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Parametric Portfolio Associates is a private investment manager that was founded in 1987 although the company can trace its history back to the Clifton Group which was founded in 1972 (although the actual merger between the company and Clifton Group was in 2013). In the 1990s the company would have its first custom index management and tax-managed core and commodities assignments. The company would continue to grow largely through organic means until 2003, when Eaton Vance Corporation acquired a majority hold in Parametric. Parametric continued to expand its line of services, gaining its first liability driven investing assignment in 2006 and creating Parametric Risk Advisors in 2007, just a year later. Currently, the company is still largely owned by Eaton Vance Corp., acting as one of its subsidiaries. The company, as of 2015, has $143 billion in total assets under management. The company has 301 employees and 74 investment professionals, with 51 CFA charter holders. Parametric Portfolio Associates operates out of its headquarters in Seattle with additional offices in Minneapolis, Westport, Boston, and Sydney, which was established recently in 2014 in order to establish an international presence in Australia and meet its institutional client needs. Although its physical presence is not very widespread, the company has equity investments in over 70 countries. The company focuses on “systematic alpha strategies that seek to outperform designated benchmarks on a risk-adjusted basis by applying systematic, rules-based asset class exposure,” utilizing proprietary research through a fundamental and quantitative analysis and a top down approach in order to made decisions about its investments. Parametric Portfolio Associates has implemented individual securities, exchange traded funds, options, and other derivative instruments in order to create customized management portfolios for clients. Some of the Parametric family of funds include its Dividend Income, Emerging Markets Core, International Equity, Tax Managed Emerging Markets, and Commodity Strategy funds.
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