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Wells Fargo & Co (WFC) Dividend Data

Continuous dividend increase since 2010

Yield on Cost

Growth Rate (1-year) Yield on Cost (1-year) Growth Rate (3-year) Yield on Cost (3-year) Growth Rate (5-year) Yield on Cost (5-year) Growth Rate (10-year) Yield on Cost (10-year)
11.50% 3.6% 48.80% 10.64% 36.80% 15.48% -2.30% 2.56%

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Current Price: $ 46.45
Total Dividends Received:
Total dividends received
from the date of purchase to today.
Total Return:
Total percentage gain (loss) from
Compound Annualized
Growth Rate (CAGR):
Compound annaulized gain (loss) of the stock.

Dividend Growth Rate

1 Year 3 Year 5 Year 10 Year
11.50% 48.80% 36.80% -2.30%
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Dividend History

Amount Ex-Date Record Date Pay Date Type Frequency
$ 0.3752016-02-032016-02-052016-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3752015-11-042015-11-062015-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3752015-08-052015-08-072015-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3752015-05-062015-05-082015-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3502015-02-042015-02-062015-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3502014-11-052014-11-072014-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3502014-08-062014-08-082014-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3502014-05-072014-05-092014-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3002014-02-052014-02-072014-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3002013-11-062013-11-082013-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3002013-08-072013-08-092013-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3002013-05-082013-05-102013-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2502013-01-302013-02-012013-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2202012-11-072012-11-092012-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2202012-08-082012-08-102012-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2202012-05-022012-05-042012-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1002012-03-222012-03-262012-03-30Special Div.0
$ 0.1202012-02-012012-02-032012-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1202011-11-022011-11-042011-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1202011-08-032011-08-052011-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1202011-05-042011-05-062011-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0702011-03-242011-03-282011-03-31Special Div.0
$ 0.0502011-02-022011-02-042011-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502010-11-032010-11-052010-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502010-08-042010-08-062010-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502010-05-052010-05-072010-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502010-02-032010-02-052010-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502009-11-042009-11-062009-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502009-08-052009-08-072009-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0502009-05-062009-05-082009-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3402009-02-042009-02-062009-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3402008-11-052008-11-072008-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3402008-08-062008-08-082008-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3102008-05-072008-05-092008-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3102008-02-062008-02-082008-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3102007-11-072007-11-092007-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.3102007-08-082007-08-102007-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802007-05-022007-05-042007-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802007-01-312007-02-022007-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802006-11-012006-11-032006-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2802006-08-022006-08-042006-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2602006-05-032006-05-052006-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2602006-02-012006-02-032006-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2602005-11-022005-11-042005-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2602005-08-032005-08-052005-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2402005-05-042005-05-062005-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2402005-02-022005-02-042005-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2402004-11-032004-11-052004-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2402004-08-042004-08-062004-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2252004-05-052004-05-072004-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2252004-02-042004-02-062004-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2252003-11-052003-11-072003-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.2252003-08-062003-08-082003-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1502003-05-072003-05-092003-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1502003-02-052003-02-072003-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402002-11-062002-11-082002-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402002-08-072002-08-092002-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1402002-05-082002-05-102002-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1302002-01-302002-02-012002-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1302001-11-072001-11-092001-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1302001-08-082001-08-102001-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1202001-05-022001-05-042001-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1202001-01-312001-02-022001-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1202000-11-012000-11-032000-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-08-022000-08-042000-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-05-032000-05-052000-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1102000-02-022000-02-042000-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001999-11-031999-11-051999-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001999-08-041999-08-061999-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.1001999-05-051999-05-071999-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0931999-02-031999-02-051999-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0931998-10-281998-10-301998-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0931998-08-051998-08-071998-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831998-05-061998-05-081998-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831998-02-041998-02-061998-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0831997-11-051997-11-071997-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0751997-08-061997-08-081997-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0751997-05-071997-05-091997-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0751997-02-051997-02-071997-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0681996-11-061996-11-081996-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0681996-08-071996-08-091996-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0681996-05-081996-05-101996-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601996-01-311996-02-021996-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601995-11-011995-11-031995-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0601995-08-021995-08-041995-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0531995-05-011995-05-051995-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0531995-01-301995-02-031995-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0531994-10-311994-11-041994-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0461994-08-011994-08-051994-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0461994-05-021994-05-061994-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0461994-01-311994-02-041994-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0411993-11-011993-11-051993-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0411993-08-021993-08-061993-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0411993-05-031993-05-071993-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0361993-02-011993-02-051993-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0361992-11-021992-11-061992-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0361992-08-031992-08-071992-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0311992-05-041992-05-081992-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0311992-02-031992-02-071992-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0311991-11-041991-11-081991-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0291991-08-051991-08-091991-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0291991-05-061991-05-101991-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0291991-01-281991-02-011991-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0291990-11-051990-11-091990-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0261990-08-061990-08-101990-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0261990-04-301990-05-041990-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0261990-01-291990-02-021990-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0261989-10-301989-11-031989-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0231989-07-311989-08-041989-09-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0231989-05-011989-05-051989-06-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0231989-01-301989-02-031989-03-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0211988-10-311988-11-041988-12-01Cash Div.quarterly
$ 0.0211988-08-011988-08-051988-09-01Cash Div.quarterly

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Wells Fargo & Co stock dividend yield is close to 5-year high.

Dividend Yield History

This is the historical trailing annual dividend yield of Wells Fargo & Co. Buying stocks at higher yield relative its historical values is usually more profitable.

Dividend Per Share History

This the dividend history of Wells Fargo & Co

Payout Ratio

This is the historical payout ratio of Wells Fargo & Co. If payout ratio is close to or higher than 100%, dividends might not be sustainable.

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User Comments

ReplyUVInvestors - 1 year ago
depends on how you calc FCF. if you add-in changes in working capital,i.e using operating cash flow - capex, then FCF will be higher than net income if there were positive changes in working cap. also, if the company has a lot of goodwill (and thus goodwill amortization), FCF will be higher than net income. i would avoid companies with a lot of goodwill as they have done acquisitions and aren't growing organically (possible flawed biz model) and there is a risk they overpaid for an acquisition and will have to write down goodwill and eps will be hit as a result.
ReplyLibertadpp - 1 year ago
How can Free Cash Flow be always bigger than net income?, because of high ROIC?
Steve Pomeranz
ReplySteve Pomeranz - 1 year ago
It would be nice if we could make adjustments to the dividend growth rate using the 3 year in addition to the 5 year, WFC is a good example because due to the crash, the 5 year is not a true picture of future dividend growth. Using only the 5 year growth rate for WFC, renders the yield on cost number to be of no use.

Otherwise this page is fantastic and a great tool. Thanks.

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