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Wilmington Trust, National Association is a banking entity based out of Wilmington, Delaware. The company was originally founded in 1995, although it can trace its history back to as far as 1903 when the Wilmington Trust Company was established by T. Colman du Pont. The original company was established to manage the fortune of the du Pont family and started with just half a million in assets. The company would then move to the du Pont building in 1907, paying out its first dividend just a year later in 1908. Wilmington Trust would then grow through both organic means and mergers, acquiring the First National Bank and the National Bank of Wilmington & Brandywine in 1912, making it the largest bank on the East Coast. The company would continue to grow its presence, expanding its physical presence as well. In 1971, the Wilmington Trust would become one of the founding members of NASDAQ, although it would then move its listing onto the NYSE by 1999. The Wilmington Trust, National Association was formerly the M&T Bank prior to its merger with the Wilmington Trust Corporation. The company would merge with the Wilmington Trust in 2011, becoming renamed to its current Wilmington Trust, National Association after the merger was over. Wilmington Trust Corp., would also decide to voluntarily delist from the NYSE after the merger was completed. Today Wilmington Trust, National Association continues to operate as a subsidiary of the parent company Wilmington Trust Corporation. Wilmington trust operates through three main sectors: Regional Banking, Corporate Client, and Wealth Advisory, which serve a variety of clients on an international scale. Wilmington Trust has now expanded its operations across the US in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Baltimore, Arizona, Baltimore, Georgia, and others. Additionally, the company has physical offices in international locations including Luxembourg, Netherlands, England, Ireland, and Germany.
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