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Harvest Fund Advisors is an investment management firm based out of Wayne, Pennsylvania. The company was established in 2005 and seeks to “capitalize on emergent opportunities in energy infrastructure master limited partnerships and U.S. energy markets.” Harvest Fund Advisors conducts its research internally, utilizing a fundamental analysis and bottom up investment approach. The company has a focused value approach that operates through active management, acting as a boutique investment advisory firm that caters exclusively to institutional investors. Harvest Fund Advisors is currently headed by David J. Martinelli, who acts as the Managing Partner for the firm, working closely with Eric Conklin, the Portfolio Manager, and John Simkiss, the Portfolio Strategist. The company currently has 17 employees, 10 of which are investment professionals, with the controlling majority of the ownership in the firm being held by David J. Martinelli and Eric M. Conklin, who each hold approximately a third of the total ownership, with the remaining ownership being held by John A. Simkiss, Anthongy J. Merhige, and David B. Thayer, in order of decreasing ownership. Harvest Fund Advisors invests almost exclusively in the energy sector, which alone makes up over 90% of its total asset allocations, and the firm also invests in the utilities and telecommunications, transports, and industrials sectors to a lesser degree, in order of decreasing asset allocation. The company currently holds $7.7 billion in total assets under management spread across over 1000 accounts, all of which are discretionary accounts. Both its total number of held accounts and assets under management have been increasing in recent years, with its total assets under management growing significantly from $365 million back in 2010 to well over 20 times that amount today. Harvest Fund Advisors mainly caters to high net worth individuals, which alone makes up over two thirds of its client base, and also caters to a variety of other clientele.
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