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Apple Inc (AAPL) Dividend Data

Continuous dividend increase since 2012

Yield on Cost

Growth Rate (1-year) Yield on Cost (1-year) Growth Rate (3-year) Yield on Cost (3-year) Growth Rate (5-year) Yield on Cost (5-year) Growth Rate (10-year) Yield on Cost (10-year)
9.40% 1.64% 0.00% 1.5% 0.00% 1.50% 0.00% 1.5%

Total Return Calculator

Initial Investment Date:
The date of your purchase
Cost per Share:
The original cost per share.
The default value is the close price
Current Price: $ 128.46
Total Dividends Received:
Total dividends received
from the date of purchase to today.
Total Return:
Total percentage gain (loss) from
Compound Annualized
Growth Rate (CAGR):
Compound annaulized gain (loss) of the stock.

Dividend Growth Rate

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
9.40% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
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Dividend History

Amount Ex-date Record Date Pay Date Type Frequency
0.4702015-02-052015-02-092015-02-12Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4702014-11-062014-11-102014-11-13Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4702014-08-072014-08-112014-08-14Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4702014-05-082014-05-122014-05-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4362014-02-062014-02-102014-02-13Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4362013-11-062013-11-112013-11-14Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4362013-08-082013-08-122013-08-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.4362013-05-092013-05-132013-05-16Cash Dividendquarterly
0.3792013-02-072013-02-112013-02-14Cash Dividendquarterly
0.3792012-11-072012-11-122012-11-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.3792012-08-092012-08-132012-08-16Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041995-11-211995-11-241995-12-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041995-08-161995-08-181995-09-08Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041995-05-261995-06-021995-06-23Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041995-02-131995-02-171995-03-10Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041994-11-181994-11-251994-12-16Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041994-08-151994-08-191994-09-09Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041994-05-271994-06-031994-06-24Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041994-02-071994-02-111994-03-04Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041993-11-191993-11-261993-12-17Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041993-08-161993-08-201993-09-10Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041993-05-281993-06-041993-06-25Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041993-02-121993-02-191993-03-12Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041992-11-301992-12-041992-12-18Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041992-08-171992-08-211992-09-11Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041992-06-011992-06-051992-06-19Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041992-02-141992-02-211992-03-13Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041991-11-181991-11-221991-12-13Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041991-08-191991-08-231991-09-13Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041991-05-201991-05-241991-06-14Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041991-02-151991-02-221991-03-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041990-11-161990-11-231990-12-14Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041990-08-201990-08-241990-09-14Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041990-05-211990-05-251990-06-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041990-02-161990-02-231990-03-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041989-11-171989-11-241989-12-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041989-08-211989-08-251989-09-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041989-05-221989-05-261989-06-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041989-02-171989-02-251989-03-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0041988-11-211988-11-281988-12-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0031988-08-151988-08-191988-09-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0031988-05-161988-05-201988-06-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0031988-02-121988-02-191988-03-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0031987-11-171987-11-231987-12-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0021987-08-101987-08-141987-09-15Cash Dividendquarterly
0.0021987-05-111987-05-151987-06-15Cash Dividendquarterly

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Apple Inc stock dividend yield is close to 2-year low.

Dividend Yield History

This is the historical dividend yield of Apple Inc. Buying stocks at higher yield relative its historical values is usually more profitable.

Dividend Per Share History

This the dividend history of Apple Inc

Payout Ratio

This is the historical payout ratio of Apple Inc. If payout ratio is close to or higher than 100%, dividends might not be sustainable.

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User Comments

ReplyJohnlau0077@google - 2 weeks ago
I would like to ask what are the rest of the % ownership is meant?? 63% for institutions and 0.02 % for insiders. What are the rest owned by? the public individuals??
ReplyBlitztunder - 1 month ago
what a robust growth!
ReplyGurufocus - 6 months ago
Click on "SEC Reports" link to go to the reports.
ReplySrichardson - 6 months ago
Are you able to add a click-through on the data points to the relevant SEC filing?
ReplySrichardson - 6 months ago
thank you.
ReplyGurufocus - 6 months ago
@srichardson, Apple has an item called "Other Long Assets" which holds the additional cash in foreign accounts.
ReplySrichardson - 6 months ago
Looking at teh 10Y section, it says AAPL has $37b in cash and cash equiv. According to Bloomberg it has $146b. Am I missing something?
ReplyTdimo - 1 year ago
Soros bought AAPL Aug 2013 at $460. He belives that price will go up.
ReplyTdimo - 1 year ago
ReplyPriyenka1 - 1 year ago
Should I still buy Apple and Microsoft at current price.Need a good advice.
ReplyTanjensung - 1 year ago
Dear gurufocus support, there seems to be an issue with the interactive chart data. The ROC metric simply reflects price, while there are a series of empty spaces in the valuation and quality section.
ReplyMashooriyan@google - 1 year ago

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