Carl Icahn

Carl Icahn

Icahn Capital Management LP
Last update 2018-12-03 20 Stocks (0 new)
Value $25.22 Bil Turnover 5 %
Top Holdings: IEP(47.9%) CVI(11.36%) CYM:HLF(7.62%) LNG(6.44%) DVMT(3.39%)
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Carl Icahn Profile

Carl Icahn is an activist investor. He takes minority stakes in public companies and typically pushes for change. He invests with three investment vehicles: the 7 billion hedge fund, Icahn Partners, American Real Estate Partners (AREP), a public traded private equity firm, and ICAHN MANAGEMENT LP, a $2 billion hedge fund. GuruFocus tracks the third portfolio, which covers all the stocks owned by Icahn Partners. Mr. Icahn has a personal wealth of $17 billion.

Carl Icahn Investing Philosophy

Mr. Icahn buys beaten-down assets that nobody else wants, usually out of bankruptcy, then fixes them up and sells them when they are back in favor. Regarding to his style, explains Icahn: The consensus thinking is generally wrong. If you go with a trend, the momentum always falls apart on you. So I buy companies that are not glamorous and usually out of favor. It is even better if the whole industry is out of favor.

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