Gurus' International Picks

Stock Buys by Country / Region: (Numbers are for the most recent portfolio of each guru)
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Latin America
Argentina (4) Brazil (10) Chile (2) Columbia (1) Mexico (2) Panama (1)
Switzerland (13) Germany (1) Denmark (2) Spain (1) Finland (3) France (6) Greece (4) Hungary (1) Italy (1) Luxembourg (6) Netherlands (9) Sweden (1) Norway (1) Belgium (2)
Canada (24)
China (12) Hongkong (6) Israel (6) Japan (4) Korea (3) Philippines (1) Singapore (2) Taiwan (3)
UK (20)
India (4)
South Africa (2)

International Picks
This section tells you what International Stocks Gurus are buying and selling. You can zoom in to the picks in individual countries. Remember, you need a higher margin of safety for International Stocks.

International Buys

Picked by Ticker Company Trade Date Buy/Sell Impact % Price Current Price Change % Comment Current Shares
Yacktman Fund Take a 7-Day Free Trial 2019-12-31New Buy+2.54%$3.29$20.90New HoldingNew holding5,443,908
Yacktman Focused Fund 2019-12-31New Buy+2.58%$3.29$20.90New HoldingNew holding2,421,823
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.13%$152.93$145.03+7.07%Add 7.07%2,575,000
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.01%$23.35$24.01+5.05%Add 5.05%2,290,000
T Rowe Price Equity Income Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.09%$52.92$43.14+3.62%Add 3.62%8,920,000
Kahn Brothers 2019-12-31Add+0.12%$5.51$5.17+2.71%Add 2.71%5,814,135
Vanguard Health Care Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.01%$109.86$100.67+0.21%Add 0.21%11,511,884
Vanguard Health Care Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.01%$19.94$20.84+2.08%Add 2.08%13,352,397
Vanguard Health Care Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.18%$135.82$141.38+57.40%Add 57.4%1,418,173
Vanguard Health Care Fund 2019-12-31Add+0.30%$35.32$35.90+196.68%Add 196.68%6,100,700
Vanguard Health Care Fund 2019-12-31New Buy+0.18%$111.70$130.38New HoldingNew holding603,093
Yacktman Asset Management 2019-12-31Add0%$59$52.76+0.82%Add 0.82%259,197
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.02%$65.36$56.26+23.68%Add 23.68%345,612
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.27%$60.37$56.12+22.22%Add 22.22%5,383,049
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.03%$114.18$119.98+7.05%Add 7.05%877,651
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.02%$7.47$6.32+12.83%Add 12.83%5,305,645
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.13%$9.08$7.37+14.74%Add 14.74%21,901,545
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$6.61$5.34+43.16%Add 43.16%228,423
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$152.93$145.03+1.65%Add 1.65%5,561
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$48.46$37.62+6.83%Add 6.83%49,424
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.03%$264.11$247.88+28.27%Add 28.27%116,954
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.09%$11.49$11.11+16.05%Add 16.05%10,950,615
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.05%$40.03$38.46+34.16%Add 34.16%1,008,947
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.67%$29.18$24.22+132.73%Add 132.73%8,489,008
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$0$0+33.78%Add 33.78%654,468
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.03%$13.63$13.87+16.32%Add 16.32%3,183,352
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$38.38$32.27+35.85%Add 35.85%53,582
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$13.82$12.52+28.37%Add 28.37%302,250
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.03%$65.97$73.50+7.42%Add 7.42%1,085,704
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.13%$18.63$17.19+7.08%Add 7.08%20,781,717
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$0$0+1.08%Add 1.08%56,060
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$189.51$170.40+1.70%Add 1.7%4,431
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add0%$19.15$12.35+16.37%Add 16.37%149,694
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31New Buy+0.02%$17.82$14.70New HoldingNew holding167,706
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.04%$53.22$53.84+23.06%Add 23.06%719,647
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.34%$20.79$14.84+44.31%Add 44.31%11,223,056
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.03%$17.14$14.99+16.12%Add 16.12%2,234,374
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.04%$11.92$11+8.75%Add 8.75%7,645,713
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31New Buy+0.13%$4.89$3.69New HoldingNew holding4,264,044
Richard Pzena 2019-12-31Add+0.02%$191.93$189.25+5.28%Add 5.28%437,541
Total 339
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