Andreas Halvorsen
Andreas Halvorsen
Viking Global Investors LP
Last update 2022-11-25 87 Stocks (20 new)
Value $21.57 Bil Turnover 26 %
Portfolio Report

Andreas Halvorsen Profile

Andreas Halvorsen is a founding partner of Viking Global Investors LP and currently serves as its CIO. Viking was formed in 1999 and is based in Greenwich, Connecticut. Viking manages two hedge funds invested in equities worldwide. Prior to founding Viking, Halvorsen was a senior managing director and the director of equities at Tiger Management LLC. He also worked as an investment banker in the corporate finance and merger departments of Morgan Stanley. Prior to moving to the United States, Halvorsen graduated from the Norwegian Naval Academy and served as a platoon commander on the Norwegian SEAL Team. Halvorsen received his MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1990 and graduated from Williams College in 1986.

Andreas Halvorsen Investing Philosophy

Since its inception, Viking has employed a research intensive, long-term focused investment approach. It uses fundamental analysis to select investments, primarily public and private equity interests, across industries and geographies. Viking generally invests in companies based on a thorough assessment of their business models and fundamentals, the quality of their management teams and cyclical and secular industry trends.
Its organizational structure decentralizes investment research, analysis and decision-making and centralizes risk management. This approach enables Viking to capitalize on a broad range of ideas and expertise while ensuring that risks are reviewed and managed comprehensively and with clear accountability.
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