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GuruFocus Financial Strength Rank measures how strong a company’s financial situation is. It is based on these factors

1. The debt burden that the company has as measured by its Interest coverage (current year).
2. Debt to revenue ratio. The lower, the better
3. Altman Z-score.

A company ranks high with financial strength is likely to withstand any business slowdowns and recessions.

Financial Strength : 5/10

Cash to Debt 0.25
LEAP's Cash to Debt is ranked higher than
70% of the 824 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 0.37 vs. LEAP: 0.25 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Cash to Debt Range
Min: 0.08   Max: No Debt
Current: 0.25

Equity to Asset -0.04
LEAP's Equity to Asset is ranked higher than
58% of the 829 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 0.40 vs. LEAP: -0.04 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Equity to Asset Range
Min: -0.66   Max: 0.85
Current: -0.04

F-Score: 2
Z-Score: -0.39
M-Score: -3.19
GuruFocus Profitability Rank ranks how profitable a company is and how likely the company’s business will stay that way. It is based on these factors:

1. Operating Margin
2. Trend of the Operating Margin (5-year average). The company with an uptrend profit margin has a higher rank.
••3. Consistency of the profitability
4. Piotroski F-Score
5. Predictability Rank•

The maximum rank is 10. A rank of 7 or higher means a higher profitability and may stay that way. A rank of 3 or lower indicates that the company has had trouble to make a profit.

Profitability Rank is not directly related to the Financial Strength Rank. But if a company is consistently profitable, its financial strength will be stronger.

Profitability & Growth : 4/10

Revenue Growth (%) 1.40
LEAP's Revenue Growth (%) is ranked higher than
77% of the 732 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 3.90 vs. LEAP: 1.40 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Revenue Growth (%) Range
Min: 0   Max: 298
Current: 1.4

EPS Growth (%) -10.60
LEAP's EPS Growth (%) is ranked higher than
74% of the 620 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 2.30 vs. LEAP: -10.60 )
LEAP' s 10-Year EPS Growth (%) Range
Min: -65.7   Max: 116.6
Current: -10.6

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Revenue & Net Income
Cash & Debt
Oprt. Cash Flow & Free Cash Flow

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Guru Trades

Q2 2013

LEAP Guru Trades in Q2 2013

Joel Greenblatt 329,130 sh (+105.51%)
John Paulson 7,800,000 sh (unchged)
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Q3 2013

LEAP Guru Trades in Q3 2013

Jeremy Grantham 1,173,774 sh (New)
Jim Simons 1,168,100 sh (New)
Mario Gabelli 1,350,100 sh (New)
Louis Moore Bacon 195,000 sh (New)
Louis Moore Bacon 300,000 sh (unchged)
Richard Perry 10,000 sh (unchged)
Joel Greenblatt 252,970 sh (-23.14%)
John Paulson 2,200,000 sh (-71.79%)
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Q4 2013

LEAP Guru Trades in Q4 2013

Paul Tudor Jones 48,518 sh (New)
Jim Simons 1,271,137 sh (+8.82%)
Joel Greenblatt 256,638 sh (+1.45%)
Mario Gabelli 1,359,800 sh (+0.72%)
Richard Perry 7,500 sh (unchged)
John Paulson Sold Out
Louis Moore Bacon Sold Out
Jeremy Grantham Sold Out
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Q1 2014

LEAP Guru Trades in Q1 2014

Mario Gabelli Sold Out
Paul Tudor Jones Sold Out
Jim Simons Sold Out
Joel Greenblatt Sold Out
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Insider Trades

Latest Guru Trades with LEAP

(List those with share number changes of more than 20%, or impact to portfolio more than 0.1%)

GuruDate Trades Impact to Portfolio Price Range * (?) Current Price Change from Average Current Shares
Mario Gabelli 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.13%$17.33 - $17.66 $ 17.520%0
Joel Greenblatt 2014-03-31 Sold Out 0.11%$17.33 - $17.66 $ 17.520%0
John Paulson 2013-12-31 Sold Out 0.22%$15.67 - $17.44 $ 17.527%0
John Paulson 2013-09-30 Reduce -71.79%0.27%$6.69 - $17.39 $ 17.5217%2200000
Mario Gabelli 2013-09-30 New Buy0.13%$6.69 - $17.39 $ 17.5217%1350100
Joel Greenblatt 2013-09-30 Reduce -23.14%0.02%$6.69 - $17.39 $ 17.5217%252970
Joel Greenblatt 2013-06-30 Add 105.51%0.05%$5.38 - $6.73 $ 17.52199%329130
Joel Greenblatt 2013-03-31 New Buy0.05%$5.22 - $7.05 $ 17.52197%160154
John Paulson 2012-09-30 New Buy0.39%$4.42 - $6.96 $ 17.52195%7011400
George Soros 2011-12-31 Sold Out 0.0016%$5.83 - $9.44 $ 17.52129%0
Jean-Marie Eveillard 2011-09-30 Sold Out 0.0381%$6.27 - $16.51 $ 17.5268%0
George Soros 2011-09-30 New Buy$6.27 - $16.51 $ 17.5268%13600
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P/S 0.47
LEAP's P/S is ranked higher than
93% of the 900 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 1.60 vs. LEAP: 0.47 )
LEAP' s 10-Year P/S Range
Min: 0.12   Max: 4.5
Current: 0.47

EV-to-EBIT -18.28
LEAP's EV-to-EBIT is ranked higher than
60% of the 900 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 17.56 vs. LEAP: -18.28 )
LEAP' s 10-Year EV-to-EBIT Range
Min: 19.4   Max: 1324.2
Current: -18.28

Current Ratio 1.41
LEAP's Current Ratio is ranked higher than
80% of the 626 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 1.05 vs. LEAP: 1.41 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Current Ratio Range
Min: 0.11   Max: 12.45
Current: 1.41

Quick Ratio 1.33
LEAP's Quick Ratio is ranked higher than
81% of the 626 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 0.97 vs. LEAP: 1.33 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Quick Ratio Range
Min: 0.1   Max: 12.35
Current: 1.33


Valuation & Return

Price/Median PS Value 0.56
LEAP's Price/Median PS Value is ranked higher than
97% of the 900 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 1.13 vs. LEAP: 0.56 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Price/Median PS Value Range
Min: 0.18   Max: 4.72
Current: 0.56

Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) 2.60
LEAP's Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) is ranked higher than
58% of the 770 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 6.80 vs. LEAP: 2.60 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Earnings Yield (Greenblatt) Range
Min: 0.1   Max: 5.1
Current: 2.6

Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) -18.56
LEAP's Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) is ranked higher than
63% of the 694 Companies
in the Global Telecom Services industry.

( Industry Median: 8.10 vs. LEAP: -18.56 )
LEAP' s 10-Year Forward Rate of Return (Yacktman) Range
Min: -140.4   Max: 29.3
Current: -18.56


Business Description

Industry: Communication Services » Telecom Services
Compare:CHU, VOD, T, VZ, AMOV » details
Traded in other countries:LWI.Germany
Leap Wireless International, Inc., was formed as a Delaware corporation in 1998. The Company is a wireless communications carrier that offers digital wireless services in the U.S. under the 'Cricket' brand. Its Cricket service offerings provide customers with unlimited nationwide wireless services for a flat rate without requiring a fixed-term contract or a credit check. Cricket service is offered by Cricket, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Leap. As of December 31, 2012, Cricket service was offered in 48 states and the District of Columbia across an extended area covering approximately 292 million POPs. As of December 31, 2012, it had approximately 5.3 million customers, and it owned wireless licenses covering an aggregate of approximately 136.7 million POPs (adjusted to eliminate duplication from overlapping licenses). The combined network footprint in its operating markets covered approximately96.2 million POPs as of December 31, 2012. The licenses it own provide an average of 23 MHz of coverage in its operating markets. The Company has entered into roaming relationships with other wireless carriers that enable it to offer Cricket customers nationwide voice and data roaming services over an extended service area. It recently entered into an agreement with a national carrier for 4G LTE roaming services. In addition, it has also entered into a wholesale agreement, which it use to offer Cricket services in nationwide retailers outside of its current network footprint, and it recently amended that agreement to enable its customers to receive 4G LTE services. The service plans it currently offers are 'all-inclusive,' with telecommunication taxes and certain fees included within the service plan price. The Company competes with national facilities-based wireless providers and their prepaid affiliates or brands, local and regional carriers, non-facilities-based mobile virtual network operators, or MVNOs, voice-over-internet-protocol service providers and traditional landline service providers, including cable companies. Leap is a U.S. registered trademark and the Leap logo is a trademark of Leap. The Company's operations are subject to various other laws and regulations, including those regulations promulgated by the Federal Trade Commission, the Federal Aviation Administration, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, other federal agencies and state and local regulatory agencies and legislative bodies.
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