Chuck Royce

Chuck Royce

Royce Investment Partners
Last update 2024-05-13 873 Stocks (84 new)
Value $11.20 Bil Turnover 7 %
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Chuck Royce Profile

Charles M. Royce is known as one of the pioneers of small-cap investing. He has been the portfolio manager for Royce Pennsylvania Mutual Fund since 1972. Royce holds a bachelor's degree from Brown University and a Master of Business Administration from Columbia University.

Chuck Royce Investing Philosophy

The firm invests in smaller companies, primarily those with market capitalizations up to $5 billion, although some of its Funds may invest in companies with market capitalizations up to $10 billion. The value approaches that portfolio managers use share one significant trait: They are looking for terrific stocks trading for less than the estimate of the company's worth as a business - its enterprise value. "Essentially, we are interested in three things—a strong balance sheet, a record of success as a business, and the potential for a profitable future." - Charles M. Royce
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