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FIL Limited, renamed as Fidelity Worldwide Investments in 2011, is an asset management company that was established in 1969 as an international investment division under Fidelity Investments, which was founded in 1946. The company began with an international outlook, already having an office established in Tokyo when it was founded. FIL Limited would then continue to expand on an international scale, opening its branch in London in 1973, Hong Kong in 1981, and Taipei in 1986 The company became fully independent in 1980 and is privately owned by its management and members of the original founding family. Fidelity Worldwide Investments, as its name suggests, focuses on providing services on an international scale. Today the company has physical locations in 24 countries including Australia, China, Dubai, India, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Tunisia, and much of Europe. Fidelity Worldwide Investments employs over 7000 people, including over 400 portfolio managers and research professionals that are located around the globe. It has won awards such as the Fund House of the Year, DC Provider of the Year, and Premier Group Award in its history and today is one of the “world’s largest providers of investment strategies across asset classes, and retirement solutions.” Fidelity Worldwide Investments has millions of retail clients, banks, financial, advisors, institutions, and corporations in its diverse client base, including over 450 institutions such as pension funds, life insurers, endowment funds, sovereign wealth funds, and family offices as well as 850 companies. The company sees markets as “semi-efficient,” focusing on an active bottom up investment approach built heavily on research as its investment philosophy. Fidelity Worldwide Investments actively covers “over 80 percent of the world’s market capitalization and global investment grade credit universe at any point in time,” all unified on a single platform that is shared company wide. Some of the company’s mutual funds include Growth & Income, Global Property, World Fund, Global Telecommunications, and a variety of funds focused on various countries.
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