High Yield Dividend Stocks

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These are the high yield dividend stocks among gurus' portfolio. These stocks have high guru ownership and yield at least 4% in dividends. The stocks are selected from your Personalized List of Gurus if you are Premium Member ..
Current Price
% Above 52-Week Low
% Below 52-Week High
# of Guru Buys
# of Guru Sells
PE Ratio
Dividend Yield %
The dividend yield is the ratio of a company's annual dividend compared to its share price. More
Market Cap ($M)
Market cap is the total market value to buy the whole company. It is equal to the share price times the number of Shares Outstanding (EOP). More
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High Yield Dividend The dividend yield is computed as the total dividends divided by the price. The “Stocks in Guru’s Portfolio” column displays the stocks with the highest dividend yield among the broadest-owned stocks while the “Stocks among Predictable Companies” displays the stocks with the highest dividend yield among the stocks with high revenue and earnings predictability.

Investopedia warns that while high dividend-yields might be attractive, the high dividend-yields might “come at a cost of growth potential.” Nonetheless, stocks with high dividend yields can allow for compounding: investors can reinvest the dividends back into the stock, compounding the ability to earn more dividends in the future.