolio

These are the 25 stocks with the most heavily weighted positions among the combined holdings of the Gurus. The rank is based on the combined positions of the stocks in the Gurus holdings. For instance: if Guru A holds 17% of WMT in his holding, and Guru B holds 5%, and Guru C holds 4%,the combined weighting is defined as 17+5+4=26. The portfolio is updated every 12 months. The current list of stocks that meet this criteria can be found here

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Guru Strategies:

All numbers do not include dividends. The Since Inception return is the cumulative return since inception date.

Last Portfolio Rebalance: 2023-10-03

As of December 08, 2023 portfolio is 407.73 (+0.7%)
PerformanceDecember 30, 2005
(December 08, 2023)
Last Change
(December 08, 2023)
% Change
Since Inception
% Change
Since Last Rebalance

Annualized Performance

The following are the average annualized total return over certain years. For YTD, the figure is not annualized and it represents the cumulative total return.
Portfolio/IndexYTD1 Year3 Years5 Years10 Years
Portfolio 32.78% 27.59% 6.57% 14.93% 10.22% 11.63%
S&P500 19.92% 16.17% 7.63% 11.81% 9.79% 11.5%

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