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Ruane Cunniff

Ruane Cunniff

Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb L.P.
Last update 2021-08-16 35 Stocks (0 new)
Value $11.28 Bil Turnover 5 %
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Ruane Cunniff Profile

This is the firm founded by William Ruane, who died in Oct. 2005. We continue to track its stock picks. The current investment committee is directed by Richard T. Cunniff. William Ruane is a Graham-and-Doddsville superinvestor recognized by Warren Buffett. William Ruane was founder and Chairman of Sequoia Fund, Inc. (SEQUX). Since inception in 1970 through September 30, 2007, the Fund has returned 15.57% average annually. During the same period the S&P 500 returned an average 11.86% annually. He is a student of Benjamin Graham, and attended his class at the same time as Warren Buffett.

Ruane Cunniff Investing Philosophy

Ruane Cunniff are value investors focused on the intrinsic value of business. They are long-term investors, and will buy a stock and hold it for a long time, even if sometimes the stocks seem to be overvalued. They look at common stocks as units of ownership in a business, and purchase them when the price appears low in relation to the value of the total enterprise. The Firm shuns technical stock market studies, and looks at the balance sheet, earnings history, and prospects of each investment when determining its value.

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