Gurus' International Picks

Stock Buys by Country / Region: (Numbers are for the most recent portfolio of each guru)
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Latin America
Argentina (1) Brazil (7) Chile (2) Mexico (4) Panama (2)
Australia (1)
Belgium (2) Switzerland (10) Germany (3) Spain (2) Finland (3) France (10) Greece (2) Italy (1) Luxembourg (6) Russia (1) Sweden (2) Turkey (1) Norway (2) Netherlands (9) Denmark (3)
Canada (22)
China (11) Hongkong (7) Indonesia (1) Israel (6) Japan (6) Korea (3) Singapore (3) Thailand (1) Taiwan (4) United Arab Emirates (1)
UK (18)
India (2)
South Africa (4)

International Picks
This section tells you what International Stocks Gurus are buying and selling. You can zoom in to the picks in individual countries. Remember, you need a higher margin of safety for International Stocks.

International Buys

Picked by Ticker Company Trade Date Buy/Sell Impact % Price Current Price Change % Comment Current Shares
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund Take a 7-Day Free Trial 2019-09-30Add+0.32%$162.97$181.60+58.06%Add 58.06%980,000
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 2019-09-30Add+0.14%$22.49$23.70+128.01%Add 128.01%2,180,000
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 2019-09-30Add+0.26%$51.88$54.30+12.52%Add 12.52%8,607,989
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.01%$19.09$21.93+4.92%Add 4.92%12,752,587
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy+0.03%$34.76$37.19New HoldingNew holding719,008
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$23.51$26.72+8.95%Add 8.95%19,703
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.35%$171.94$182.48+16.53%Add 16.53%13,465,815
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$76.79$79.24+27.58%Add 27.58%31,893
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy0%$0.13$0.10New HoldingNew holding11,000
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy0%$0.71$0.63New HoldingNew holding21,550
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.02%$94.88$79.28+2.61%Add 2.61%7,041,510
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy0%$0.27$0.32New HoldingNew holding12,000
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.02%$43.36$47.82+2.25%Add 2.25%16,261,961
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.01%$16.90$19.23+3.77%Add 3.77%15,721,515
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.01%$45.67$42.99+5.56%Add 5.56%5,678,451
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.09%$38.45$39.21+29.47%Add 29.47%9,071,080
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.12%$23.45$27.54+28.92%Add 28.92%20,441,153
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.08%$8.81$7.96+22.04%Add 22.04%50,585,477
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.12%$5.13$5.23+63.75%Add 63.75%51,968,505
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.11%$4.15$3.90+30.06%Add 30.06%110,728,157
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$29.35$29.91+13.72%Add 13.72%19,772
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.01%$52.40$49.71+2.31%Add 2.31%7,332,115
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$36.57$37.15+4.91%Add 4.91%12,107
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy0%$77.99$79.79New HoldingNew holding2,623
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$6.46$10.30+33.13%Add 33.13%70,771
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$62$57.05+4.09%Add 4.09%28,441
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.01%$8$7.25+5.59%Add 5.59%20,628,875
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.05%$5.90$6.82+53.40%Add 53.4%20,822,226
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy0%$14.56$14.91New HoldingNew holding113,552
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$32.86$37.38+11.01%Add 11.01%339,551
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30New Buy0%$0.08$0.06New HoldingNew holding10,000
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$52.44$66.54+13.60%Add 13.6%22,399
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$18.40$19.19+2.66%Add 2.66%2,233,437
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$69.84$75.98+0.30%Add 0.3%689,707
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.01%$17.73$19.35+3.76%Add 3.76%14,009,355
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$72.89$77.79+4.75%Add 4.75%88,667
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add+0.07%$41.16$44.66+10.19%Add 10.19%15,267,588
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$26.65$25.34+9.67%Add 9.67%12,088
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$72.33$76.69+2.97%Add 2.97%1,242,653
Ken Fisher 2019-09-30Add0%$32.05$30.76+9.11%Add 9.11%12,600
Total 376
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