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Cubist Systematic Strategies, LLC
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Cubist Systematic Strategies, LLC is an investment management firm based out of Stamford, Connecticut. The company was originally established in 2014 as the quantitative strategies trading portfolio of Point72 Asset Management. Cubist Systematic Strategies was named as such because of CEO Stephen A. Cohen’s interest in cubist art. Point72 Asset Management, which serves as the parent company and manager of Cubist Systematic Strategies, was previously known as SAC Capital Advisors but decided to change its name to distance itself from securities fraud charges back in 2014. Cubist Systematic Strategies conducts its research internally and utilizing a quantitative methodology to make its investment decisions. The company utilizes “systemized, highly automated trading strategies” that the firm manages with several different time horizons. Cubist Systematic Strategies operates with a multi managed platform, allowing its to have a multi asset class focus in its investments. The company invests most heavily in the information technology and consumer discretionary sectors, each of which make up approximately a fifth of its total asset allocations, and also invests in the health care, finance, industrials, and energy sectors, among other sectors to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing allocation. Cubist Systematic Strategies holds its allocations for 4.4 quarters on average, although the firm only holds its top 10 allocations, which make up under 10% of its total allocations, for 0.5 quarters on average. The company’s top holdings include Facebook Inc., Linkedin Corporation, eBay Inc., Walt Disney Co., and Edwards Lifesciences Corp. with its holdings being highly stratified and none of its holdings, other than its top holding in Facebook Inc., which makes up 1.2% of its total allocations, making up over 1% of its total holdings. In the most recent quarter, Cubist Systematic Strategies has had a turnover rate of approximately 47%. Cubist Systematic Strategies brings in an estimated $130 thousand in revenue.
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