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Jackson Square Partners is a private investment manager that was founded in 2013 and is based out of San Francisco. The company was formed out of a joint venture between Delaware Investments and the company’s San Francisco based Focus Growth team. Jackson Square Partners was officially established in early 2014 and is jointly owned by the Focus Growth team and Delaware Investments. The idea for the joint venture came out of a need for both groups to be able to work towards achieving their “long-term business objectives while continuing to deliver the high level of service clients expect,” marking a strategic evolution in the relationship between Delaware Investments and the Focus Growth team. The Focus Growth team was originally created in 2005 to address the core philosophy of “identifying and nurturing exceptional investment talent” and “combining that talent with a strong operating platform and our focus on putting client needs first.” Delaware Investments has decided that, although the Focus Growth team has grown significantly since its inception and produced good results for its managed assets, it is reaching its full capacity and now must restructure its business to cope with the new stage. Jackson Square Partners would serve as the structure for both groups to be able to funnel new expansions into and be able to provide new opportunities to its clients. When the company was formed, approximately $17 billion in institutional assets was moved to Jackson Square Partners with the intent that the company would sub-advise Delaware Investment’s mutual funds and other pooled vehicles as well as manage accounts currently held by the Focus Growth team. As of 2014, the newly formed Jackson Square Partners held over $24 billion in total assets under management and is expected to experience fast growth. Currently, the company focuses its investments in the services and technology sectors, which along makes up over half of its total assets.
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