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Julian Robertson
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Julian Robertson is considered the father of hedge fund. He launched his firm Tiger Management in 1980 with $8 million, and turned it into over $22 billion in the late 1990s. Robertson had the best hedge fund record throughout the 1980s and 1990s. It is reported that the compound rate of return to his investors was 32%. During his active years, he was considered to be the "Wizard of Wall Street." His hedge fund, Tiger Management, became the world's largest fund, which peaked at over $23 billion invested. He lost 4% in 1998 and 19% in 1999 as rival investors were riding the dot-com bubble to spectacular returns. He shut down his fund. Today Tiger Management only manages fund from internal investment, mainly Mr. Robertson's own money. Besides his investment record, Mr. Robertson also mentored a group of young hedge fund managers, known as the "Tiger Cubs." A number of them became extremely successful hedge fund managers in their own right, including John Griffin of Blue Ridge Capital, Lee Ainslie of Maverick Capital, Andreas Halvorsen of Viking Global, and Steve Mandel of Lone Pine Capital. They are also included in our List of Gurus.

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Mr. Robertson invests with long-short strategies. These are some of his quotes: "Our mandate is to find the 200 best companies in the world and invest in them, and find the 200 worst companies in the world and go short on them. If the 200 best don't do better than the 200 worst, you should probably be in another business." "When Robertson is convinced that he is right," a former Tiger executive notes, "Julian bets the farm." "Hear a [stock] story, analyze and buy aggressively if it feels right."
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