Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity

Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity

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Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity
Last update 2023-10-25 41 Stocks (2 new)
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Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity's inception date is April 27, 1994. The investment objective of Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity is to provide superior long-term investment returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of Canadian common shares, convertible debentures and other equity related securities. Under normal circumstances, the Fund will keep its portfolio fully invested, to the greatest extent possible, in equity and equity related securities. Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity is managed by a team of investment professionals that are well recognized within the investment community for their depth of knowledge and experience.

Leith Wheeler Canadian Equity Investing Philosophy

The fund managers' approach to stock picking is based on fundamental research with a strong value bias. They evaluate value as if they are buying the whole business. The price of a company in the stock market does not always reflect its real value, and this discrepancy between price and value creates excellent investment opportunities.
As value investors, the Fund tends to include companies in the portfolio when they are out of favor with the market and have declined in price. Companies can become undervalued when there is a lack of investor awareness, when an entire industry is out of favor with investors, or when a company experiences a short-term difficulty which, following careful analysis, the fund managers believe can be overcome.
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