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GuruFocus.com is owned by GuruFocus.com LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company located in Plano, Texas. GuruFocus.com is engaged in the business of financial news, commentaries, research and publishing. GuruFocus.com, LLC is proud to be a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited company with an A+ rating.

GuruFocus.com was founded in 2004 by Charlie Tian, Ph. D. on the philosophy that investors would make a lot fewer mistakes investing if they were to select stocks from the ones that have been researched by the best investors in the world. GuruFocus tracks the stock picks and portfolio changes of the best investors in the world.

GuruFocus.com is dedicated to value investing. As employed by Warren Buffett, the greatest investor of all time, value investing is the only winning strategy for the long term. GuruFocus hosts numerous value screeners and research tools, and regularly publishes articles about value investing strategies and ideas. You can gain full access to GuruFocus with Premium Membership.

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Behind Scenes

Charlie Tian, Ph.D.
Founder, CEO. Charlie is the author of the value strategies and research tools on GuruFocus.com. He has been featured numerous times by prestigious financial magazines and books such as Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Barron's, etc. He has been an invited speaker at numerous events including the Value Investing Conference. Prior to GuruFocus, Charlie was a scientist and the inventor of more than 30 U.S. patents.

A Message from Charlie. 10-year anniversary message

David Goodloe
David is the editorial manager at GuruFocus. He is journalist by training. Grew up in Arkansas and earned B.A. at the University of Arkansas. He earned my master's degree at the University of North Texas. His background includes stints at newspapers in Arkansas and Texas and teaching news writing and news editing to students at the University of Oklahoma and Richland College here in Dallas.

You can find his writings here.

Sheila Dang
Editorial assistant at GuruFocus.

You can find her writings here.

Amber Harris
I am a Dallas native. I attended Southern Methodist University here in Dallas and majored in journalism. I am currently the Assistant Editor here at GuruFocus.com.

You can find her writings here.

Holly LaFon
Holly is a writer of GuruFocus.com. She writes daily reports on Guru investment strategies and portfolios. Prior to joining GuruFocus, Holly wrote for NBC, Success Magazine, etc.

You can find her writings here.

Monica Wolfe
Monica Wolfe is a Writer for GuruFocus. She reports on a variety of news, primarily dealing with insider trades and strategies. Monica holds a degree of Bechalor of Arts from University of North Texas. She is in the process of getting her Master degree.

You can find her writings here.

Sally Jones
Sally Jones writes about Real Time Picks. She says, "I truly enjoy watching the Gurus in realtime and telling their story." Sally holds a Master Degree of Arts.

You can find her writings here.

Geoff Gannon
Geoff is an Equity Analyst and columnist of GuruFocus.com. Geoff focuses on deep value investing following Warren Buffett and Ben Graham strategies. He also answers investors' questions.

You can find Geoff's articles here.

Francis van den Broek
Francis is an unusually selective stock picker from Holland. I define intrinsic value as the price I would gladly pay to own the business outright, with current management in place. For most publicly traded businesses, that value is 0. Each year, I find a handful of stocks I would love to own. These are the stocks I write about. I like to share my thoughts on the GuruFocus forum. I do so under my pseudonym "Batbeer2." Feel free to send me an e-mail ([email protected]). He is the author of Buffett-Munger Newsletter

You can find Francis' articles here.

Ben Strubel, CFA
Ben is President and Portfolio Manager of Strubel Investment Management LLC a value oriented, independent, fee-only Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Lancaster, PA.

Check out his articles here.

David Kass, Ph. D.
David I Kass Tyser Teaching Fellow, Department of Finance Ph.D., Harvard University Robert H. Smith School of Business. Prior to joining the faculty of the Smith School in 2004, he held senior positions with the Federal Government (Federal Trade Commission, General Accounting Office, Department of Defense, and the Bureau of Economic Analysis). His articles are listed here.

John G. Alexander, CFA
John G. Alexander, CFA, is managing partner and portfolio manager for CastlePoint Investment Group where he achieved and sustained a record surpassing the S&P 500 eight of the past nine years and 98% of all 36-month rolling, overlapping periods. During his 12-year career as an equity portfolio manager, his annualized returns through Sept. 30, 2011, exceed the S&P 500 and Russell 1000 Value indices by 532 bps and 467 bps, respectively. John earned an M.B.A. degree from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.S. degree from Indiana University. He co-authored "The Future of Value Investing" published by the Journal of Investing in 2000. Check out his articles here.

Charles Sizemore, CFA
Charles Lewis Sizemore is the Editor of the Sizemore Investment Letter premium newsletter and Chief Investment Officer of Sizemore Capital Management. Mr. Sizemore has been a repeat guest on Fox Business News, has been quoted in Barron's Magazine, and has been featured in numerous publications. Check out his articles here.

Brian Zen, CFA, Ph.D.
Brian Zen, CFA, Ph.D., author of "Superinvestor Lecture Notes," serves as Chief Investment Strategist at Zenway Group, a New York-based registered investment advisory firm providing asset management services and training Certified Securities Researchers (CSR) in the discipline of Graham-Buffett Value Investing. Previously, Brian served as vice president at JPMorgan Chase and portfolio manager at Prudential-Bache Securities and Janney Montgomery Scott, while teaching graduate-level investment analysis at St. John's University. Brian was a Bernard Baruch Fellow and graduated summa cum laude from Bernard M. Baruch College. He is also a graduate of Columbia University's executive program in value investing. Check out his articles here.

Greg Speicher
Greg is a private investor who has been investing, studying and writing about the the markets since 2006. Greg built several successful offline businesses including an Inc. 500 Company which he co-founded. Buffett once said, "I am a better investor because I am a businessman." It is in that spirit that Greg brings his years of business experience to investing.  Greg received his B.A. in philosophy magna cum laude from the University of St. Thomas in Rome, Italy, and attended the MBA program at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He also studied with Bruce Greenwald at the Value Investing Executive Education Course at Columbia University. Check out his articles here.

Chuck Carnevale, CFA
Chuck is also co-founder of an investment management firm. He has been working in the securities industry since 1970: He has been a partner with a private NYSE member firm, the President of a NASD firm, Vice President and Regional Marketing Director for a major AMEX-listed company, and an Associate Vice President and Investment Consulting Services Coordinator for a major NYSE member firm. Prior to forming his own investment firm, he was a partner in a 30-year-old established registered investment advisory in Tampa, Florida. Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics and Finance from the University of Tampa. Chuck is a veteran of the Vietnam War and was awarded both the Bronze Star and the Vietnam Honor Medal. Check out his articles here.

Eric Houssels, CFA
Eric Houssels is the co-founder and managing member of Houssels Capital Management LLC, a money management firm based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The firm focuses on investments in the stocks of publicly traded companies of all capitalizations that possess, preferably, significant earnings power or, alternatively, assets that can be (re)deployed to achieve significant earnings power and are trading at reasonable valuations. Houssels Capital Management was founded in 2000. Check out his articles here.

Chandan Dubey
Chandan is a Ph.D. candidate in Theoretical Computer Science. Chandan started investing in December 2009 and his first stock, CreditSuisse (CS), tanked to almost half its value. This nudged him to start learning about investing from the ground up. He is a long-term value investor and is planning to generate a sustainable amount of money from investment income by the time he is 40 years old. Check out his articles here.

Alex Morris, CFA Candidate
Alex is a graduate from the University of Florida. He received a Finance degree as well as a Real Wstate minor during his time at UF. Alex is now a full-time analysis at an investment firm. Check out his articles here.

Anh Hoang, CFA Candidate
Anh is a money manager in global equities, especially with U.S. and Vietnam markets. He is also a CFA level 3 candidate. His articles are listed here.


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