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HealthCor Management, L.P. is a hedge fund sponsor based out of New York City, New York. The company was originally established in 2005 by cofounders Joseph Patrick Healey and Arthur B. Cohen, both of whom are still with the company acting as its Co-CEOs. HealthCor Management describes itself as an “experienced value based investor that is dedicated to identifying global healthcare and life science equity securities that are mispriced.” The company began with the launch of its long short equity hedge fund strategy and would become registered with the SEC as an investment advisory in 2012. HealthCor Management conducts its research internally, utilizing a fundamental methodology to make its investment decisions. The company leverages its “specialized knowledge of key medical, scientific, regulatory and intellectual property data with a bottom-up approach to security selection.” The company focuses on financial analysis and invests in companies with “strong balance sheets, cash flow, top line organic growth and earnings revisions as well as management teams that seek to grow shareholder value,” at the same time taking into account “industry themes such as utilization, consolidation, and regulatory activity when investing and concentrates in high conviction names which demonstrate margin of safety attributes.” As such, HealthCor Management invests almost exclusively in the health care sector, which alone makes up over 95% of its total asset allocations, and also invests in the consumer staples sector to a lesser degree. The company holds its allocations an average of 1.5 quarters and holds its top 10 allocations, which makes up over half of its total asset allocations, an average of only 0.6 quarters on average. HealthCor Management manages over $3.1 billion in total assets under management spread across 11 total accounts. The company mainly caters to pooled investment vehicles, which makes up over three quarters of its client base.
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