George Soros

George Soros

Soros Fund Management LLC
Last update 2019-02-14 141 Stocks (36 new)
Value $2.78 Bil Turnover 21 %
Top Holdings: LBRDK(18.90%) VICI(14.12%) CZR(8.10%) AABA(5.33%) MDLZ(1.88%)
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George Soros Profile

George Soros is known for the unmatched success of his Quantum Fund. A hedge fund guru, he is recognized for having the best performance record of any investment fund in the world over its 26-year history. A mere $1000 invested in 1969 when Soros established the Quantum Fund would have been worth $4 million by the year 2000. During that time he achieved a cumulative 32% annual return.

George Soros Investing Philosophy

His basic theory of investing is that financial markets are chaotic. The prices of stocks, bonds and currencies depend on the human beings who buy and sell them, and those traders often act out of highly emotional reactions rather than coolly logical calculations. Opportunities can be found by carefully studying the value and the market prices of assets. He focuses on a theory of "reflexivity," which is based on the premise that individual investor biases affect market transactions and the economy.

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