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Citadel Advisors was founded in 1990 when Frank Meyer, a hedge fund pioneer at Glenwood Partners, backed Kenneth Griffin to be able to create the company. The company started out with $4.6 million in capital, growing to have over $1 billion in total assets under management by 1998. Citadel would then grow organically, establishing different subsidiaries as it expanded its line of products and services including Citadel Securities in 2004 and CES Retail Services in 2005. During the financial crisis of 2008, Citadel would close its Asian principal investment operations, cutting down its offices to its branch in Hong Kong. Citadel Advisors is one of the several subsidiaries created out of this process. It is the largest within the Citadel group of companies with a market value of over $100 billion. The company has almost doubled its market value from just two years back, growing from its lowest point of $58 trillion to approximately $104 trillion today. The company currently employs almost 1000 employees and has total assets of approximately $176 billion. There are currently 23 accounts under Citadel Advisor’s management, averaging an estimated $7.5 billion each. All of these accounts are comprised of pooled investment vehicles, and the company invests in a variety of public equity, fixed income, and alternative markets on a global scale. To make its investments, Citadel Advisors utilizes a variegated set of strategies that include event driven, credit arbitrage, and structured credit approaches through a combination of quantitative and fundamental analysis. The company has currently focused its funds in the finance sector, with consumer discretionary, information technology, health care, energy, and transport sectors, among others, making up its other allocations, in order of decreasing amount. The current owner ship in the company is spread between Citadel LLC and two other subsidiaries under the Citadel umbrella: the Citadel Investment Group (Europe) Limited and Citadel Advisors Holdings companies.
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