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Donald Smith

Donald Smith & Co.
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Value $2.72 Bil Turnover 4 %
Top Holdings: IRL: AER(9.99%) FRA: AFLYY(9.46%) MU(8.99%) UNM(6.27%) CAN: KGC(5.85%)
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Donald Smith Profile

Donald G. Smith is the CIO of Donald Smith & Co. He began his career as an analyst with Capital Research Company and subsequently worked at Capital Guardian Trust Co. In 1980, Donald be-came the CIO of Home Insurance Company, and President of Home Port-folio Advisors, Inc., which he bought in 1983 and changed the name to Donald Smith & Co., Inc. In 2010, Donald Smith & Co. has $3.6 billion under management. Over 30 years since inception compounded annualized return has been 15.3%. Over the last 10 years our annualized return is 12.1% versus ?0.4% for the S&P 500. Mr. Smith was awarded a B.S. in Finance and Ac-counting by the University of Illinois, an MBA by Harvard University and a J.D. from UCLA Law School and was admitted to the Bar Association of California. He volunteered for Ben Graham in UCLA to conduct a study on low P/E strategy.

Donald Smith Investing Philosophy

Donald Smith is a deep-value manager employing a strict bottom-up approach. He invests in stocks of out-of-favor companies selling at discounts to tangible book value. He looks for companies in the bottom docile of price-to-tangible book ratios and a positive outlook for earnings potential over the next 2-4 years.

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