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The Evercore Trust Company can trace its history back to 1987 when the Special Fiduciary Services business was founded as a part of the U.S. Trust in order to “provide specialized fiduciary and related services to employee benefit plans. The U.S. Trust acted as an independent financial company and would soon become one of the leaders in providing employee benefit plans, especially for the plans that would entail ownership in a majority of employer stock. The U.S. Trust would then be purchased by the Charles Schwab Corporation in 2000, who would keep the company for a time before selling it off to the Bank of America in 2007. It was not until 2009 that the company would be sold again, this time to Evercore, who would establish the Evercore Trust Company once it had finished its acquisition of the U.S. Trust's Special Fiduciary Services business. Evercore Trust Company now acts as a subsidiary of the Evercore Wealth Management division of Evercore, acting as a national trust bank. The company’s operations remain largely unchanged and it continues to provide specialized trust services to a variety of clients including individuals, families, and institutions. Some of the Evercore Trust Company’s fiduciary services include specialized investment management, independent fiduciaries, investments in employer stock, trustee to employee benefit plans for its larger clients and personal fiduciary services including personal trustee, executor, custody, and wealth management services for its smaller clients. The company currently holds over $42 billion in total assets under management and invests in a variety of sectors including the capital goods sector and services sector, which combined make up over two thirds of the company’s asset allocations, and also the technology, financial, utilities, and transportation sectors, among others, in order of decreasing asset allocation amounts. Ciara Burnham, who led Evercore’s acquisition of the company back in 2009, acts as the current CEO of the company.
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