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Principles of the firm include founder Andrew J. Knuth and Managing Director Edmund H. Nicklin, Jr.In the third quarter of 2016, Westport Advisors’ funds, the Westport Fund and the Westport Select Cap Fund, were acquired by Hennessy Advisors and merged with Hennessy’s existing assets.
The firm's investment philosophy is a modified form of bottom-up value investing that combines classic value investment with forward-looking business analysis. This approach combines low valuation, a value attribute, improving earnings, cash flow and a growth attribute. This variation of value investing may reduce downside risk while offering the potential for capital appreciation as a stock gains favor among other investors as its price increases. The firm's investment focus is on companies selling at a substantial discount to their intrinsic value. These companies are often out of favor with Wall Street due to transitory problems.

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Normally, the Westport Fund invests primarily in undervalued common stocks of mid capitalization companies. A mid capitalization company is defined as having a market value between $2 and $10 billion. The Westport Fund will opportunistically invest in securities of companies with both larger and smaller market capitalizations, but expects the median market capitalization of the Fund to be in the mid capitalization range. The Westport Fund considers several factors as part of its analysis for determining value, primarily the potential for capital appreciation and secondarily the potential for current income.
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