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ING Groep NV, or ING Group, is a Dutch banking and financial services company that is currently headquartered in the Amsterdam. The company can trace its history back to 1845, although the current company itself was created out of the merger of two major insurance companies and the banking services of Netherlands. In 1845, the Assurantie Maatschappij tegen Brandschade de Nederlanden van 1845 was founded and became the first company to grow outside Netherlands. The company Nationale Levensverzekerings Bank was founded in 1863. Both of these two insurance companies would grow and make their own acquisitions before merging together to form the Nationale-Nederlanden in 1963. In 1881, the Dutch government would create Rijkspostspaarbank, a postal savings system. In 1927 the Dutch government would reorganize its banks and create the Nederlandsche Middenstands Bank (NMB) to handle retail banking both in the Netherlands and on the international scale. In 1986, the postal savings system was privatized as Postbank N.V., and, just three years later, the company would merge with the NMB to create the NMB Postbank Groep. In 1991, the banking business of NMB Postbank Groep and insurance business of Nationale-Nederlanden would merge together to form the current ING Groep. The company would restructure itself after the merger and soonafter focus on acquisitions to help fuel its growth and expansion, acquiring companies such as Parcom, Wellington, Barings, Furman Seiz, Bank Mendes Gans, Guardian, Canadian Group Under Writers, Seguros Commercial America, Allianc of Canada, and Rodamco Asia, among many others, all just within the decade between 1994 and 2004. The company currently acts as a subsidiary of Stichting ING Aandelen. ING Group has over 84,000 employees located around the world that take care of over $1.3 trillion in total assets under management. Some of the funds that the company offers include the Templeton Euroland, BlackRock Global Allocation, BlackRock Global World Healthscience, and AXA WF Global High Yield Bonds, among others.
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