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Winslow Capital Management is a Minneapolis based investment firm that was founded in 1992 by Clark Winslow. The company is privately owned and is currently operating as a subsidiary of Nuveen Instruments Inc., which is an asset management company that is owned by TIAA-CREF. The investment specialists at Winslow Capital “seek to provide consistent outperformance over time to its investors with a strong attention to risk management.” The company focuses on managing large cap growth stock portfolios for institutions and high net worth individuals, although it also provides its services to state governments, municipal entities, banking institutions, charities, corporations, insurance companies, pension and profit sharing plans, and pooled investment vehicles. Winslow Capital Management believes placing its assets in companies with “above-average growth potential provides the best opportunity for achieving superior portfolio returns over the long term,” focusing on companies that the firm have deemed capable of providing future annual earnings growth leading to increasing returns on its invested capital and positive cash flows. The company employs a fundamental analysis with a bottom up approach for stock selection and maneuvering its investment professionals as close to the company, suppliers or competitors as possible to have the best flow of fundamental information. The majority of the research is done in house with the analytical work conducted by investment principals. The goal of the portfolios is to consistently outperform the Russell 1000 Growth Index, isolating the best businesses over the $4 billion market capitalization mark to craft a portfolio of 55-65 stocks. In order to maintain careful risk management, the company will sell or trim stock when the original fundamental reasons deteriorate, valuation reaches full, or when the position exceeds 5% of the portfolio or benchmark plus 1%, also conducting a full review if stock price declines 20%. The company currently has its heaviest asset allocations in technology, services, healthcare, and financial, offering the Large Cap Growth strategy product.
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