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Wasatch International Growth

Wasatch International Growth

Wasatch International Growth Fund
Last update 2021-08-27 82 Stocks (3 new)
Value $1.22 Bil Turnover 6 %
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Wasatch International Growth Profile

Established on June 28, 2002, the Wasatch International Growth Fund (WAIGX) seeks the highest-quality small-cap growth companies outside the U.S. The fund applies a broad sector and country approach to investing.

Wasatch International Growth Investing Philosophy

Wasatch is most interested in finding companies with following characteristics: Potential for significant and sustained revenue and earnings growth; experienced, proven management team; high return on capital; sustainable competitive advantage; market leadership and/or growing market share; ability to capitalize on favorable long-term trends; strong financial health and controls; reasonable use of debt; attractive valuation. The fund applies a bottom-up process of fundamental analysis to look for individual companies that the managers believe are high-quality, stable, and have the potential to grow earnings for long periods of time. To determine that a company has these characteristics, Wasatch takes the following approach: (1) Screening Using financial databases (2) Deep Due Diligence: The fund applies thorough and collaborative processes to understand the companies in which it invests. (3) Earnings Models: The fund builds proprietary earnings models in order to analyze a company's key growth drivers. (4) Valuation: The fund considers a variety of appropriate valuation metrics (e.g. Price to Earnings, Enterprise Value to EBITDA, Price to Book, etc.) to assess the potential return and the risk/reward trade-off of each stock.

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